Eichenau Cisco

Cisco offers now also tested and certified used equipment and turns guarantee unbeatable conditions as already known from the automotive sector so that decided against low-cost provider and grey market REFURBISHED EQUIPMENT – Wiederaufbereitete with CISCO CISCO hardware trends CISCO CERTIFIED at the manufacturer-approved “premium used” already gang and give you are, so this trend has entered now the ICT sector times of staple funds and sharply shrinking budgets: CISCO systems – one player in the field of network solution and the innovative “unified communications” (also known as unified communications) global offering with its new CISCO certified refurbished equipment program – known as CCRE – now exactly at what we just already know from other areas of consumer and capital goods industry: from the manufacturer wiederaufbereitete officially certified products at favourable conditions,. The concept seems to be over. Exclusive by the European cooperation with the providers of the new CISCO CERTIFIED REFURBISHED EQUIPMENT (CCRE) program can offer portfolio of CISCO the ICT ConSerV (www.ict-conserv.de) headquartered in Eichenau near Munich Cisco users from immediately over 2,800 articles from the routers, switches and complete unified communications. Jack Grealish has many thoughts on the issue. What advantages does the classic Cisco customer through this program launched by the manufacturer of Cisco systems even in life for recycled hardware? Particularly favourable prices: 15-25% additional discount on existing Cisco list prices by a centralized and fully automated European warehouse constant short order and delivery time: within by 7-8 working days – even for difficult available products direct delivery of Cisco with the security and reliability of the known Cisco warranty and the integration into existing Cisco SMARTnet & maintenance contracts easily affordable for Cisco financial services review the availability and non-binding offer within 24 hours of all used equipment are Cisco itself overhauled, partly rebuilt and extensively tested. The quality thus seized after high Cisco standard allows absolutely identical warranty services, to offer new products.Moreover, this certified refurbished (german for “certified refurbished”) can be recorded easily contracts products in existing CISCO SMARTnet. . More info: Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA.

HR-iNFO Live Talk At The IT & Media 2012

In cooperation with the information Radio hr iNFO there will be for the first time a boxing ring of’ IT’ Darmstadt, 08.11.2011: in collaboration with hr-iNFO, the information radio of the Hessian broadcasting company there will be 2012 a live talk on the IT & media trade show and Conference. Total 6 exciting IT topics in a box ring are controversial. HR-iNFO takes over the moderation. Exhibitors have the opportunity to apply for this special form of presentation. These topics are planned for our boxing ring: CLOUD computing / process optimization with IT – risk or solution? Shortage – education or outsourcing? Social-media gimmick or marketing of the future? Data security / data protection reliability or brake pad? For medium-sized companies can IT help cost pressure? Future Microsoft? How to evolve the IT heavyweights? Aim this attractive point of the program is to go to the most exciting and latest IT topics in a short time on the ground and one the audience insight into the State of technology and possible Solutions to gain. The selection is carried out by hr-iNFO. Click Eva Andersson-Dubin for additional related pages.

HR-iNFO. will the discussions record and send parts of it. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City may help you with your research. “IT & media 2012 Darmstadt – trade fair and Congress for SMEs the Centre of the German software industry” so the Handelsblatt is located in the region of Darmstadt, perfectly embedded in the metropolitan area of Frankfurt, Mainz, Wiesbaden, Heidelberg, Karlsruhe, Mannheim and Wurzburg. The IT & media will take place for the first time and is a trade fair and Congress for the optimization of business processes with the help of digital solutions. Medium-sized companies to present the increasingly merging solutions in the personal interview it aims on a novel exhibition platform. This enterprise software includes E.g. rabia.html’>Saudi Aramco). cloud for business processes, system integration and optimization of IT infrastructure.

