Marketing Oriented To Customer

In both cases to identify needs, sell ideas-simbolos and persuade people to change or reinforce their attitudes. Marketing is more than just a set of tactics and media operations. It is a set of techniques of research, management and planning dissemination that are used in the design and execution of strategic and tactical actions throughout an election campaign. TYPES OF ELECTORAL MARKETING. Berthilde Ortega, who tells us: the electoral marketing is subdivided into three main branches: the product-oriented, retail-oriented and market-oriented.

ELECTORAL MARKETING ORIENTED PRODUCT. This type of marketing developed special activities causing the candidate to show as a product that needs awareness mass to increase exposure of the public for their existence. Successful candidate of a number of duration of exhibitions. This type of marketing is used When is the candidate a national hero, or someone who has done something extraordinary for the country. Here need short advertising and make the facts of the candidate short films. ELECTORAL MARKETING ORIENTED TO THE SALE.

Activities of this type of electoral market relies primarily on the promotion and distribution of the candidate through exhibitions in mass media. The goal you are looking for this type of marketing is winning the election with any promise, manipulation or deception; the candidate does not measure what is promising and not interested in the satisfaction of their voters. ELECTORAL MARKETING MARKET-ORIENTED. This type of electoral marketing, unlike the previous one, is based on the satisfaction of the market (the voters); i.e., studies of opinion not only are carried out before the campaign for the development of the advertising plans, but it also during the Government of the candidate are par conducted to know the degree of the change in public opinion. The objective pursued is not only winning the election but keep increase loyalty to the label. That is, the party’s image is more important, what studies are done after the elections and public opinion as feedback and modification of the policies of the candidate is used to increase participation and modifying the candidate policies to increase the participation of the electoral marketplace.

Mind Marketing Institute NLP

Clash of different habits and settings. This increases not only the possibility for Disputes, is also the time to live it out. There are many reasons to argue: a crooked Christmas tree, improper gifts, versalzener potato salad or the constantly nagging mother-in-law. Christmas harmony sake: ignore the taunts of all kinds and don’t let up even on disputed topics. “If you leave the room with the words simply friendly smile: anyone else to nibble what would?” Or insert a Christmas movie. If the family over the holidays in a confined space together squats, dispute is pre-programmed. Away the illusion, Christmas would have to do everything together the family.

All the hoopla is maybe too much for some. Create free spaces and retreats. Allow family members, sign up for a break, to withdraw a small NAP, etc.. If the kids want to watch a movie, you can use the time for a walk. And young people meet up much better with their peers, as all the time with the Relatives together to squat.” With an NLP training to the real judge of NLP is called neuro-linguistic programming and is a Toolbox with techniques, methods and settings that people can use to communicate better with each other. Robert A. Iger has similar goals. In an NLP, participants learn seminar to communicate especially targeted, attentive and appreciative. Also a dealing with people, which is marked by tolerance and flexibility, as well as a more conscious, more comprehensive perception are content of an NLP training.

For more information about NLP and the training, visit the Web page of the MINDMARKETING Institute. Here for interested many videos, exercise guidance and free E-books. Company profile: Since 2004 the MINDMARKETING Training Institute corporate and private customers in the area of personal development. The company offers individual training around the communication. “The measures tailored to each customer find in-house or in the old-school” held in Partenstein. Expert knowledge and the methods of hypnosis, NLP, TZI and management and professional Trainer with many years of experience are the basis of high quality standards. The owner of the MINDMARKETING Institute, Rolf Soder, Dipl.-ing. FH, is DVNLP teaching NLP trainer and NLP teaching coach DNLPCV. In addition to its training activities in the own Institute, he works as a trainer and consultant for companies in Germany. In March 2013 is”coach published his first book, the NLP practitioner guide published and can be ordered through the bookstore.


E-commerce with Magento: Yes, but how? Onedrop answered this question on the Internet world 2014 In the E-commerce offers merchants many opportunities but also many risks and pitfalls. Get more background information with materials from Jeffrey L. Bewkes. The entry should be planned so carefully, just like the opening of a stationary store. Visitors of the Internet world in Munich can give free tips to get started in online trading on 25 and 26 February 2014 at the booth of Onedrop solutions. The Agency is represented with a booth (Hall B0, stand C130) at Internet world and shows the extensive service portfolio around the themes of Magento, TYPO3, and responsive Web design. The experts by Onedrop show visitors without any obligation what is to be observed in the implementation of an own online-shop.

