Month: July 2014


You can make a fence of metal rod. It is best to install it on a small (not higher than 0.5 m) the foundation of brick or natural stone, alternating columns of the same material as the base of the fence. Bars in the cross section can be square, rectangular, triangular or circular. Forged rods usually end with sharp tops, that simultaneously and serves as additional protection from uninvited guests, and decorated the fence. The optimum height of the fence of a metal rod – 1.8 m. The construction of a higher fence is lost rigidity, and its should be strengthened by spending additional material. For the construction of the fence, you can use "grid" of cells in a square, rectangle, diamond, etc., which is brewed from metal rods in the form of sections, more complicated patterns (scrolls, volutes) are produced by cold bending. The most expensive is the fences that mimic the classic fence, wrought iron.

In the process of hot-forged metal stretches, bends, changes its cross section. Hot forging is of two types: computer and manual. Products forging machine will cost much less. But the blacksmith using various technologies can make a metal fence kind of old iron, blackened silver, copper various colors or shiny steel. The fence serves only delimit the site can be made of poles, between which are suspended from chains.

For its production will need: metal or plastic poles, chains of the same material as the support. First, set the posts. They usually have a height of no more than 50-70 cm chains may be of different cross sections, with links of various sizes, the number also not limited. To iron stakes are usually fastened iron chains. Their weight depends on the material, of which the units. Chains may be cast iron or made of lightweight aluminum alloy. They are welded to the iron poles or attached to special hooks. The latter option is used and the assembly of structures made of plastic. Metal fence, if it has no protective coating, must be regularly painted. Depending on the quality Paint this procedure should be performed every 1.5-5 years.

Mayor Roberto Sandoval

On Monday of this week made public the decision of the Executive Council of the Chamber of Commerce (composed of about 10 thousand members) and the same day the Mayor Roberto Sandoval did not rule out political dyes. The topic caught the attention of many, and is that the attitude of the organized trade would mean to the capital city less income in contributions. The matter would be given to bickering.To go to the merits of the case yesterday that I saw in a restaurant to the President of the KANAK Tepic, Jesus Perez Lopez, not hesitate to tackle it for questioning on the subject. To initiate said that you committed to dialogue, to work and cooperation. He said that camera that presides over wants to bring in healthy peace party. On our part, we put the effort and therefore now up to the authorities who support us and take into account, he said.There is no political dyes in the decision, we do not bet the conflict; We are working people and the proof is that always have been responsible in all our taxes, he responded when you I asked if there were bad healthy interests.

Do then why the decision?, went back you to question. . He explained to me that this determination was once the capital’s authorities were ignoring them, so easy.A few days ago we had the will to have the rapprochement and we got a bad response from them, I am referring to the private Secretary. It even took the trouble to call back us. We made calls and were never greeted, we were only going to explain our discomfort because the Council allowed the installation of foreign traders, justified the leader of CANACO.Somewhat sense, Jesus Perez Lopez recalled the words of Mayor Roberto Sandoval: the President said that he had commitment only with the people and want to say that we are also people (), on the other hand, that gives support to traders in Moroleon, Leon Guanajuato and to allow the increase to the informal trade that is to govern for other people and not for those who deserve the respect.By what the President of CANACO told me and the statement that I heard on Monday from the Mayor of Tepic, you could deduce that everything is part of a lack of communication.

Asia Minor Neanderthals

The history of this region, it is clear that she was leaving in the old days, but little overt history of events with Tarkhankut. According to some reports of archaeologists, through Tarhankut about 100 thousand years ago, took one of the ways of resettlement in Crimea from Asia Minor Neanderthals at the same time Tarhankut peninsula remains the only part of the Crimea, where were found traces of Stone Age people .. Go to one of the ancient monuments include copper-stone age, the end of the park beginning April 3 millennium BC. Later, pertaining to the end of the Chalcolithic to the Bronze Age. (End of March beginning of two centuries BC It was found about 130 graves left by the tribes of Chalcolithic and Bronze Age is a Chemi-obinskoy, Catacomb and carcass cultures. The most ancient graves about 4,5 thousand years. Were also found in ancestral burial group surrounding shallow graves.

