Long-lasting and reversible: Botox, hyaluronic acid & co. – How does what and where. Within the plastic surgery, the diversity of modern Hyaluronsauren has changed enormously the General spectrum of treatment, time and life-related wrinkles in the face. Stood with us in the past merely tightening operations and extensive fat relocations in connection with collagen available today multiple possibilities allow us. So are proving today lighter treatment options to influence of tissue in the face. All interventions within the surgery should be always the quality, safety, and the result of established drugs and treatment methods in the foreground. Long lasting and reversible recently promoted various manufacturers with infinitely long shelf life of their products.

Were employed polyacrylate, silicates, silicones, Goretex, gold, etc. Get more background information with materials from Walt Disney. These materials are artificial preparations, without any biological origin. Also their so tempting usage properties could not by distract a variety of frightening and sometimes irreversible changes of the tissue. It must be past. The current requirement for modern preparations should be a long-lasting, reversible, but above all also biologically defensible alternative.

So-called Hyaluronsauren with it, which occur as part of the natural connective tissue at the biological level bring a big step forward. In combination with botulinum toxin, better known under Botox and BTX A, can a modern facelift applied to the connection of these two components is excellent. Botox, hyaluronic acid & co. – How does what and where. Botox leads to a targeted but reversible “paralysis” the mimic muscle that relaxes the facial expression in appropriate places. David Zaslav has firm opinions on the matter. Contrary to the allegations, is not a poison in the strict sense and definitely does not entail the destruction of muscle tissue. In the treatment group of BOTOX (BTX A) even Chin, upper lip, and the area of the front are in addition to the frontal, temporal, and outer eye area Neck. The most famous area of the application is the treatment of anger fold, which brings one of the long anhaltensten effects.

With Lavera Sun Sensitive To Enjoy The Beginning Of Summer!

Early summer days, the proper sunscreen should not be missed. lavera Sun sensitive – mineral Sun care for the whole family what could be nicer than with the family a great summer day in the garden, to spend on the Lake, on the beach, picnics or in the outdoor pool? But one should not only of sufficient drinks and snacks for in between thinking, but also a sufficient sun protection for you and the little ones. Because only when we protect our skin from the dangerous rays of the Sun, we can enjoy carefree the beautiful summer days. The mineral sunscreen products from lavera Sun sensitive protect the skin from the dangerous rays of the Sun and do not contain synthetic factors, preservatives or fragrances. Instead reflect the UV rays directly on the skin valuable minerals, while 100% skin care pure plant oils and extracts and substances and donate a lot of moisture and skin protection. Give valuable organic oils from sunflowers, almonds, olives or Shea butter and bio carotene Skin protection. Educate yourself with thoughts from Infosys. Moisturizing organic Aloe Vera gel and organic Jojoba oil.

Special organic extracts from licorice root and organic Sea buckthorn Act soothing. Flower power: the sunflower Sunflower is a distinctive plant, it always turns to the Sun and follows its course. The sun flower basket can contain up to 2000 seeds, from which pressing the sunflower oil is obtained. Did you know it? Sunflower oil is particularly rich in vitamin (approximately 70ml / 100ml), and beta carotene and unsaturated fatty acids (approximately 30% single unsaturated, 60% unsaturated double). The oil can dock with its composition especially well on the surface of the skin and gives therefore care and skin protection. Vitamin in turn sets also as antioxidant to the cell membranes.

It gives a soft smooth skin feeling. At the large lavera Sun sensitive sweepstakes on there is one of three great Sun of sensitive family care sets to win. The contest runs until July 21, 2011. co. Sarah sharp, Laverana GmbH & co. KG

Remove The Belly – Three Easy Steps

Remove the belly is particularly important for your health. You can believe it or not but you are located on the belly really just three steps away from taking off. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Comcast. “You may be disappointed when I tell you now that this not so-called fast-lose weight-Super Trooper solution” is that I want to tell you here. Hearst Tower is open to suggestions. But you can believe me, if you follow this path, which is described here, then you will succeed in achieving your ideal weight, or weight with ease. To really succeed, it needs only three small steps that everyone can really perform. So you have no excuse any more, when it comes to your weight loss. Is the crude summary of points: determine your metabolic type create you you must know your own diet, what foods are really healthy when you have completed these three steps, which are described in more detail, your desired weight and your new lifestyle nothing stands in the way. First step: determine your metabolic type every person has unique biochemical metabolism in his body, that can either prevent removing the belly, or also favor.

