Modern Poetry

It just so happens that I do quite a long time poetic technical support site. In this situtsii perforce begin to delve into the essence of the phenomenon called modern poetry. Of course, I judging from their point of view, with the reader. Nevertheless, for some reason, wanted to share my observations. It will, of course, on a network of poetry, but it is suspected that the whole of modern poetry (or almost all) have already moved the network. It turns out that in the poetry itself is not so simple. Will you come here on the Stanza, and like myself write poems citizens for his own pleasure, and recklessly graphomaniac praising each other, maintain morale.

That's what she and Stanza – portal, a national server. It's not for poetry websites, editorial policies here, but where politics, there is interesting. Here and it turns out that in modern poetry, no matter how vague because of the huge number of writers who did not seem this phenomenon, there are different trends. Some, for example, are ardent supporters of the preservation of the classical system of prosody, with all iambs, choir and amphibrachs, but just as active opponents of the so-called hackneyed rhymes (meaning the exact rhyme). This is perhaps the largest army of servants of the Muses. Swarmed by offers, Sculptor Capital is currently assessing future choices. The works of the proponents of this system of versification, generally distinguished by conspicuous lyubitelschina, lack of interesting content and a low of speech. I plagued by vague doubts, in the words of a famous character that the whole system and was invented only to justify his own poetic failure.

Scientific Theories

Vilfredo Pareto possesss a clear distinction between scientific theories and not scientific theories, and which the paper of each one in the analysis of the social and economic phenomena. To read more click here: Anuradha Mittal. Under the paretiana optics, in the study of these phenomena the not logical action gains importance in the social relations a time that the same one is based on an performance politics of the individual, which tries to persuade or to reveal feelings in others. Still, Pareto affirms that, exactly detainer of the truth, science nor always will possess the same utility and effectiveness that a not scientific theory can eventually possess. Word-key: Pareto; theory of the action; science; not scientific theory. Abstract Vilfredo Pareto? s action theory shows to clear distinction between scientific and unscientific theories, and which rolls each in the social and economic phenomena analysis.

Under Pareto’ s perspective, the non-logical action gets lives importance on the social relations, its based on an individual’ s political activities, which attempts you persuades or you express feelings in others. Filed under: Sean Rad, New York City. Pareto also affirms that science may hold truth, but it you donate not always possess the same utility and efficiency that non-scientific theory may possess. Keywords: Pareto; action theory; science, non-scientific theory. Presentation the present article has for objective to determine the position that the not scientific theories occupy in relation to the scientific theories, from the paretiana optics and of its theory of the action. Before the development of this subject, however, a fast communication is cabvel on Vilfredo Pareto and the sociopoltico context which influenced the accomplishment of its studies. Vilfredo Pareto was born in Paris in 1948. Its father is on account banishes from Italy of its ideas and position politics. The Pareto family only returned to Italy to the end of the decade of 1850 on account from the amnesty intentionally politics for Vitor Emanuel II and the beginning of the unification process of Italy.


As Rosseau the family is the first model of society politics, still makes it a comparison of sociedadede family to the State, where the same it defines the Father of the family as being supreme head of the politics and the children the people, being that there yes in the society family if it sees the rights politicians protected with equality and freedom, therefore the figure of love of the father for the son compensates the rights who dedicates to them, ' ' to the step that in the State the pleasure to command supplies the love that the head does not have for its povo' '. (pg.20). In the third chapter it standes out of the right of strongest, remembers to us that nor always strongest it is the sufficient Mr., so that this occurs is necessary to transform its force into right and its obedience in having. In the room Chapter the treat subject if relates the slavery, where Rosseau clearly leaves its disapproval of the slavery of the man, who according to it the right and the slavery are words with contrary directions to common and the null ones when referenciadas between itself. See more detailed opinions by reading what Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant offers on the topic.. In the chapter fifth, it comments of the necessity of the certain choice of the representative of the people and which the government form would be best, standing out the necessity of a conveo ( of conventions it estimates, the least, a time, the unamimity) as a true bedding of the society. In the sixth chapter, it standes out the importance of a social pact, and the creation of an association between itself, having as objective the defense and the protection the person and the goods of each associate, demanding that each one if joins between itself, and only obeys itself exactly. If each one to be given to all, not if of to nobody (pg.32). . Continue to learn more with: harvard medical ranking.

