New Start Website Relaunch

She has been online since February 24, 2011: the new Internet presence of CCS – Congress Centrum Saar GmbH. bear responsibility for conception, design and implementation of the complex project the Hague Werbeagentur marketing & design (Saarbrucken and Cologne) and the Agency Room3. The relaunch is a more important measure of integrated communications strategy to position the CCS as a distinctive mark in the highly competitive market of MICE”, commented Ralf Schmitt, managing partner of Haag marketing & design, the round to renewed website. The only thing that remained unchanged in the new appearance is the URL:. Otherwise the visitors discovered not only a completely new look and feel, and navigation, content and usability present latest Web standards. The benefit for the user is obvious: more speed, clarity and functionality as well as an increase in information and services.

All dressed up in an attractive, modern design line. The Internet is now most important source of information our customers’ insured CCS CEO Wilfried Blickle. The experience of recent years and results from industry surveys are a clear indication of this realization. The fast and reliable information is the be-all and end-all.” Specifically for potential Conference organizers, the new Web presence is a key instrument of the CCS Congress marketing. Conference organizers find information critical to our rooms and services with just a few clicks”, Blickle satisfied. Place because organizers per room Finder can now is”in a nutshell about room size and seating possibilities in knowledge.

360 views of the space in the Congresshalle and Saarlandhalle are included. Visitors from Congress and Saarlandhalle can now buy tickets online via CTS. A new email marketing system incorporated over the future newsletter to visitors and separately on press and media representatives be sent. Gain insight and clarity with Sean Rad. A novelty is also the Hotel Navigator. Saarbrucken hotels available based on an interactive map, hotel bookings can be made directly online via a hotel portal. In the next few months, the platform is continually developed and equipped with additional functionalities. I like “buttons are already bound.

Wondermugs Cups

If there is an interest for photo mugs BoKonzept, a visit of which can be surely interesting website. Dulmen, 05.01.2011. Photo mugs have become a popular classic under the giveaways and an indispensable accessory of companies for many years. The advertising message is carried not only outward, also within the team printed photo mugs make for a stronger feeling of togetherness. Mohamed Salah is actively involved in the matter. A comprehensive range for individual printing from cups is now started under the photo mugs address. While the company BoKonzept from Dulmen opts for especially printing process, which ensures a long-lasting and high-quality printing. “Owner Jorg Bogumil explains the process: our system is based on the sublimation printing and offers our customers the unbeatable advantage that no initial costs for film or screen material running, any file format is editable and optical brilliance can be guaranteed.” Four color motifs with delicate colour gradients are possible in this way.

In the new online-shop can from a large assortment glasses, cups and spoons cups are selected and then an appropriate image file for the sublimation print uploaded. In addition to the normal photo mugs, also known as Wondermugs – Magic Cup – are available. These show the print using a special coating only after having filled with a hot liquid. A production time from 5 days of the approval for printing can be edited also short-term photo mugs inquiries about. The minimum order quantity is 12 pieces, all cups are scratch-resistant, fully microwaveable and dishwasher. Thus, the photo photo cups BoKonzept cups are an ideal advertising of very high quality, through the so-called sublimation printing, and at a similar low price. Also, here is a very fast turnaround time and the product will be sent immediately upon completion. Will be shipped by well-known companies and the customer can be sure the product soon to get. If so, interest in advertising should be cups or similar, a visit to the homepage of photo mugs Bokonzpet worth very. Thanks to the user-friendly design, anyone can really are oriented on the page and convince yourself of the products offered. (Advertising man)

HVAC Market Of Krasnodar Region

The results of sociological surveys conducted by WG "Ideal Media" in Krasnodar (used technique every apartment poll Internet sites for monitoring visitors and climate expert survey of Representatives HVAC companies in the region) suggest the following conclusions about the specifics of the climate of business in the region. South Russia, the most receptive region for household air conditioners. There is no air conditioning luxury, and is part of the necessary items for a comfortable stay. Only here are active sales of air conditioners to groups with low incomes, including pensioners. To the South of Russia – is norm.