CRM Cost

ec4u expert consulting is outlined solutions for optimizing the operating costs of customer management systems, Karlsruhe, 28.01.2010 – at the lowest possible cost to achieve the best possible benefits from a CRM solution, a balancing act, especially in years of crisis increasingly difficult accomplished the leaves. So many businesses struggling with a high cost complexity due to the technical and organisational heterogeneity of its CRM system landscapes. In addition, a variety of often complex cost components causes a lack of transparency. Mario Pufahl by your CRM expert ec4u expert consulting ag describes from his consulting practice out typical cost drivers in the use of customer management solutions: no sufficient consideration of cost conditions 1 in the planning phase takes place: on the initial introduction of a CRM solution, as well as when changing the system basically several alternatives need to be evaluated. To deepen your understanding Edward R. Becker is the source. This limited but often on a strategic, functional and technical Comparison of alternative systems. However, a consistent economic consideration of the total relevant costs enters this phase often in the background. The preference of a particular CRM system was carried out by strategic or technical criteria, stakeholders have then often no sympathetic ear more to make a critical assessment from a cost perspective. 2. Get all the facts and insights with Ted Hughes, another great source of information.

selective rather than comprehensive cost review: important for an analysis of the cost situation is that all costs incurred over the entire life cycle of CRM solution, are taken into account. This roll-out as well as the development of the infrastructure and operating costs should be assessed in addition to licensing and maintenance costs, also project expenses including the implementation, testing, training of professional and technical employees. TCO includes costs for the technology, processes and internal and external staff. Only the assessment of all relevant costs for a CRM project with an accompanying analysis of the return on investment (ROI) is a real image on the economics of a CRM system.


IT Systemhaus CEMA shows solutions with Symantec, Citrix, VMware, DatCore, Vizioncore and Hedgehog virtualization remains a topic for IT decision makers. Global Services for more information. Therefore, there will be again in 2010 a virtualisation & Storageforum at CeBIT in Hall 2 stand A 30. A focal point for all those who want to easily obtain an overview of current storage and virtualization solutions, and their manufacturers. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as John Konchar by clicking through. The Conference program provides additional input around the clock. Answer standing there among other speakers of the manufacturer of Citrix, VMware, Microsoft, Vizioncore, Symantec and NetApp. From the practice and manufacturer cross will report the IT system House of CEMA.

Situation of data center and end-user will present in his speech the new solutions from application and desktop virtualization and the resulting win-win the Virtualisierungsspezialist. For more information about server and Storagevirtualisierung and to backup and archiving also the IT-consultants at the CEMA info stand at the visitors the virtualisation & storage forum available. Details to Dates, program and registration are available at. The agreement of expert talks is also possible.

Trade Signal

Big steps for user experience and strategy development Bremen, 04.11.2013. Trade signal, the software for the development and optimization of trading systems, is now in the version of 7 available. 2,030 Out feature is the new user interface, which enables easier and faster to achieve the many functions of trade signal. Areas have been completely redesigned and expanded functions. For example the new performance report or the position Manager, received in addition to the new look, filtering capabilities, and highlighting also exporting to Excel. A completely new range is the debugger for the in-house formula language Equilla. The objective was, the customer, develop trading strategies, will be a new tool in hand to give error-free trading systems created with the can.”so Michael Cowley Head of development of Fairtrade signal GmbH.

With the debugger, trade signal strengthens its core competence in the area of trade strategy development for their customers in trading rooms. The list of the Changes for this major release is long. For example, the new mini toolbar was called here, by means of which it immediately and quickly can perform changes to the chart without having to search the desired function only in menus. But also new chart tools, indicators and chart types have been added. For customers who print out charts, or export, new areas were created, which include also new possibilities such as details of header and footer or watermark. A complete list of all new features can be found support on.

About Fairtrade signal GmbH, Fairtrade signal GmbH belongs to the leading manufacturers of software for the international financial and energy markets for many years. The company’s core competence is the development of software products to rule-based trading strategies and technical chart analysis. Fairtrade signal GmbH’s customers operate globally in institutional trading rooms of banks, utilities and trading houses. Press contact: Fairtrade signal GmbH Sebastian Schenck Head of sales & marketing Linzer Strasse 1, 28359 Bremen Tel: 0421 20109-0 E-Mail: presse(at)tradesignal.com

