Oscar Niemeyer Work

The secretariats will be divided in two building (the first baptism of Mines and, as, Generalities), and between both were raised the convivncia center, that will function as one shopping, mesclando store, banking ranks, restaurants and services. Annex to the Tiradentes Palace is the audience President Juscelino Kubitschek de Oliveira, with 500 places. Also it will have units of support for equipment. To all, they go to work in the Administrative City 16,5 a thousand public servers. The forecast is of that five a thousand people circulate daily for the complex. According to Oswaldo Borges, the office of Oscar Niemeyer develops a research to discover similar projects of public constructions in the whole world. ' ' So far, we have knowledge of models of administrative centers that congregate in an area some isolated building, as it is the concept of the UFMG, in the Pampulha campus. For the time being we do not find no model of only complex, centralizado' '.

In accordance with the cronograma of transference of the bureaucracy, until the October end all the 43 agencies will be in the new headquarters. ' ' I am adoring everything here. I taste of changes, of what he is new. The place is pretty, has a good energy. It is very good for being everybody working together, I believe that it will have more integration and proximity between the employees.

Although to be more distant of mine house, I took time the same, because I came of subway. But already I am until providing my change here pra close, therefore the region is good and tends to develop still more. Nothing better that to work next possible to the work. ' ' Rosngela Rodrigues I castrate, secretary of gabinete' '. ' ' I am one of the enthusiastic ones of the project. I follow since the beginning and I am very contented with its accomplishment.

Serafico, VENERABLE, ILLUSTRIOUS AND VERY OLD Archconfraternity Of Nuestro Padre Jesus Nazareno BLOOD, HOLY CHRIST GREEN AND OUR

I. – Origins. SIGLO XVI.
The current Archconfraternity of Nuestro Padre Jesus Nazareno de la Sangre Verde Holy Christ and Our Lady of Santa Vera Cruz, popularly known as ‘Brotherhood of the Students’ is the result of mergers over four years are over have been occurring. This Archconfraternity is constituted by the Cofradia de la Vera Cruz (1525-1530), the Brotherhood of Flagellant of the Precious Blood of Our Savior Jesus Christ (first half of the sixteenth century) and the Brotherhood of the Holy Rood (first third of the seventeenth century).
Under Royal Certificate given in Grenada September 18, 1500, the Catholic Monarchs granted licenses to the city of Antequera that yielded 700 yards of ground in which to carve a monastery under the patronage of San Zoilo, by the Friars Observance of San Francisco. They gave so fulfill the wishes of the Infante Don Juan, school furniture who in his will that I give in Salamanca in 1497, legacy command through the sum of 340,000 maravedi for that purpose. For their part, Reyes Catolicos 600,000 contributed to the work farthing.
The first convent of the Sisters who are building and founded in this city of Antequera was that of the Religious of the Seraphic Father San Francisco. The factory of the convent began in 1501, on the outskirts of the city day care chair in a place occupied by an ancient chapel dedicated equally to Martir San Zoilo, a lawyer for the ills of the student chairs kidney, concluding day care chairs the works around 1515. From this moment we must begin to frame the current foundation of the Brotherhood. However, they will spend several years in which there are mergers of various Guilds and Brotherhoods to arrive at what is now known as the Arch Confraternity of Nuestro Padre Jesus Nazareno de la Sangre Verde Holy Christ and Our Lady of Santa Vera Cruz.
Observant Franciscans enhance everything related to the devotion of the Passion of Christ and to the Holy Cross wherever they founded a Franciscan convent Cofradia instituting a chairs charge of worshiping the True Cross.
We know with certainty the exact date of foundation of the former Brotherhood of the Holy Cross in Antequera. The first documented reference we have listed in the bylaws, drafted in 1530 and confirmed by the Emperor Charles in 1531, through a Royal Provision granted in avila.
In chapter of these Ordinances referred to in the section on the Brotherhoods makes a relationship in order of age antiga existing ones. In his folio 3r and we will show: …. Find the right for a student should be very comfortable This information is very important when shuffling an approximate date of the founding of the Brotherhood, since we know that the Cofradia de San Miguel was founded in 1525, so close to this period should be created and of course our brotherhood before 1530, date on which the above are drawn Municipal.
The Canonigo Francisco Barrero Baquerizo, in his manuscript history of our city, refers to these Ordinances and the Folio 318r. he says about these ordinances and their approval by the Emperor ‘… quale confirm the Emperor Charles V and his mother the Queen D . Joana on ten years of July 1531 was the qual folding chair aprovasion time of Pope Paul the Third, who was our patriotic Don Luis de Torres secretary and the chief priest entered the Holy Seat in the year 1534, so it appears age seniority these thirteen Guilds and see no more of them in Antequera this oy still not more than that of Smo. which is to Sta Maria, San Miguel, La Vera Chrus, which is the Blood and the Animas …’. Is accredited by both the accuracy of the information on the origin folding chairs and age antiga penitential confraternities, a pioneer in Antequera.
Besides the worship of the True Cross, another aspect of the Passion of Christ that strengthens the Franciscan Order of the Enforcement Rule is the veneration for his Precious Blood, and by that name brotherhoods arise throughout Europe, reaching Spain in the Age XVI.
These brotherhoods were Flagellant. Flagellants arise by the terrible Black Death that devastated Europe in the thirteenth century, being regarded as sects. These, they believed that epidemics were the result of sin and the sacrament of Confession and school equipment Penance was not enough to redeem himself, considering that only physical pain dining chairs of punishment and penance through the Scourge, was the solution to end the atrocities they were living.