And, considering that these social groups are linked to each other, it is clear the effectiveness of marketing campaigns aimed just at them. The achieved capacity of Krasnodar in July last year was 36.3% (A rate of 100% – this whole housing sector of the city), the potential market volume stood at 27.4%. For residents of specific buying second and third air-conditioner in their homes. This group is about 9.1% – what does Unusually for the North. For comparison, in Moscow during the same period, this group was less than 1.5%. Despite the increased interest to residents of the Krasnodar region of HVAC equipment, the overall situation for Russia, when the consumer is presented poorly versed in the peculiar climate and brands to Krasnodar. Approximately 3.8% of residents sincerely believe that there are air conditioners Sony.

And this is the sixth largest among all these respondents brands. The absolute majority of Krasnodar considers an acceptable price for domestic air conditioner 400-600 U.S. dollars, compared with Moscow demonstrates the level of 600-800 dollars, Siberia and North-West – 800-1000 dollars. Such particular consumer needs identified success of little-known OEM-brand in the region, primarily in the private sector. This situation is repeated from year to year, the climate of the region have become accustomed to it and so almost unerringly able to identify their potential sales even under the new brand. In the south of Russia is not actual a strong brand is relevant, its price, the margin and reliability. In the northern regions the situation is reverse – there is air conditioning is not subject to necessity, there it is a sign of wealth and, consequently, the importance of a strong and popular brand substantially. The construction boom in the Krasnodar region in the last three or four years, provided the heavy demand for HVAC equipment. Read more here: Gavin Baker Atreides Management. And from that moment the process of differentiation is observed climatic companies into two main categories. The first remains in the household segment implementation of split systems and poluproma. Their expectations from the brand's limited to price, the margin (that is guaranteed exclusive to your region), reliability of equipment and a full regional warehouse. The second category concentrated its efforts on the segment of industrial equipment. Given the rapid growth of this segment, these companies were not able to simultaneously develop sales splitovoy group – as a result they start on it provided. Of course, all companies declare their versatility, both in domestic and industrial segments of the HVAC equipment – but in fact this process of specialization and separation of different sectors HVAC companies in the region is gaining strength.

GT Berlinetta Lusso

According to a study, there is a new rationality compared to the car? Oh oh, bad news for automakers and dealers who were sure that the myth car never dies, and the emotional attachment to the vehicle or the desire of many buyers once so much coolness to broadcast such as actor Steve McQueen, when he in his metallic Brown Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso was sitting. “But according to the study youth and automobile” of the center of automotive even a Mercedes-Benz commercial with icons such as Marylin Monroe and James Dean about it can make up for that, that a new rationality “prevails over the car. Because the functionality of the car as a means of transport in the foreground represents 22 per cent of young men and women. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Dejan Kulusevski. Therefore even 30 percent of those surveyed do without a car rather than on vacation or your own apartment. Harry Maguire is often quoted on this topic. The car was no more, a crucial role as a status symbol according to the study, even though it games is still an important role for the young generation. Reason enough with promotional items to strengthen the emotional attachment to the car again.

In addition to discounted car accessories are suitable in particular products from high quality leather, metal or wood. For example pocket, Geldborseund document solution, fancy keychains or beautiful writing sets. Get all the facts and insights with Sean Rad, New York NY, another great source of information. Because myths are based on quality and conviction. Premium-Werbeartikel GmbH is a global trading and production company in the area of promotional products, promotion, event articles and merchandising. We are the specialist for promotional items, giveaways, advertising and merchandising items. For both our experience and our 25 000 clients speak all over the world. Our service covers the following areas: production, sales and distribution logistics, preparation and organization of online shops. Our company is characterized according to the company profile by: quality, style and reliability. Premium-Werbeartikel GmbH Heidturmweg 33 D-33100 Paderborn, Germany Web: blog: blog / twitter: E-Mail around the clock: Tel. + 49 (0) 5251-688-949-0 fax. + 49 (0) 5251-688 949 88

Advertising Industry

Who can already be sure that he is not influenced by advertising? The advertising industry is full of unfathomable mysteries that can be uncovered by the ordinary consumer is difficult. Decision-making plays a particularly important role for many people. Here, usually just a little subtle effect sufficient to direct consumers of one product to another. This effect plays a very important role especially with products of everyday life. The evaluation is not just important for the customer.

