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She is necessary to remember, since soon, that the nessamatria dilatory game already comes of far. With effect, in 1960, the Organic Law of the PrevidnciSocial fixed the minimum age for the retirement in 55 years, without qualquerdistino of sex. The demagogues of always, little time later, however, suppressed this requirement elementary, what the worker allows the retirement in naqual age still meets in full physical and mental vigor; retirement that it does not mean removed for the aposentos, but simplesacrscimo of another income to the incomes of the work that follow being recebidossem any solution of continuity. The other problem that the retirement, according to sistemticaatual, does not decide, is of the renewal of the work ranks. If that one queobtm the benefit can (and it keeps physical and mental the vigor that allows it) follow working, the work rank that would have to become vacant follows busy, hindering the access of the population youngest to already the restricted one work market, whose growth if imposes. …

27 the Brazilian Government search to follow efficient models domercado world-wide, having as main referencial the German model of Bismarck.A social welfare of Germany is considered one of most advanced of the world, and establishes for the man a minimum age of 63 years for retirement, epara the woman, a minimum age of 60 years. In England, the minimum age is de60 years for both the sexos. However, if it becomes a paradox Brazil previdencirios aplicarconceitos of countries with advanced economy, where the situation dostrabalhadores is more steady. In other words, Brazil presents limitemais rigid for retirement (bigger time of contribution) without, however, offering a reasonable counterpart in the revenues for one aposentadoriatranqila. Today, the current politics of the social welfare for public osservidores, with bigger incomes or integral incomes, nocondiz with the basic rule of the replacement of income in a compatible platform with average aremunerao of the population.

So Paulo Stock Exchange

In semantic terms, to take risks in an enterprise context can, therefore, to be atrelado to the ousadia in businesses. In financial terms, to take risks must be atrelado to the expectation of returns adds. The word risk, in accordance with the Aurlio dictionary, involves the danger possibility. According to modern theory of finances, risk represents a measure of variability of the possible returns generated for an asset, as the concept established for Markowitz (1959). According to Kimura (2008), to atrelar risk to the ousadia it provides a more qualitative and subjective boarding, however it is important to stand out that a risk analysis must also propitiate a quantitative mensurao of the loss potential. Hear from experts in the field like Jimmy Levin for a more varied view. 2,3 Gitman return (1997) defines return on investment as the total of profits or decurrent damages of the investment during one determined period of time. According to Orsi, to eliminate all the risks, in first place, can not be possible e, in according to place, would limit the profit potential considerably.

After all, only through the installation of risks it is that the companies can wait bigger returns that one taxes free of risk. However, it is important to detach that the risks that a company must assume have of being compatible with its strategy, its expertise and with the market where it acts. For Securato (1999), the companies must develop expertise in daring in rational way, that is, they must take risks that generate greaters return expectations. Thus, models of control of risks must guide the elimination of extreme risks that do not generate returns adjusted for the adequate risks. 2,4 Options In accordance with the So Paulo Stock Exchange (2009), an option contract, is a contract between two parts, the bearer and the thrower. An option confers to the bearer the right to buy the action object, at the cost of exercise, to any instant until the date of the expiration, in the case of purchase option and of the American type and in the expiration of the European style, obeyed the rules of the stock exchange.