World Water Day

UN experts predict that by 2030 47% of the world's population will live under the threat of water deficit. Already, many countries in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Central and South America are experiencing serious problems due to lack of fresh water. According to experts, every year from diseases associated with poor quality water killed at least 1.8 million children under the age of five. Half the world's population today lives in cities, most of whom do not have the resources and infrastructure necessary for effective treatment and wastewater treatment. In a message on the occasion of World Water Day UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said today that are under threat as the quality of drinking water and general water reserves on the planet. Dirty water kills as many people as war and violence, says the UN. Our topic 'That's interesting' last week also focused on the water – we have told it about 15 interesting facts about water. The whole world was plunged into darkness in the shares' Hour Earth 'On the last Saturday of the planet, hosted an international environmental action' Earth Hour '. Beginning with New Zealand, to this popular international event joined by more than 100 countries in various parts of our planet. 'Hour Earth 'in 2010 was the most ambitious environmental action among all ever held in Russia, dozens of cities in the country supported the call for the World Wildlife Fund, one hour off the lights and electrical appliances to draw attention to climate change.

Lima Fields

The Pestraf disclosed that, in all the country, the organized crime uses 241 terrestrial, maritime and aerial routes to take women, adolescents and children to the exterior. The study also it points the envolvement of authorities with the prostitution and the existence of nets of aiding of traffic supported by the use of the technology. Throughout the highways of the Maranho, especially in the Region of the Cocais, children and adolescents they are contracted for ' ' programas' ' for until R$ 10,00. Some ranks of fuels, in the BR-316, that binds the cities of Timon, Caxias, Bacabal and Lima Fields the So Lus, serve of prostitution points. As in all the Brazilian cities, Caxias also suffers the happened consequences of a economic model that has generated the social concentration of income, unemployment, differences, feminizao of the poverty and the violence. By means of the faced difficulties the problematic one of the violence against the woman became the main focus of work and difficulty for the public services of the City department of the Woman, being about a question of daily and routine public health in the life of the women. for the municipal organism of politics for the women of the administrative management of the city of Caxias is indispensable the formularization of new politics of confrontation of this problem. Therefore, the solutions found for the municipal government amongst others can be detached the implantation of public services of attention, shelter, accompaniment and confrontation of the violence against the women, searching partnerships with the governments of the State and Federal Government to firm accords that made possible a humanizado and efficient attendance in the combat of the social inaqualities and violence of sort. For this the city of Caxias in the year of the 2008 still in the management of the Municipal Coordenadoria of Public Politics for the Women management, firmed accords with the Special Secretariat of Politics for Women SPM/PR through presentation of the project of implantation of ' ' Center of Reference and Attendance to the Mulher' ' , also &#039 was contemplated the Project; ' Campaign of the White bow – Men Joined For the End of the Violence against the Mulher' '.

Life In Europe And Asia .

The issue of climate change is important for Russia. Russian Duma discusses the rules for providing environmental information. New environmental technologies take root in Russia. Melting permafrost is serious threat to Russia. Great Lakes are experiencing hard times.

Mammoths became extinct due to a number of reasons, and giant deer in Ireland from starvation. Scientists have learned the bacteria convert carbon dioxide into fuel. Based on the pumpkin and zucchini scientists create the most useful vegetables of the future. PHOTO of the week: Wild Life in Central Europe and the horrific pictures of pollution in China. Review of the week from 11.16.2009 to 22.11.2009.

The issue of climate change is important for Russia on Russia-EU summit, which took place on November 18 in Stockholm, one of the key themes was the fight against global warming on the planet. Between the parties to a dialogue on the preparations for the UN conference on anti- climate change, which will be held in Copenhagen in December. It should be drawn international measures for the period after the Kyoto Protocol. Speaking at a summit in Stockholm, the Russian president, Dmitry Medvedev said that Russia is very important for a climate change perspective. Medvedev said the climate meeting in Singapore, and hoped that the measures taken while the interim results are encouraging Participants in the way of developing post-Kyoto measures to protect the Earth's climate. Russian President also drew attention to the problem of the Baltic Sea environment. At the EU-Russia summit, Dmitry Medvedev made another loud statement, he said, Russia will strive to reduce their 2020 emissions to 25%, not 15% as previously planned.

Central Asia

Let's look at some methods of "magicians" of the media, who masterfully used the tools of manipulation of public consciousness. In one German publication recently published an article devoted to Central Asia, which there's such a "passage", "June 29 Uzbek parliament passed a law abolishing the death penalty, which shall enter into force on 1 January next year. But until that time, the imposition and execution of sentences in the form of exclusive measures are not allowed. In this regard, …. It seems that in the first part of the proposal is there a positive component that reflects the real fact of life in modern Uzbekistan. Few people can find any excuse to label a country eradicate the death penalty – an "authoritarian" or anything pohlesche. But "well-wishers" are elusive, saying one thing, they need to perform the second part of his "order" to slander.

And then face the second part proposals, where the first assertion is being questioned and negated not only the information load, and subject to revision itself a positive element of the paragraph. Simple trick, but a chain of similar statements in one article can white "turn" in black, and vice versa. It was as it were an example of "sophisticated processing of social consciousness audience." Some media outlets are using more primitive tools. One of the electronic publication covering events in Central Asia, there is not enough sumnyaschesya under the pretext of "objective" and "impartial" information policy has recently published an interview with a terrorist operating in the Afghanistan, for whose international head of coalition forces in this country is assigned a huge sum. Thus, the intelligence agencies wanted most of the world terrorist got a free platform for political statements, those who posted his speech – an episode and a new field of "work" in people injected another dose of "poison information" seems to be no panic – but the masses of people as something nasty at heart.