You need to assign the right way your metabolism healthy proteins, fats and carbohydrates. If you know your metabolic types, must not starve as in other diets but eat everything tastes and take off one at that. Incredible or? There are really thousands of books on this subject, but as a beginner, you need to know a few important points: there are three types of people of the carbohydrate of the protein and the mixed type. For any types of metabolic care must be taken on the various sources and the ideal intake of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. “” You can determine the correct amount and type of healthy proteins, fat and Kohlenhydraten.Die of so-called protein types “require a very high amount of Protein.Die carbohydrate types” high amounts of healthy carbohydrates must put into.The mixed types’ are a combination, clearly the previous Types.

Aloe Vera Gel

With the Aloe Vera extract improves the appearance and well-being enormously. Aloe Vera gel – like also mixed with AGRI +, that contains high degree of L-arginine is a super delicious drink which 97.97% from pure Aloe Vera leaf mark and has therefore a significant content of Acemannan. Aloe Vera is now on everyone’s lips and known for health-promoting effect. The history of this unique plant shows that you have given a very special significance many peoples of this earth. More than 250 different species of Aloe Vera are known according to type and it contains around 200 active ingredients and ingredients that can be utilized by humans. The extraction procedure, won the active ingredients for each product should be a gentle, so take place without the use of temperature or pressure, to obtain the valuable active ingredients completely. Depending on the processing of Aloe Vera Marks obtained in this way, the products produced from them are either applied to the skin and beautify our Exterior. Or they are fed with the food than supplements such as ARGI + – and in this way a positive impact on our health.

For the popular Aloe Vera, gel is peeled out the pulp of the Aloe Vera plant with a specially patented process from the leaves of the plant. It is stabilized without application of heat or pressure, making Aloe Vera gel has an extremely high content of health-giving substances such as vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, enzymes, amino acids, fiber, Bioflavinoide, etc.. Although Aloe Vera gel is not a drug within the meaning of the German medicines Act, it can make a valuable contribution to your health as a food supplement.

DirectGroup Germany

Also you can save up to 15% depending on the coupon and the best: the wasted pink box subscription ends automatically. About pink box: the beginning April 2012 launched pink box is a monthly and beautiful packaged beauty box filled with five cosmetics surprises from the areas of hair, body, face and makeup and a constantly changing high-quality fashion or lifestyle magazine from different publishers. The beauty ticket costs 12.95 euros (incl. shipping) per month and is terminated at any time. Address this trend service is meant to curious and trend-conscious cosmetics fans. The pink box helps in the Beautydschungel, because through them the customers get inspiration and ideas from the world of cosmetics. The pink box works with a variety of interesting partner from the beauty industry. These include already renowned but also young and aspiring, in each case but high-quality brands such as A-Derma, Agnes b., Alessandro, Nivea, Santaverde, sheer cover, Weleda, who.

The RM book and media sales GmbH – a company of DirectGroup Germany is behind – beauty trends in the subscription through the DirectGroup Germany: the DirectGroup Germany bundles of the German-speaking media sales, direct marketing, and service shops Bertelsmann AG, with more than two million customers. “Under the brand of Club Bertelsmann” and row “offers a wide range of media the DirectGroup Germany end customers in Germany. In around 200 stores nationwide, in the catalogue, as well as online and mobile shops that convinced DirectGroup Germany with selection, service and price advantage. The concept is a book, two awards”: master customers will receive a price advantage of up to 25 percent on selected books, all other customers pay for the bound book. In Austria, it supports our clients in the Danube region, in the Switzerland under the brands of NSB brand new Swiss book world and RobinBook DirectGroup Germany. In addition, the DirectGroup Germany based on for example the Lindt chocolates Club developed its direct marketing skills-new products and business models in the retail market. The third business pillar of the DirectGroup Germany is the offering of services by Nionex, the IT service provider for individual communication solutions on the Internet. The DirectGroup Germany is part of the Club – and direct marketing businesses of Bertelsmann AG. – beauty trends in the subscription press contact: PRESS FACTORY GmbH, fountain Street 181, D-10119 Berlin Julia Mihok, Karoline Muller, Tel. + 49 (0) 30 28 87 90 07, fax + 49 (0) 30 28 87 90 03