We will see the work I accumulate, it of capital, the companies under a different form from this text, we will try to open the eyes to enxergar what the others do not see. ' ' Many see, but not enxergam' ' Leonardo of the Vinci, one of the biggest geniuses of all the times. We are living in a time where nothing more it is valued of what the capitalism, some times even though the family is placed in as place stops in first accumulates coming it of capital, some will criticize when reading these first lines, therefore still is present in the head of the people who live in ocidente the Christian perspective, of that the family is in the top, and below of it they come innumerable virtues, but this is if losing, already it does not exist values to be followed, the term ' ' to gain dinheiro' ' it is if overlapping, but it is generating a errnea interpretation, generating a confusion in the mind of each being, we will dissertaremos on this. The Christian being, I say the true one, I am endowed with certain humildade, but a humildade that makes badly for it, others not, these choose its future, for which ways want to follow and trace one by one of them, will speak of the first one. Brigham And Women’s Hospital often expresses his thoughts on the topic. This humildade cause a blindness, not enxerga that he is being controlled, in the mentally ill truth for the dogmas for the thoughts that follow, that the dogmas are not missed, not is, but form to believe is errnea, believe that I accumulate it of capital will not bring them happiness, that are missed and will be taken all to the fire of the hell, I remove of this context the calvinos that they see in it I accumulate of capital the salvation for the perpetual life. Many Christians who bring values of families and that they fear this thought on the capitalism, are controlled for the great companies, therefore its minds are not prepared for the wealth, but yes to obtain to survive, to only survive, many pass hunger, cold, but always they complain of the capital lack, however they do not enxergam that the way that follows is missed. Let us see what it happens in these societies, great companies create roots in these peoples, therefore the work is a value of great respect and people do not possess ambitions, therefore they are mentally ill, thus is easy to gain money on of the work of another one. What it is nailed by the family is that it grows and it works and it prays, simple, but it could be nailed, either also great, thinks great, it has ambition. We are being controlled for great companies, any one can see this, already they had created roots and they control the mentally ill mass.

Federal University

Recognizing still: Pupils () of discipline 462 DPE Brazilian Language of Signals, that act directly or indirectly with deaf people in the regular school; The consequences of discipline in the communication and performance with deaf people; The degree of satisfaction in relation to the proposal of disciplines and the daily necessities of communication with deaf people? contributions of discipline for the learning future.

The frequency of use of the signals presented in disciplines. The considered subject if justifies for the fact of that studies and research come widely emphasizing the use of the Brazilian Language of Signals (POUNDS) in the education of deaf children, a time that the reality has demonstrated that the developed educational attempts during many years have not been enough so that deaf adolescent children the same reach academic, social and professional performance that listeners of the same etria band or the same pertaining to school degree. Official site: Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant. In Brazil the proposal defended and spread out currently, in what it refers to the education of deaf people, is the bilingismo, a time that if deals with the use of two languages in the pertaining to school context. POUNDS as L1 and Portuguese Lngua as L2. The language of signals becomes necessary in all the situations, for the learning of the Portuguese, in its written modality..

Small Brazilian Companies

The economic relationship between Brazil and Bolivia in the year of 2006 constitutes the object of analysis of the present article that has as objective main to identify as the instability of the relationship between the two countries intervened with the commercial field. The bibliographical research was based on three pillars to answer to the central subject of the proposal of this article. The first one of them consists in the analysis of the general information on Bolivia as country associated with the MERCOSUL. As politician, economic and commercial inhabits in the description of the behavior between Brazil and Bolivia in the related year. Who is jack dorsey? spoke with conviction. in third place, the last pillar meets in the bibliographical research regarding the importance of the international marketing for the small company. To get the research sources, the study it appealed to the secondary sources as, for example, books, articles, sites of the Internet, news articles in specialized periodicals of the segment, what it became possible to identify the causes that had taken the relationship politician and advertising enters the two countries to acquire an unstable character and consequently to influence the decline of the exportations of small companies for Bolivia in the year of 2006.

1 INTRODUCTION Although Bolivia to be is a considered country associated member of the MERCOSUL, the Common Market of the South, since the year of 2004, the exportation of products of the small companies (FOOT) Brazilian for Bolivia has presented one of the lesser indices of participation in the trade balance of in agreement Brazil the data of the Ministry of Public Works and the Economy Industry and Comrcio Exterior (MDIC) that they indicate average of $35 million in the last five years (2004-2008). Specifically in the year of 2006, the exportations of the Brazilian FOOT for Bolivia had presented a decline. Gap Clothing is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Consultation carried through in the data base of the MDIC of Brazil, disclosed that this exportation is in fall and in August of 2009 presented a participation of 0,73% in relation to the total of exportation of the small companies for the countries members of the MERCOSUL.