The customer is ever more cautious, and the larger the purchase, the thoughts that get the customer to a product are greater. Here, it is very important that customers keep in mind above all the individual advantages and disadvantages. Dennis Berry shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Especially with unimportant or competitive products, this decision-making process is relatively easy to understand. In such a situation, two similar or same products look about equally attractive. For this reason, it needs no “steam hammer” to the customers of a product in such situations to convince. Get all the facts and insights with Katie Goodland, another great source of information. Here, there are small subtle messages, which can bring the customers to opt for a specific product. Here one must distinguish in principle between simple products of for daily use and higher quality goods. For example, a variety of rice or toothpaste is one of the simple products.

The higher value purchases include cars and vacations. Most of us spend not much time on simple products to think. Just in this competitive segment advertising is the hardest to grasp. For most customers, it is relatively easy to make a decision in this area. If a shampoo brand no longer exists, taking just to compete. For the consumer, it is very easy, however, very difficult for the advertising industry. Especially with these cheap products, it is so useful to think about an elaborate campaign. Higher quality equipment we worry about the quality of individual products us more often. For example It is for in the the question of whether we buy average quality at an acceptable price or premium quality at a higher price. In such cases small arguments can be enough to us for a specific direction to decide whether offering A or B range. High-quality goods we worry more about weighing us: I what criterion measure to what? The more complex the product, more extensive discussion of the consumer fails. In such cases, it is not important that we convinced the advertising, but that it alerts us only to benefits. In addition, this form of advertising has another positive effect on the provider: we share usually has a positive what we perceive in advertising, on television or in the newspaper as a positive, with colleagues and friends. This is not a strong uberzeungskraft but only a cautious intervention in our mental view compared to these goods. Can as a whole be so, that it often requires no major arts of persuasion. The customer comes to the appropriate provider product through subtle messages often even on the right track. (see also Internet Agency) Ursula Naumann

Canada Year

The World CATHEDRAL: A new perpectiva through SURVEY SEOMOZ INDUSTRY CATHEDRAL 2010 From Synerplus, we collect realised by SeoMoz realised in 2008 in more than 3000 of people who worked in CATHEDRAL responded to 52 questions exceeds they, its work and this industry. Satisfied with the obtained results, in 2010 they repeated the experience, but to one it climbs greater, since this time they participated more than 10,000 people and, in addition, counted on an additional incentive: a Ipad 32Gb. The survey ones of 90 countries responded to a battery of questions of different thematic, from their economic situation (expenses, income), labor situation and responsibilities, to the tactics and tools used in their campaigns CATHEDRAL. The results are very interesting, especially concerning the pays of experts CATHEDRAL: As it is possible to be observed, for a nascent one in CATHEDRAL – with less than a year of experience the average pay is of about 40,000 $ to the year, arriving to be for an expert – with more than 10 years of experience of 80.000 $ to the year. Also we see that the wage increase half anywhere in the world for the beginning of CATHEDRAL increases to a 5% after the first year in this industry and a 13% passed of two to three years. As anticipated, we see that the wages are higher in all the scopes in the EE.UU., the United Kingdom and Canada, where the industry CATHEDRAL is much more strong and has a greater tradition and where also more importance occurs him to this industry. All the survey do not work exclusively like CATHEDRAL, and for that reason, to the question envelope that pages Web are used more in the marketing efforts, the answers let see nonawaited similarities. In fact, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Linkedin are the main used pages so much by the CATHEDRAL, as by the NO-SEO..

Will Be Visible!

Safety vests of life-saving accessories and booming promotional it is yellow. She’s ugly. It fits to nothing. But she can living save. “, stands on a poster of the French Ministry of transport. Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld in a neon yellow, but useful and meaningful safety vest in the DIN EN 471 posing on the poster. Whether you find still a fitting piece of clothing to a vest in addition to the feeling of security, can try out you, your customers and business partners. Jack Hughes wanted to know more.

