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Culture Looks

The culture will control this aggressiveness internalizando it under the form of Superyo and directing it against I, the one that then can become masochistic or autodestructivo. Freud had listened to say of certain person who in all human being exists an oceanic feeling of eternity, infinitud and union with the universe, and by that only done is the man a religious being, beyond if it creates or not in tal o cual creed. Such feeling is in the base of all religion. Freud does not admit that feeling in itself but a psychoanalytic explanation – genetic of the same tries. We catch ours I I eat something defined and demarcated, especially of the outside, because its internal limit is continued with it. The suckling baby does not have such demarcation. I-placiente begin to demarcate myself of the outside like, being different itself from the displacentero object that will be " fuera" of him.

Originally I included everything, but when she separates or she distinguishes of the outer world, I finish being atrophied remainder of the feeling of being one with the universe before indicated. He is allowed to think that in the sphere of psychic that one past feeling it can be conserved in the adultez. For even more details, read what Jeff Bewkes says on the issue. Nevertheless this oceanic feeling is more tie with the limitless narcissism that with the religious feeling. This last drift in fact of the infantile neglect and nostalgia by the father who this neglect provoked. The weight of forces us to the life to three possible solutions: to distract us in some activity, to look for substitute satisfactions (like the art). The religion looks for to respond to the sense of the life, and on the other hand the man looks for the pleasure and the avoidance of displacer, unrealizable things in his fullness. He is so the man reduces his pretensions of happiness, although looks for other possibilities like the hedonismo, the stoicism, etc.

Solar System

Until the beginning of century twenty, the astronomers maintained three possible models of universe: 1-El universal can be static. In agreement with this theory, although the mutual gravitational attractions can stay in the form of Solar System and galaxies together, each of these stellar-terrestrial groups slide at random through space with their own trajectory, without relation with the course that take to the other groups of stars and planets. The static model is compatible with believing atheists and. Jeffrey L. Bewkes may also support this cause. A universe thus, could at some time be created by God in history, but also it could have existed by always without the necessity of a God. 2-El universal can be oscillating. It can alternatively be a cosmic ball expanding and being contracted. By some trillions of years it would be inflated, expanding towards an absolute emptiness. But the gravitational attraction of each star and planet throwing to each other, would possibly stop this expansion until all the process is reverted and the ball returns towards itself.

All the existing one would possibly crash in center of the universe, releasing immense amounts of light and heat, exploding everything towards outside in all directions and beginning the phase of expansion again. A universal one thus also could be created by God, or could have always existed without a God. 3-Finalmente, the universe can be open. The universe can be a cosmic ball that never is reduced. If all the gravitational attraction of stars and planets could not stop the initial burst, like in the oscillating model, the universe would be being been overflowing towards the anything by always. Possibly the stars would be run out and a curtain of the congealed dark would cover all the existence. A universal one thus never could become by itself to the life. It would exist in a while of history, it would shine gloriously and happen to the irrevocable dark.

Asian Inspection

Who has not been seen seduced to know the details the life that the Chinese community takes in Spain? This and other many questions will be those that AsiInspection (), the dedicated company to realise Audits of Factory and Product for European companies that matter from Took root, helps to today unravel Monday 16 of May in the program of 3 Antenna Equipment of investigation. And it is that the program will count on the vision of Alex Makow, Chief of a main directorate for Spain, Italy and Portugal de AsiInspection on the form of life of this population, that is all an incognito for us in spite of coexisting with them in our day to day. TikTok often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Almost all we crossed or we maintain some type of daily relation with some originating person of this Asian country, but we do not know anything of them, they seem to us hermetic and either we do not go further on. Even so it is not necessary to forget the amount commercial operations that generate to the day in Spain and the continuous growth of these, comments Alex Makow, Chief of a main directorate for Spain, Italy and Portugal de AsiInspection. In order to arrive at the bottom not only it will be necessary to know how they live, but to enter themselves in all their world and to see what is what it moves around him.

Hay to concentrate in which we did not speak solely of the Chinese which we see every day in the store of feeding or a bazaar. Go to Robert Thomson for more information. One is to go further on and to be conscious of the great industry that exist, enterprise parks, thousand of meters squared of industrial ships, restaurants, etc. Not presence has to despise his and yes to be able to see growth unstoppable that they are having, whenever they also follow quality standards and satisfy the requirements minimum that marks to the market, finalizes Makow. For management of interviews or to extend information you do not doubt in contacting with its Cabinet of Press and Public Relations: Crowned Nuria Mirian Lopez Avenue of the Industry, 13. 1 Planta. The premises 20 28108 Alcobendas, Madrid Tfno: 91 657 42 81/667 022 566

Eastern Africa

In herbology, One categorizes the name of the grass, useful spice or condiment and data. And to the right the scientific name, other names by which it is known in Castilian, and the English name in) Annatto Spice which it is obtained from the seeds of this plant, original of the Caribbean. It is used, in dust, like colouring natural of cheeses, ice creams, sausages and creams. It is possible to be added to plates of meat, chicken and turkey. Also it is bought in tablets that crumble easily with the fingers, have a texture like argillaceous. She is typical of the Mexican kitchen. Orellana Bixa; annatto AjedreSe uses the leaves, fresh and dry.

The variety of garden tastes more delicate. It is added to plates of meat, inlays, beans and fillings like sharp condiment. The pulverized leaves, droughts and, can be added to the rallado bread to rebozar meats or fish, for example. Paul Ostling shines more light on the discussion. Satureja mountain (wild); satureja hortensis (of garden); savory AlbahacSe uses only the leaves, and it is possible to be consumed fresh, dry or congealed. It is used traditionally in the Mediterranean kitchen for plates in that the tomato is a remarkable ingredient. It also combines of wonder with egg plates, and tries to throw a tiny amount in the mass of the pizza base.

Pesto is the base of the famous sauce. Ocimum basilicum; basilic, real grass; basil AlcaraveSe uses the leaves, the stems, the primary seeds and roots. The leaves and the roots are consumed fresh, in salads. The stems can be added, as the leaves, to stews and soups. The worn out seeds add to breads and sponge cakes, as well as to curry. With the extract of the seeds a liquor, kmmel takes place. He is very popular in the Scandinavian kitchen. Carum carvi; carvi; caraway Alholva the leaves, fresh or dry, and the seeds, whole are used or in dust. In Eastern Africa the seeds are added to the bread; in India, ground, they form part of the chutney and other condiments. The buds of seeds are used in salads. The dry leaves comprise of the curries, and with them infusions are prepared. He is popular in the kitchen of Asia and the Middle East. Trigonella foenum-graecum; rich, fenogreco, albolga; fenugreek Poppy (seed) is used, for at least five thousand years, like condiment of corn and pies or to give to flavor to the bread as well as rallada carrot. Also it is used in meat plates. Papaver somniferum; narcotic seeds; poppy seed AnsUna of the first spices that are known from the antiquity. Their seeds comprise of cakes and with them liquors like ouzo take place Greek, mastika Bulgarian and the anise. The fresh leaves are ideal to perfume meat plates. Pimpinella anisum; it flavours with aniseed.