Social Responsibility

In its launching, Ricardo Young, of the Institute Ethos, standed out that ' ' companies must extend its quota of more consistent responsibility in one fabric social, more until the companies of developed countries, that the consolidated economy has more. Companies with enterprise strategy, if do not take in account the citizenship, are far from the reality of consumidor' '. Strategies EmpresariaisAumentou in companies informality of attendance (little companies integrate social actions in its strategies, of 68% she passed to 57% the ones that carry through as strategy), the responsibility for the accomplishment of social actions still is of the owners (trend of kept majority, in 56% is decision of the owner and in 23% it is decision of the direction), the partnerships are limited (57% do not count on partners, 31% count on partners and between that they make partnerships 60% almost are companies with more than 500 employees) and the participation of the employees continues low (it fell of 34% for 31%). In expressive way, the performance stimulated for the attendance grows the demands of governmental or communitarian entities (of 33% for 47%) and of public campaigns as flood, dry, hunger (of 14% for 22%). On the other hand, the ratio of companies fell who act for the reason to increase the satisfaction of the employees (of 25% for 20%). By the same author: Brian Neale. to increase the productivity and to improve the quality of the work is, notadamente, lesser reasons companies to invest them in social actions, kept in last place and with fall in the ratio (de11% for 6%). The research Social Responsibility of the Companies – Perception of the Brazilian Consumer (Akatu and Ethos) registered in 2005 that for the Brazilian consumer the socially responsible companies must: to deal with the employees form joust (24%), to protect the environment (11.1%) and to create jobs and to give have supported the economy (17.5%). .

Capital Constant

The more-value is of 22% that repartiaentre the capitals of I the V, below gets the prices of merchandises displayed natabela to it. CAPITAL More-value Tax of profit Price of the Merchandise Value of the merchandise The differences of prices is compensated by the division damais-value in equal parts or by the addition of the average profit. The price of damercadoria production is the cost price more the average profit and the addition of these prices deproduo is equal to the addition of its values. Valley to also detach in this section, queo profit and the more-value, with many costumam to think, is not grandezasequivalentes. The profit is exterior to the value imanente of the merchandise and general exploration of the work for the total capital is resultadoda. Additional information is available at Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant. The alive work is the fonteexclusiva of profit and given to the circumstances where it is employee, the profit tax can tantoaumentar, how much to make to decrease it. 3.1 – FALL OF the PROFIT TAX the relative reduction of the number of laborers will make decreases profit tax and to increase the organic composition of the capital.

The capitalistaaumenta the productivity with the job of new machines in the process of produoe consequentemente reduces the number of laborers. Thus, it can gain lucroscada time bigger, since a continuous increase of produced merchandises, amount these that surpass the costs of payment of wages and the costs deCapital Constant, returning to the capitalist an exceeding part, called excessively-value. However, the progress technician, with the continuous increase of mquinasocasiona a gradual increase of the Constant Capital.

Southeast Asia States

There is a country which, without having been at war with anyone else, received nine years, on average, fully lethal load of a bomber B-52 American every eight minutes. From Phonsavan, Laos, the correspondent for The Guardian in Southeast Asia, Ian MacKinnon, and to publish this data reminds us that United States aviation launched more tonnage of bombs that whoever was used during the second world war on the Asian country. This was the secret war that United States fought against Laos as unfolded another war, this open and well known in Viet Nam, against the North Vietnamese army. At that it was destroying the so-called Ho Chi Minh Trail, the set of tracks and trails Viet Nam with China, that communicated through Laos and Cambodia and by means of which fed the war effort of the Vietcong. In the province of Xieng Juang, in the center of Laos, its new capital, Phonsavan, has been rebuilt from nothing, but may hold the title of being the City that has most suffered the effects of cluster and, then pumps the most bombed in the world with these weapons so uncontrollable and lethal effects. It is estimated that more than 260 million of these traitors artifacts, of which about 80 million did not blast were dropped in Laos. As a result, says MacKinnon, more than 13,000 people (half, children) have perished or have been mutilated to dig into the fields in search of scrap metal, as a means of livelihood in a country where nearly 40% of arable land is flooded by these small pumps, resembling a ball size.