Because the construction of an own online offer is far from an easy task. When you create an online store as well as in operation there are to consider a lot. So, for example, the costs of shipping, logistics or dealing with returns must carefully be. In addition, it is to consider to what extent are the own portfolio of products and services suitable for distribution via the Inzernet carefully before embarking on E-commerce. “At our booth, visitors can benefit experts by knowing the Onedrop and learn how you can use a Magento shop as an additional sales channel, or even as a primary sales channel, says Robert Zierhofer, Managing Director of Onedrop solutions.”We examine the pros and cons of Magento and explain how to set Magento as online shop software can be. “Based on a case study we show the key success factors in the integration of an online store using Magento and demonstrate great Magento as a E-commerce solution flexibility.” About Onedrop solutions Onedrop Solutions GmbH & co.

KG is an owner-managed media agency located in Neutraubling near Regensburg, Germany. The Agency realized powerful digital communication and software solutions for international corporations, medium-sized Companies and public institutions. Onedrop solutions is specialized on the implementation and technical development of the open source content management system TYPO3, creating complex Magento E-commerce applications, graphic design, Web design, creative advertising campaigns, as well as online marketing.

ASV Hamm

Compatibility of education and sport in the focus are essential elements which have a significant influence on the development of young people and promote”sport and academic education. So it says in the preamble to the now closed cooperation treaty between the local handball Bundesliga club ASV Hamm Westphalia and the SRH School of logistics and management of Hamm. First goal of both partners is the compatibility of study and elite sport to mutual advantage. We want to expand our involvement in the local sports field to contribute that profiled athletes can focus even more on their training and the upcoming game days. The success of sports clubs across the city, makes the city attractive and all benefit in the end,”said Managing Director Bruckner. The now signed cooperation agreement between SRH – Managing Director Steffen Bruckner and ASV Manager Kay Raikwar foresees promoting an ASV-Bundesliga player through a sports scholarship to the SRH University. CBS describes an additional similar source. Gets the current winter semester a ASV players the possibility of financial support; additional scholarships are provided for the following years. The College wants to facilitate their students access to this sport in return.

In addition to extensive – from the ASV available provided – marketing measures for SRH, the College offers the ASV players and Club members the opportunity such as information events and, where appropriate, taster lectures throughout to take. Common activities and events to promote the work and the perception of the College and of the ASV. We place high importance to the fact that our players prepare also on a successful career after the active sport. The academic environment of the SRH Hamm offers here great possibilities”, so Raikwar. Qualified education and training were crucial determinants of future professional success. The ASV will use the various ways College Hamm the Club offered the SRH.

Social Media Marketing Changes

Facebook has decided to be Internet, so it could be entitled a reflection on innovation that, progressively, the social network puts up giving users and brands of best utilities in which efficiency is always a constant. The social network goes one step further in his innovative career and gives brands of new utilities focused on one aspect nearest to the profiles. Changes will not take into force on all pages until next March 10, meanwhile, so get to know them to be able to take advantage of all the underlying opportunities and update our pages. Let’s look at the changes: photographs. Facebook modifies the dimension of the photos and presents them reduced. The social network gives prominence to the images, it is more than evident that the expansion followed by the video and its importance in the new advertising model and marketing, make integration and relevance of this variable a necessity for all brands. Utilities lose relevance, become a relationship under the picture that identifies the profile. Facebook adds the iFrame.

Images of recent followers are also modified. If transit through social networks weren’t already in itself same demanding, now social network allows user to talk to user voice or voice of brand. To do this, administrators figure acquires greater relevance obviously for the relationship between this option and the figures of the Community Manager – Administrators will be those who choose if they used Facebook as page or user. This may not be sized in proportion, but imagine the utilities that reported this novelty for those who are immersed in a branding campaign or a new product launch. No doubt this newness of Facebook gives marks from greater opportunities to achieve success in their management of social media. The pages may be like in the other pages and interact from brand to brand, related pages where they feed on others, making segmentation Spider Web grow without losing connectivity.


Nobody puts in doubt, at this stage in the circumstances, that it is practically essential that entire enterprise engaged in marketing a product or brand through the online channel, should have a blog. Even though this company not perform sales expressly through an e-commerce platform, for example, having a blog is a great way to generate a positive image, educate consumers, offer added value, communicate important developments, and many other benefits, which, in short, have to do with the appropriateness of maintaining this channel developed and active. But having a successful blog depends on many factors. Here are five keys that will help you to develop a better blog and get the most out of this powerful tool of institutional communication. 1. Adopt an efficient content management platform. There are many on the market, and most are free.