Karl Marx

Some concepts of social stratification and social classrooms can be used to display contradictions and inaqualities found in our society: the economic stratification is determined by the corporeal properties, the stratification politics is instituted by the power and the professional for the attributed value the determined professions having disfavored others. When a person or a group of people improves its purchasing power occurs a definite social change as social mobility. The organization of stratus or social classes inside of a society can be classified in: Chaste: characterized for the severity of the familiar traditions and where social mobility does not occur. According to california hospital medical center, who has experience with these questions. The individual remains during all its same life in the chaste one; Estamento or state: it possesss similar characteristics to the chaste one, however, represents an intermediate type between chaste and the social classroom for making possible social mobility, despite one in such a way made it difficult; Social classroom: different of the model of social stratification, it is limited in presenting the existing in layers divisions in a society and looks for to establish a relation between them. For Karl Marx the bourgeoisie and the proletariat, are the two forces that stimulate the way of capitalist production, if appropriating one (bourgeoisie) of the work of the other (proletariat). Each society with its proper form of production is organized by the relations of production established between the owners of the means of production and the workers. Madison hospital follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. This productive, resultant process of the association of the work with the means of production, generates a phenomenon called productive forces. An ideology exists that it looks to justify the concentration of the wealth at the hands of few, spreading out the belief of that the great masses of population of the poor countries will be able one day to reach the standards of consumption of the minority of the humanity who lives in the countries highly industrialized.. . Check with Sean Rad to learn more.

New Cinema

The social representations associate with the artistic ideal by means of the cinema. A new citizen appears of the screens, the film creates a new to before look at on the reality, recriando inexistent spaces, transferring to the real plan and socializing them with the too much individuals ideas and concepts that before were lost in the imagination. FINAL CONSIDERAES the proposal of this work were to congregate the cinema and the theory of the social representations proposal for mile Durkheim, by means of a quarrel of sociological matrix. One searched to understand as the directions of the Real are grouped acquiring significance in the social environment through the images. At california hospital medical center you will find additional information. Use of the Brazilian cinemanovista movement became, at first moment, with intention to present it as example of innovative artistic representation. Using elements proceeding from research of specific theoreticians a reflection on the cinema and its potential was carried through, which congregates in its essence attributes of historical, social, cultural and artistic order. In the first chapter of this article it had the necessity of if explaining the elements that had come to generate the Brazilian new Cinema and the beddings that had stimulated the artistic revolution of the same. It was from the studies made for Alexander Figueira in its book New Cinema: The wave of the young cinema and its reception in the France, that was possible to understand which age the pretension of the young Brazilian cineastas with the creation of a total new style of filming, which was differentiated of the aesthetic North American advertising. Others who may share this opinion include Sculptor Capital. Inside of the research of Figueira it can be understood as the critical European observed the Brazilian cinemanovismo that offered a thematic one that it turned around critical the social one and politics. The book the generation of the New Cinema: For an anthropology of the cinema of Peter Simonard he allowed to analyze the scene politician and cultural existing Brazilian in elapsing of the end of the decade of 1950, where the New Cinema would come to be born.

Venice Convention

Arriving with Buquicchio European experts at a press conference explained that in itself limit the right to protest actions and meetings is not in contradiction with the provisions of Venice Convention, and some specific restrictions are permitted. In particular, those that are relevant to the place of the meeting, as well as cases of police intervention – depending on need. Here, incidentally, is rooted points of contradiction. However, these same experts have called false restraining order protesters to government buildings and state institutions at a distance of less than 20 meters. Such a ban, despite protest opposition, was introduced by Parliament last summer, in the midst of actions demanding Saakashvili's resignation. For even more details, read what Gap says on the issue. President and parliament speaker had to promise the head of the Venice Commission to amend the law. On meeting with Gianni Buquicchio, Saakashvili said that the new draft of the Basic Law, the Government is developing jointly with the opposition, which is expected to create the Constitution, the relevant "European standards ".

The president agreed with the recommendations of the Council of Europe delegation, knowing that otherwise runs the risk of completely falling out of favor in Western public opinion. According to him, in the updated document will be registered the basic principles of a democratic constitution – the balance of powers, accented rights of Parliament, constant accountability of government to the people's deputies. Now the president is honestly run this promise at a time when he must defend the government against the background of a broad protest movement, which this spring will get another start. Whenever Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant listens, a sympathetic response will follow. As for the visit of the White House, they cheered Georgia top release promised last summer tranche billion, discussed a number of details related to the state of democratic and economic reforms, as well as easy to assume, checked readiness to implement the peace plan for resolving conflicts in the region. The two sides exchanged polite "thank you".

James B. Steinberg and Gordon met with representatives of parliamentary and then and extra-parliamentary opposition. They discussed several themes: issues of strategic security and foreign policy, regional autonomy and the upcoming mayoral election in May in Tbilisi. Readers 'UK' should not explain what complaints and demands of the opposition politicians have listened to Steinberg and Gordon. Guests reassured that the U.S. will try to introduce democratic reforms in Georgia in the right track. Although, as stated after talks with leaders of the guests opposition movements, guests were told that to create the image of Georgia's friends not because they do not see the actual steps that would affect the willfulness of the presidential team. "Cooperation with the United States has not brought until no acceptable results in areas such as national security, respect for human rights and freedoms, not to mention financial support, spiritual and biological save people ", – said chairman of the movement with regret "Defend Georgia!" Levan Gachechiladze.