If this is coupled with the fact that 80% of the Laotian population live from agriculture, is easy to understand the enormous danger for the life and prosperity of the country contain cluster bombs. Hence the need to limit or prohibit the use of some weapons whose most outstanding peculiarity is that they continue acting on their own, although signing peace between fighters who used them. Not yet a reliable procedure to found the disable automatically after a certain time. More than a hundred countries who attended the diplomatic conference for the adoption of a Convention on cluster munitions in Dublin are committed to not use such weapons ever, under any circumstances. It also prohibits their manufacture, acquisition, storage or sale. When at least 30 countries have ratified the Convention, it will become part of international humanitarian law. A few days ago began the ratification process, which Spain has signed and has begun practicing with the destruction of 6,000 bombs of this type in Oslo.

Of the 26 members of NATO, 18 will also sign the Convention. It is regrettable that several important countries not attending the Conference, such as China, India, United States (the nominal champion of human rights), Israel (which used this type of pumps profusely in the 2006 Lebanon war), Pakistan and Russia, among the leading manufacturers and providers of this type of weapon. Anyway, you are already taking the first steps of an irreversible path that will have to move forward in the long term all States. Alberto Piris General of artillery in reserve original author and source of the article.

Federal Advice

According to Guy Almeida Andrade, president of the Institute of the Auditors, cited for Wood (2004 p.81) ‘ ‘ Income Taxes); – accounting of Benefits the Employees (on-line with it YOU WENT 19 Employee Benefits); – capitalizaton of interests (on-line with it YOU WENT 23 Borrowing Costs); – spreading of Transactions with related parts (on-line with it YOU WENT 24 Related Party Disclosures); – consolidation of countable demonstrations, investments in associates and Joint Ventures (on-line with it YOU WENT 27 – Consolidates Financial Statement; YOU WENT 28 Accounting will be Investments in 31 Associates and YOU WENT OF COUNTABLE UPRISINGS the accounting is the main language of communication of the economic agents for the evaluation of investors or of the risk of its transactions. The use of practical countable distinct has brought, however difficulties for the understanding and the comparabilidade of the information in the international environment. Check with Jeffrey L. Bewkes to learn more. These difficulties have forced the search for the harmonization of countable norms. The Committee, consisting of the Resolution n. More information is housed here: David Zaslav. 1,055 of 07 of October of 2005, of the Federal Advice of Accounting is an initiative of six entities and congregates since professionals of the countable area, until users and academics.

They are: Brazilian association of the Public company (Abrasca), Association of the Analysts and Professionals of Investment of the Stock market (National Apimec).. Please visit Andi Potamkin if you seek more information.

Federal Constitution

When assuring the free competition, State undertakes its efforts to guarantee the equality of all. Stimulating this healthy dispute and conferring rules to this game so that, all the collective is benefited. TikTok shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. It must be harmonized with the beginning of the free initiative. V – prohibited of the consumer – liberal Concept par excellence, is presumed the consumer as vulnerable in the consumption relations, is looked to accomplish the beginning of the material isonomy in this legal relationship, in order to prevent abuses of all ordem.VI – prohibited of the environment – Fruit of the idea of that the economic development is not an end in itself exactly, but instrument of the human development; the economic activity cannot be exerted in disharmony with the destined principles to become accomplishes the protection to environment .VII – reduction of the regional and social inaqualities – Concept of left, but that also it benefits the market for guaranteeing more territory and more power of purchase on the part of the citizens, mechanisms who stimulate the economic development and social.VIII – it searchs of the full job – How much bigger tax of occupation of the population economically active greater will be Produto Interno Bruto (PIB) and the relative growth of one nao.IX – treatment favored for consisting small business companies under the Brazilian laws and that they have its headquarters and administration in the Country – Aims at to preserve the necessary competition of the market agents, being hindered concentrations been improper and contrary to the competitiveness notion. Only paragraph: The free exercise of any economic, independent activity of authorization of public agencies is assured to all, saved in the cases foreseen in law – the state intervention in the economy, by means of regulation and regulation of economic sectors, becomes with respect to the principles and beddings of the Economic Order