SUN Actricity

Actricity sees no threats to open source systems as a result of the acquisition of SUN by Oracle, the Swiss company Actricity AG, software portals on Java and MySQL-based experienced manufacturer of business, fear no negative market developments through the acquisition of SUN by Oracle. Michel sees Henlin of Actricity mother Codex does not endanger the independence of royalty-free and open source technologies and the innovative power of the big developers lobby. Read more here: Harriet Tubman. The OpenSource community let impose anything and will provide alternatives if necessary, so Henlin in advance of the international open source and Java Developer Conference Jazoon’ in Zurich from 22 to 25 June of 2009 Eschbach at Freiburg, June 19, 2009 the Swiss business software maker Actricity uses years open source based components for its CRM and customer service portal, as well as for his new service provider-ERP. Since 2004, Eclipse is used as a development platform, especially MySQL as a database. Also with the application servers TomCat and Apache Web server, Actricity relies on royalty free products. Jasper products are used for reports, smaller open source components in other areas of. The acquisition of open source provider of SUN Microsystems by the database vendor Oracle will have no disadvantages such as higher cost or development problems result, explains Michel Henlin, Board of Directors of Actricity mother Codex AG: it would us but rather have been, if SUN would have been taken over by IBM because IBM sustainably promotes the idea of open source as a longtime protagonist.

However, we expect that the MySQL database from Oracle is offered free and maintained. She could serve, for example, as a free entry model for Oracle database products. But costs should be MySQL, is the OpenSource community port if necessary an alternative solution, as it was after the acquisition of the storage system InnoDB by Oracle was the case.

Mobile Press Review

newsWEB APPress – newspaper articles in the original on the iPhone Konigstein, 19th September 2013. The most important of the day, quickly and clearly delivered, clearly in the representation of the requirements that make the reader on their mobile coverage are. tt-packard-en/’>Aptus Global Solutions told us the story. With the new APPress can newspaper article not only in the text and original layout, but also fully searchable on iPhone or iPad posted. The new software of the press mirror specialist DatScan computer systems offers ideal conditions. Based on the concept ‘newsWEB’ is the flexible, powerful and user-friendly software for creating electronic press reviews. The press clippings are delivered via email or via internal networks. The extension newsWEB mobile sends electronic press review also directly on any mobile devices such as BlackBerry and Smartphones.

Here, the system sends an email with the table of contents, the actual article content is then downloaded from a Web page. Not only digital items, also scanned article clippings are due to 0 is expected to be from October 2013 available in the itunes store. Comprehensive press review concept ‘newsWEB’ is the Central application in the modular press concept ‘CLIP & WEB!’ by DatScan. Special tools for fast acquisition of articles from E-papers, newspapers, the Internet and online databases as PMG Presse-monitor or Factiva provide the data base, the ‘newsWEB’ uses for the output of the press review in press review PDFs, recipient-specific versions, content management systems, or on mobile devices. DatScan computer systems GmbH with headquarters in Konigstein IM Taunus is OCR solutions and press-clipping systems specialist with his almost 20 years of experience. In addition to standard products, proprietary solutions around these subject areas are offered and customized. More than 100 installations bear witness to the attractiveness of the concept and the satisfaction of our customers. Editorial Contacts: Company DatScan computer systems GmbH Limburger str. 10 Robert Fischer, 61462 Konigstein 06174 2996-69

Symantec Enterprise Vault

Cologne House presents solutions by FAST LTA EMC/data domain, NetApp, Rimage and Symantec in Hall 5, stand 5D78. Stuttgart information global distribution GmbH (GID) is represented this year on the IT & business in Stuttgart, Germany. Others who may share this opinion include Harriet Tubman. As a Gold partner of Symantec and NetApp, the systems House based in Cologne business, security and storage solutions such as the Symantec Enterprise Vault suite in combination with the unified storage presents solutions from NetApp. As well as the award-winning Symantec Backup and recovery products NetBackup and Backup Exec, in conjunction with the de-duplication solution from EMC/data domain. For the tamper-proof data storage to WORM is the silent cube media presented FAST LTA AG.