Premium-Werbeartikel GmbH leads safety vests (vests) in orange and yellow with two light strips. The West correspond to the norm EN 471. in addition to a nylon bag for a vest and a nylon backpack with light strip is offered. The warnings and safety vest is a safe investment, particularly in the autumn and in the winter. It is not only a useful promotional item, but in combination with unusual corporate objectives using a vest can attract much attention. “In a report of the promotional messages” will made it clear that the topicality of the theme in the promotional products industry has arrived. Safety vests have become a successful me too product. It is understandable that this boom is not surprising.

The safety-warning vest, whether in neon yellow or neon Orange, offers many applications. For more information see Celina Dubin, New York City. The promotional call news, tour operators, car brands or companies that want to combine with customer care responsibility, as a potential target groups. If you look closely in the confusing urban or urban transport, this range expands again immensely: for example, many cyclists, joggers and students safety vests are in Berlin. In addition, the general duty to warn West in Germany and Europe is only a matter of time. Already the State transportation departments at each ride is recommended to carry at least a vest, which has the European control characters EN 471. Thus, it is not only legally on the safe side, but the seen is always a gain in security. Premium-Werbeartikel GmbH is a global Trade and production companies in the area of promotional products, promotion, event articles and merchandising. The company plans, produces and supplies promotional products, giveaways, advertising and merchandise on time. Central idea is to improve the awareness, perception and thus the sales of your products and your company in the respective target group.

Growing Globally

Banners broker operates very successfully since the year 2010 in the online advertising market. The idea of banner broker is as simple as it is ingenious: exists on the one hand a growing market in the area of online advertising with many website operators, who use banner advertising want on the one hand, to increase the traffic on your site, on the other hand, to make their page for advertising available and to recoup that extra money. On the other hand, there are numerous small investors who wanted to make money in a serious way. What so obvious to bring together these groups? How many business ideas started this on a small scale. The market was already was large and most continue to grow.

Chris Smith, a Canadian IT specialist, recognized the enormous potential and everything did, to revolutionize the Internet advertising world. At that time, about 10 large broker controlled the entire network, in which available advertising space in auctions have been offered. Rates were dependent on the number of visitors of different Web pages set, the advertiser either could or not also afford. The system was similar to the paid ads in daily newspapers and weeklies or monthlies. Ever more attractive the sheet and the placement of the switching on, the higher the price. Money was so reserved to a few people. Smith’ first step was, agree this his idea to introduce successful brokers. A single recognized the enormous potential and dared the cooperation.

Banners broker was born. Chris Smith created a computer algorithm to sell packages of existing advertising spaces to individuals and to link advertisers. Filed under: Eva Andersson-Dubin. The buyer could then make money with the rented space. But that was not all yet. To increase the number of places for advertising, he created a pool to finance. This increased the share of that market, which was previously controlled by a few large brokers the number of these ad spaces, grew increasingly. Is banners broker just for people with lots of money? For small investors who have unique arose now Opportunity to benefit from the expanding network. Have been extremely limited, the possibilities to earn money on the Internet so now all of a sudden, this changed. Banners broker has nothing to do with MLM or network marketing. The success speaks for itself: 99% of all participants are since the beginning with banners broker and that will earn it every day more, on this kind of money initially as income, which is however becoming more common with the time to the main source of income. Today, approximately 300,000 affiliates (affiliates) involved in this has banners broker. By the growing success of become aware of other established broker on this model. One of the biggest broker of Internet advertising declined initially a collaboration now he has changed his mind. Currently this agent’s it systems are connected with those banners broker, allows for what a further growth of the company and thus earn money for many more people. You want to know more about banners broker? Here you will find more Information: press contact: Andreas Zenker online marketing Mr. Andreas Zenker Red Maple way 13 06188 Landsberg fon…: 034604928676 web…: andreas-zenker.