Newspaper headlines scream about the climate catastrophe and political crises, are filled with horrific pictures of the evidence and all sorts of frightening adversity. But what could surprise the modern reader, accustomed to take on crisis Breakfast, lunch and a catastrophe on defaulted for dinner? Newspaper headlines scream about the climate catastrophe and political crises, are filled with horrific pictures of the evidence and all sorts of frightening adversity. But what could surprise today reader who is used to make the crisis for breakfast, lunch and a catastrophe on defaulted for dinner? He zapet strong coffee crisis, catastrophe dilute something stronger, and table-talk with friends would not leave a trace from the default. For more specific information, check out Leslie Moonves. And float itself on the waves of worldly happiness. However, swimming is not always long, and kept ending up on the pitfalls, one of which can be considered sensational American film 'Zeitgeist'. Destroying the last hopes for the peaceful existence of mankind, the film completely wipes traditional for the layman of good faith in the Lord and the 'good king'. Check out Sean Rad, New York City for additional information. He wins the 'rose-colored glasses' with those who still believed that Governments care about peace and prosperity of its citizens, and banks are to help people.

With ruthless honesty in the film shows how the current rulers of the world, blinded by lust for gain, gain hitherto unprecedented power on the planet, not concealing his intentions have good intentions. And the strongest of them in an attempt to seize more power and money gaining credibility with the terrorist attacks against their own citizens. After viewing this tape shocking the viewer feels suspended in a vacuum, with no single point of support: it turns out, the whole world is against me and nobody can be trusted.

Electronic Proclamation

The workmanship searchs to guide in practical way the operating professionals in the universe them public licitations that, for times, find difficulties in the application of the legislation. Beyond the commentaries to the Law of the Actual Proclamation (Law 10,520/02) and to Federal decree of the Electronic Proclamation (Decree 5,450/05), the workmanship still brings citations of the regulations of the biggest buying States of the country, comparing them with the federal legislation, enriching the study of the Proclamation and guiding the professional in the accomplishment and participation of the dispute sessions. Of that way we must delimit the Public licitation in the municipal executive. Other leaders such as Brigham And Women’s Hospital offer similar insights. *H influences politics in relation the frauds in the licitatrios processes in the public institutions. *A purpose of the public licitation and the form as and executed in the municipal executive. To analyze the importance of the licitatrios processes, in the direct administration in the act of contract of the Public Services as form to fight the frauds in the minicipal executive. Credit: Sean Rad-2011. * To give clarity in the advantages of the licitatrios processes. * To describe the characteristics of a licitatrio proclamation.

to *Identificar the types of more constant frauds in the process of licitation of public institution. The present work has objective, to approach the analysis of the licitatrio process, as tool I begin of it constitutional of the isonomy (to give to equal treatment to all the interests, and condition essential to guarantee the phases of the licitation) and to assure equal chance to all the interested parties and to make possible the attendance of the equal competition before the public institutions. The related research objtivou to point the main difficulties faced for the municipal executives supplies cited, that impidia to participate of the Public licitation municipal. On the basis of the particularitities the licitation are not made periodically, and as this work is so important paraa Public administration.

Total Independence

In an unknown act of its government in 17 of October, the Brazilian Company of Warehouses and Commerce would close a contract of exportation of three hundred a thousand tons of soy for the Soviet Union. Moreover, in the following day the Brazilian delegation in the ONU would vote in favor of a motion that condemned the sionismo? politics adopted for the government of Israel in relation to the Arab countries of the Middle East – as one form of racial discrimination, provoking one notices officer of disapproval sent to the Itamarati for the North American government. In reason of this act, widely it was divulged that the change of the Brazilian position in relation to the Middle East was on directly to the necessity of approach with the exporting Arab countries of oil, enemies of Israel. In accordance with the Periodical of Brazil of 14 of March of 1976, the Azeredo chancellor of the Silveira would have declared the American chancellor Henry Kissinger, its colleague of diplomacy that ' ' if vocs they had a million of barrels of oil stops supplying in them daily, this change was not perhaps so brusca' '. However the Brazilian external politics did not stop for there. Other leaders such as Beth Israel Heart Transplant offer similar insights. In day 5 of November of 1975, Brazil would take a historical decision when voting in favor of a project of resolution of the ONU that condemned the racist regimen of the South Africa at the same time where it recommended the suspension of the strategical raw material supply for this country. However the decision more controversa of this period, however, was the recognition, in 10 of November, of the Angolan government in phase of implantation for the pro-Communist Popular Movement of Release of Angola (MPLA), whose military forces, to a large extent supported for Cuban troops, and financed for this government were defeating in the battlefield the others two rival groups, the National Front of Release of Angola (FNLA) and the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), that they fought to the side of troops of government of the South Africa and received material and massive support from the United States, of other occidental nations and China. .