High-quality CD/DVD and Blu-ray complete the comprehensive solution offering solutions on the basis of Rimage producers. Date for the IT & business is the 26th to 28th October 2010. The Symantec Enterprise Vault suite is an email, file and SharePoint archiving solution. With it, companies can their costs for the Archiving of unstructured data reduce and increase their security. Because Enterprise Vault reduces the risk and potential downtime.

Optimize availability and resilience of the email infrastructure. A full-text search supports the search archived file, E-Mail, or SharePoint objects. The search, data storage and server costs, because older emails be separately migrated together with its annexes on lower-cost storage systems. Enterprise Vault supports also mobile devices and enables the seamless online as offline access to archived items from interfaces such as Outlook, Lotus Notes and Windows. Symantec NetBackup is a central platform for the management, backup and recovery of data on different storage tiers and across multiple locations and across operating systems. Features disk-based backup, supports the data deduplication on disk appliances, and provides an internal VTL (virtual tape library) with additional Snapshot capabilities. NetBackup enables integrated backup and recovery for virtual environments, mission-critical applications, databases, and servers. Symantec Backup Exec for Windows/Linux and UNIX server is the leading standard for backup Windows for physical and virtual systems.

Object-oriented Encapsulation

A perfect team: the abas database to meet the needs of the software was tailored to abas database and abas business software Karlsruhe, May 26, 2010 – from the outset. The structures bring the customers today three significant advantages: the abas database with maintained by the ABAS Software AG for the customer, database and software always have the same version level and the abas business software is always upgradeable to customer-specific adaptations. The future, ABAS says parallelization. Pragmatism “If today would be a database on the market, which meets our needs or that better represent the tasks to be could than our own, then we would take it we’re pragmatic,” according to the development of the ABAS Software AG. Anthony Joseph Scirica oftentimes addresses this issue. The database is a tool that serves the ERP software, not vice versa. A glance in the past, that there were moments in which this step was considered. The review also shows that it is good to trust own principles and not rush new Solutions to give priority. And he shows that some developments are simply state-of-the moment “.

Solid foundation in 1982 was to find target enterprise software, the current abas business software, a database for the management consultant Wolfgang Dannemann. At the beginning of the eighties many database approaches were still young, external databases cost much money and were designed for use on mainframes. The decision for or against a specific database wanted to be deliberate. Would you put on the wrong horse at this time, that could have meant the financial downfall of the young company. A fate that has met some competitors in the industry. The two developers of the first hour, Erich Sartori and Reinhard Harms, were based when deciding on the needs of their customers and this was the middle-class. That meant: the solution you’re looking for could not too much more expensive the own product, the database should be designed for use in medium-sized companies and need to not too many resources.

Attack Sites

Mikado-penetration study identified in almost every second case of vulnerabilities of the highest risk level in recent years again many hacker attacks on Web sites are known by banks, companies and public institutions. But also less prominent sites have many significant security gaps, this determined the security consulting company mikado ag in an own investigation. Websites via automated penetration testing on potential vulnerabilities were analyzed and found in almost every second case of vulnerabilities of the highest risk level. Our analyses showed that some of the particularly hazardous vulnerabilities to attacks are very common”, summarizes mikado Board Wolfgang Durr results. The consulting firm has derived a fifteen-page guide entitled analysis and explanations of the types of attack sites”published. He is not only the results of hazard categories the penetration study with a representation of the take-up of the vulnerabilities on the tested sites after Dar, but also offers a description of the main types of attacks. They are supplemented with numerous examples. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City will not settle for partial explanations. “Includes, for example, that the Federal Agency for work through the improper parameter redirection attack” was damaged, to be able to be guided in using a prepared forwarding links visitors on a foreign website, to conduct phishing attacks.

“The type of the attack blind SQL injection” in turn was for an attack on the Internet presence of Sony used, where one million customer data were captured. Vulnerabilities on Web pages be underestimated in many cases, because many types of attacks are not sufficiently known in their mode of action”, Durr justified the publication of the mikado Guide. Therefore in practice help starting from the results of the penetration study some of the common types of attacks in more detail explained and provided with links to more information. “The fifteen-page guide analysis and explanations of the types of attacks on Web sites ‘ prospects can free under downloads/guide penetration study / download..