In addition to the Chalcolithic burial sites identified later times. More all that remained of the Cimmerians (9-8 BC) remains of residential buildings, pottery fragments and other pamyatnikov.Oblomki ceramics were also found during the excavations of Graeco-Scythian settlement on Tarkhankut. Ancient inhabitants of the Crimea, from written sources, as the LRA has repeatedly examined are the Cimmerians, the brand, as well as the Scythians. Says Geradot visited in the 5 th century BC Pontic steppe and the Crimea, that the Tauri lived in the mountains and the sea coast, and Northern Pontic steppe and the Crimea was inhabited by Scythian tribes in this regard, the area known as the ancient Greeks, Scythians Scythia, or country.

Web Page Maker

Now, just a few words, I will talk about the principles of the program . Edit the selected template is by dragging and dropping objects. Any object, whether it’s text block, a picture, you can move anywhere you want and fix the desired location. The program also has built-in designs, Java-Scripts, tables, forms. They are not so much as we would like, but for now this is enough. To create links, too easy, you can ask them a certain style or use the default style.

And still pretty compelling argument for me was the built-in FTP-manager, that is publishing my site to its completion is done automatically. I need only specify the address of the selected host and press the button cherished. In the future, new pages are added just as easily by pressing key publications. In general, really comfortable, and most importantly understandable program. On the Internet there are many versions of this program, I personally chose a portable version (which does not require installation on your computer) PortableWebPageMaker 3.12 5.67 MB in size. If you like this version, you download it you can with direct link.

The program interface is simple and pleasant working area is divided into two columns. The left column (which occupies almost the whole screen) – this is our main field, where there are all the basic steps. The right column is designed to control the current page. At the time of the current page the control panel (it is called ‘Content Site’), can be removed to do this, press the F8 key on your keyboard. To restore the display control panel, use the same key F8. On the control panel has two tabs ‘Pages’ and ‘Elements’. Tab ‘Pages’ is designed to adding, cloning, and deleting pages. Personally, I prefer to use cloning. To the cloned page I remove unwanted text and graphics and insert new ones, other page elements remain the same. I have in view of the header and menu. Icon with a red cross (next to ‘Add Page’ and ‘Clone’) to delete pages. The removal process is irreversible pages, restore deleted page can not be Keep this in mind. The second tab ‘Elements’ displays all the components that make up the current page. What else to say about Web Page Maker … To create a site it can be an unlimited number of pages, all generated pages will be displayed in the known control panel. Also in the Web Page Maker, you can create an unlimited number of sites. For example, I’m working on three projects simultaneously. All of them are displayed, in the ‘File’ menu in the ‘Recent Files’ and switch between them very easily. Another worth noting that Web Page Maker is compatible with all kinds of browsers, so that the site will be created correctly displayed in all browsers, not only in Internet Explorer. For beginners I recommend always try this program in action.

Portuguese Bartholomew Diaz

A Distant Day Like on almost all the important facts, the successes of the humanity are based on errors or chances, and throughout the years, there are proven samples of what has been said. – The given discovery of serious that in calling America, did not escape to the majority, since it was based on concepts with successes and errors, the Earth sphericity, theory of Greek geographer Ptolomeo like success, and that the diameter of the same was much smaller than it is, since according to the calculations they had located Cipango (Japan), to 2400 nautical miles to the east of the archipelago of the Canary Islands, that in fact was the position of San Salvador, first earth sighted in 1492, like error. – The call route of soothes, from the times of the old Rome, had satisfied the needs with the wealth of the Far East, but of earth santa of 1453 Turkish dominion and the fall, the loss Constantinople of the Mediterranean, had closed this terrestrial route to you cut European. – Already in year 1488, the navigator Portuguese Bartholomew Diaz, had managed to go beyond the Cape of Good Hope, and so an alternative route to the wonders of China and Japan glimpsed. – Paolo Pozzo Toscanelli, an admiring Florentine geographer of Marco Polo, in line maintained that Asia could be reached, crossing the straight Atlantic from Portugal, criterion that prevailed, and allowed to arrive at a continent, that nevertheless was not Asia, but America, the America that by centuries gave to Europe its wealth, but not its treasures, those that remained hidden before the eyes of the world, and that today, are a pleasure to discover them to the world, like a gift for all, in these stories, which they try to describe to those who, far from these places, they have not had the opportunity to know, they accompany and me in the pilgrimage in search of those treasures.