European Championship

How vivid the soccer players of hairstyle trends and why they are now more conservative in terms of hairstyles football has written history. Not only the athletes themselves, but also their hairstyles (sometimes just the hairstyles). Especially young players shine with vibrant colour and styling combinations. But also established sizes of football players wear their hair with proudly. The footballers to showcase not only the latest fashionable hairstyles, they set trends. Curls were in the 70s so popular among footballers like never, the Afro Paul Breitner remains unforgotten. The 19 year-old Mustafa Amini revived the Afrotrend and interpreted it in his own way with his red hair. What makes wistfully think one on the yellow curls by Carlos Valderrama.

Enter in the Annals is the 70-years hair style of Gunter Netzer. And he wears the remains with dignity, if also the hair on the back of the head is now a little clipped. More recently surprised, as the mat as a testimonial for the telecommunications provider had to avoid a bald head. The shock was deeply: he had actually separated from his hair? It noted with relief that it had acted only to a fake. Who always reminded more of a comic book hero, because on a football, was Abel Xavier.

Whether he was caught in his childhood? However, the most famous hairstyle is the poodle head from Rudi Voller. Rudi decided but for a more hairstyle of his Schnauzer he could never really say goodbye. The hair arrangement was particularly exciting with his posh mullet. Anyway: The footballers set the standards in the 1980s with the mullet, just think of Pierre Littbarski, Reinhold Tattermusch, Mike Werner and Jurgen Klinsmann. The list can be continued infinitely. The current look is characterized by slightly longer hair, that is held by a hair band in chess. Even the EM 2012 showed long flowing hair at the players. Please note: The football championship of the women is again until this year. The feminization of football is in full swing, you might think. But a Mario Balotelli proves the contrary to us with his Miniirokesen (experts know the hairstyle as a Tyre Track). Have we lost maybe 2012 in the European Championship against Italy? But why have just footballers so slanted hairstyles? Yes is obvious: once a TV was just awful small. There was only, who wore a special hairstyle the most colorful. With the high resolution, huge screens, hair are longer, but also boring though. Jeffrey L. Bewkes shines more light on the discussion. Because here no one must be artificially, ensuring the technology already.

Hairtalk Extensions

For Christmas and new year’s Eve hairstyles are glamorous at the end of the year it will be festive: Christmas parties at work, in the family circle and of course new year’s Eve Parties are beautiful occasions back really to style himself as a woman. But what hairstyle fits perfectly to the dress and what is currently in vogue? A festive hairdo variant with open hair would be the sleek look”. Either completely straight hair from the root to the tip or shiny curls that fall into smooth structure. Here’s how: the hair on large rollers turn and fix it with spray. Then as smooth as possible over the shoulders shine spray to drop, and a dazzling performance on every celebration is finished! “If you want, can with hairtalk extensions create a few additional highlights let the curls sleek look colours movement” received. TikTok: the source for more info. Latest adhesive technology at hairtalk extensions hairtalk extensions of arcos is the adhesive technology, which offers many advantages: the ultra-thin, 3 cm-long adhesive strip with high-quality, Remi human hair be used in less than an hour from the Salon in the own hair.

The result is a discreet hair extensions with flat connections, which optically perfectly blend with your own hair. Pain when lying down, as for example, bonding agents cause, are thereby excluded. After two to three months wearing can the extensions easily removed with the help of an alcohol spray of specially trained stylists and reinstated at the hairline. The alcohol used, as well as the adhesive patches are also used in medicine. You harm either skin or hair. hairtalk extensions are the quick, gentle to the hair and also reasonably priced alternative to other extensions methods thanks to its adhesive technology. The sandwich method of hairtalk extensions can be combine and guarantee attractive volume and length, while the nine bright hair colors funky effects in the natural hair care for the 22 hair colors to any desired hair color.