Duisburg Colliery House

\”CASA VITRUM sponsors living – winter garden for RTL2 angels in action\” is the broadcast with Verona Pooth the 15.01.08 sent to 20.15 on RTL2 company CASA VITRUM Lohner as a quality manufacturer of residential gardens winter made of selected, to an exceptional and extensive project for the broadcast of angels in action \”to participate. The goal was the significant extension of the existing living room. These two buildings were connected with a living – winter garden, resulted in a full-fledged living room. CASA VITRUM manufactures winter gardens of first quality aluminium in wages among others. The products have established themselves on the market as premium products. The architect Mila Kreidler chose the Lohner manufacturer, because the project was the creation of a full-fledged living room by a living – winter garden, and here the functionality (year-round livability) had first priority. Verona Pooth as angels in the usage in Duisburg who accidentally trapped in emergency would Verona Pooth together with your right hand Kalle Warrior in your shipment of Angel in the usage\”support.

Help directly on site and thus help to self-help\”make and show that you can do everything together. The helpfulness and togetherness is really clear and people would blow up without a present camera crew to help. Duisburg: In a dreary working-class 6 persons in a 2-room apartment of a Duisburg Colliery House live after a bitter blow. Children sleeping in the room without a window, an old oil furnace heats up the crowded rooms and just lacks living room – here must be helped! A case for Verona Pooth. With your shipment of angels in action\”, she ensured that the reconstruction and the extension of the living space was implemented almost in a night and fog action. Even from the neighborhood, volunteers were used. The family was sent for 1 week in the holiday and experienced the great miracle on their return.

Our Conservatory

Has perhaps the current season with the discount to do? Sure, Christmas is,”Michael Braun jokes again. Yet again in earnest: clearly anything but the perfect season is the winter for an awning dealer. Unlike as in the height of summer you pleased now every small ray of sunshine, so awnings and Conservatory blinds are present of course less demand than in the summer. But once remember heating oil! It’s cheaper in the summer, because no one has heat. Now in the winter, heating oil costs more, our awnings and Conservatory blinds it’s just TYPO3 and next summer is coming. Who accesses and buying a conservatory awning is exclusive Home.de, now in the winter can enjoy just a nice discount. This is our Christmas present to all owners of the winter garden”, explains Michael Braun. Still wrong but the quality? But sure but, ” confirmed Michael Brown the interesting question: We produce our awnings, which obviously includes the Conservatory blinds in General in the European area and of course under EU rules.

Our Conservatory awnings are, for example, particularly tear-resistant, weather-resistant and even water-proof. In addition, they are rot-proof and still translucent. Our Conservatory awnings about fabric weight is 320 grams per square meter, which is a value which is achieved not by any manufacturer and makes our models especially in rain and resulting water weight very consistently. A highlight of our Conservatory awnings is of course still the electric drive where we focus on well-known brand quality of Braun company. We offer because even a remote control to operate the awning.

Now just before Christmas we are pleased of course that we can offer our products thanks to our company philosophy with a nice winter discount. As I said, coming next summer, that’s for sure”, Michael Braun ended the interview with press zero nine”once more with a joke. More information press and interested readers on the website of exclusive home GmbH or the direct link to the winter action with 50 percent discount and all current prices of Conservatory blinds in Exclusiv Home.de:../Wintergartenbeschattung.htm press contact: exclusive home GmbH Michael Brown forest ditch 3 21217 Seevetal Tel.: 040 22611090 fax: 040-226110919 E-mail: info(at)exclusiv-home.de press agency: press zero nine Dennis Paschke of Bornecker Street 10 c-38889 Blankenburg mail: presse(at)presse-null-neun.de of exclusive home: 1919 the Exclusiv home GmbH headquartered today in Seevetal (near Hamburg) on the ranges of awnings, solar systems is founded as a small hamburger shop, and Conservatory blinds specialized. in 2003, dared the company that this year celebrates its 90jahriges anniversary, the next important step and opened the corresponding online shop at. Produce over 100 employees today various products such as awnings, Conservatory blinds, Sun protection systems and home theater screens on their own. In addition, the company sells other products such as solar systems, drive technology, climate and heating technology, LED lights, and more. It also is no longer limited solely on the Federal Republic of Germany of today’s distribution of exclusive home, now supplying all over Europe. Exclusive home products around the Houseu0085

Federal Environmental Agency

Big step for the ecological balance of the oceans: new ballast water disinfection systems from Germany to curb the global spread of dangerous bio-invaders. According to conservative estimates, around 10 billion cubic meters of water in ship bellies are pumped. This so-called ballast water stabilizes the vessels, prevents the deformation of the hull and thus possible accidents in heavy seas with incomplete loading. The world’s oceans can be navigated so although safer, but the environmental and economic costs of global ballast water transports allow himself doesn’t even begin to appreciate. Bio invaders travel as stowaways as stowaways get to ballast water and travellers along the way that are anything other than welcome when you empty the tanks in their new, distant homeland. The Federal Environmental Agency (UBA) in German ports investigations each year around 2.2 million tonnes of ballast water from non-European regions to be drained. Average It took roughly 1 individual per gallon of ballast water, resulting in a possible entry of 6 million of foreign organisms per day in German waters.

Bacteria, algae, crustaceans, or even fish can colonize suddenly habitats by way of a ballast water tank journey, in which they usually never had to reach. With the local flora and fauna, many of the newcomers have an easy time and displace them from their habitats at sometimes breakneck speed. One of the biggest problems of the marine environment, the introduction of non-native species among the biggest problems of the marine environment. So species such as the American sword shell, spread in the North and Baltic Sea already the originating from the North American East Coast predatory Penilia of Mnemiopsis leydii, the ship Bohrwurm actually dishes large damage a shell -, because he eats away at domestic Woods. Substantial economic losses may arise in the fisheries, if strange jellyfish native fish food or the same Off to eat fish larvae.