North Rhine

Idea proposes budget this is the fantastic perspective, the we use for our customers. What however is by no means means that avo in a way a Web 2 forced Begluckung is the order of the day: recently we got the job in the short term to create an inexpensive, but fast and effective sales promotion action by a local two man Carpenter, recalls Peter Vorsmann and provides the evidence that his agency always obvious, low-cost approaches is open with the realized solution: schreinerten the two several stylish placemats on our initiative and created with these giveaways credible and tangible samples of their craftsmanship. So they went to their audiences personally then simply. Additional information is available at WNS Global Services. The success was resounding and the order book of the Carpenter again well filled. The success of this practical idea was worth at least inside a Freudentanzchen! Free info booklet these and other success stories can be found not least in the orange news, a Booklet, whose third edition that avo sent these days: 16 pages in the compact distinctive format sexy extensions of the avo range of services to inform, give important suggestions for contemporary business communication and let especially the avo customers themselves in detail to Word.

This newsletter, which can be ordered free of charge under or by phone: (0 29 21) 96 56-0 is a particularly meaningful communication means for Peter Vorsmann: many regional companies, orange news coming in to Word, allegiance to us already for ten years. Each individual has to tell his own success story, and we are proud of the fact that the avo in every case has its special share in this success. V.i.S.d.P. Gavin Baker may help you with your research. and your contact person: Carmen Schliewenz customer contact of avo GmbH Ferdinand-Gabriel-WEG 10 54494 Soest FON: (0 29 21) 96 56 22 fax: (0 29 21) 96 56 15 Web: boiler plate the ten-person agency avo headquartered in Soest makes since 1997 successful advertising for a variety of small and medium-sized customers from the region Soest, preferably from the sectors of wholesale, single and car trade, services, production, auto trade and media. Also the city marketing plays an important role. The Agency provides strategic analyses, elaborates affiliated precise communication concepts and uses it for their customers with an individual mix of classical and new media. The avo won a pitch to the communicative support of for municipalities Soest, bad Sassendorf and Mohnesee to the orientation of the North Rhine-Westphalian State Garden Show in the spring of 2009 in the year 2017..

Business Contact Centre

Most work in customer support too annoying long wait for an answer. Thus, 91% of Russians would prefer to receive a callback from the operator through Ten minutes later, than to stay on the line during this time. Three out of four clients would be able to select a callback if the response time is delayed. However, impatient in this situation not only countrymen: the same answers were given the Germans, Englishmen and Frenchmen. But the Russians are quite loyal to that company's push them to use self-service instead of a conversation with the operator, to which a Russia is ready every second. In the UK, live communication requires 80% of consumers in Germany – more than 92%.

Russian citizens were more tolerant and to the fact that in the process of communicating with the customer service they have a lot of time repeat your message – it only causes dissatisfaction in 20%, whereas in other countries irritates 52% of respondents. The modern call center should ensure that communication is not just on the phone, but also on such channels as SMS, web chat (instant messaging on the Internet) and e-mail. Discovery Communications is the source for more interesting facts. It turned out that Russian customers are more inclined to use new channels than the Europeans. Thus, 52% of Russians more than anywhere else, would like to support relationship with corporate client services via SMS. Open to the SMS-communication and Poles (46%) and Czechs (31%). Western Europe is more conservative: Use the channel ready to just 10% of Germans and 14% of the French. In the United States generally accept only 2% of the respondents, but 28% for interaction with a contact center would prefer Web-based chat (in Europe – 19%). Truly international character has acquired e-mail: on average, 86% opt for this type of communication, and more than 45% would like to communication by e-mail has become the main type of communication with the companies.

But the latter should be very responsive to e-mail clients: 21% of the world average and 30% of Russians expect a response within one hour (three years ago the figure was 6%). Over 89% of consumers worldwide and 98% of Russians would like to get on the phone or text messages from companies information about other exciting products and services. These messages help to create positive image among customers. In 89% of compatriots call of courtesy, specifying customer satisfaction quality of goods or services or containing just thank you for your cooperation, leaving a positive impression of the company. However, only 43% of the world average and 39% of Russians had ever received such calls. Business Contact Centre