Even in many places allow you to park your domain so that your blog is headed by its URL/blog, for example. Post on a blog is therefore something very easy to do, and the results can be aesthetically very good, with a bit of work in the chosen template. If you would like to know more about Leslie Moonves, then click here. 2 Prioritize your blog, with actions, not just intentions. If you are going to start a blog with the same enthusiasm as before the companies had their sections of mission & Vision or last annual report, it is doomed to failure. I.e., a blog is not a static page, where one posts concepts, notes, ideas, etc.

and there ends the matter. A blog is a channel that gives you the unique opportunity to provide your company’s voice. Use it wisely. 3. Your blog, as well as his participation in the rest of the social networks, should form part of a plan of construction of the reputation online, and generating positive image, and must follow a coherent plan. It is convenient to use all these tools in achieving similar goals. If you hold an idea or an attitude in his blog, his participation in the rest of the social networks must be in tune. If trumpets one of the added values of its products is an excellent post sales support, for example, must then answer all Tweets that clients or potential clients do you get: complaints, suggestions, requests for information, congratulations, etc 4 – is constant. It is not necessary that you post every day. But if it is important to maintain a regularity. No point in not posting for three weeks, and then send 15 notes all together. Believes in their readers the habit of back for more, to learn to trust that quality material can be found on his blog. 5. Be relevant. Users look for useful information, fun, and related to their interests. Try to keep this line and pay extreme attention to the feedback that your readers can do you arrive. After all, they are in their hands to devote to the blog of your company as a valuable resource, or condemn him to the insignificance and mediocrity.

Candidates Without Experience

Find job without experience or a job for newly graduates students was like finding a needle in a haystack now due to the economic crisis be newly graduated is an advantage for 50% of the companies that it is recruiting people, specialists agree. Five of every 10 large companies seek to reduce your costs, increase your productivity and generate talent hunting young talent. In many cases they hire young people who are in a time of internships to thus obtain a professional benefit from the student. The crisis makes that companies seek not only retain their key talent, but to create a seedbed that allows them to have a growth potential to be leaders in the medium and long term. The recruitment of new graduates is a practice that is accentuated by the crisis and the reduction in budgets within companies, but it is a trend that increasingly charge more boom in the world. This will create jobs for students focused on young people without experience.

And although it is most common in large companies, transnational, that have more defined processes, there are companies that are already implementing defined selection and recruitment processes in the country. The opportunity is to mold young people and specialize them to meet needs and specific positions within companies. To the newly graduated is given the opportunity to develop their careers, and the company spent less on salaries and invests for the future through training, couching and training. CBS is likely to increase your knowledge. The areas where the graduates have greater opportunity are those related to marketing, management, accounting, operations, finance and engineering, which is where the majority of a company’s projects are concentrated. This trend is not peleada to retain key talent and experience within a company, in fact complement to train employees who made critics will occupy in the medium and long term, experts agree. The young profile if you newly graduated, among the skills that companies appreciate more in young candidates include the management of knowledge, technology integration, capacity for analysis and management of work under pressure.

Three Steps

If you want to start a profitable business online ask yourself how long he an engineer studied to be an engineer? And a Doctor long to be a Doctor. Walt Disney recognizes the significance of this. You can get to having your own business at home mention the 1. You can be your own boss. 2. You can set your own hours. 3. You can possess your own business for little or no investment.

4 Can pay you much more that what ever you no head pay now you mention 3 steps for that at the moment of starting your business grows raises targets: do want to get with this business have a new car?, own House?, a better quality of life?, do have enough money for your children for their education must have in mind what you want as soon as you have it in mind??, write them down and I have a visible place for you always have it present and follow in the path of your venture to have a profitable business on the internet your AGENDA time wisely. This business Internet needs time and the majority of people are known to have a traditional job and is why they begin in the free time, evenings more than everything, so get organized in your time, gun an agenda either written or on the same computer, or on your cell phone now that this fashionable use mobile phones for many things. An agenda is the road map by which travel the good business. Removes the frustration of the day. It ensures necessary things done and make on time. Remember you never recuperaras is the time we must appreciate it. BE POSITIVE IN YOUR ATTITUDE.

Success in the profitable business, as in all areas of life is 90 percent attitude and 10 percent aptitude. All of us must work to develop habits of constructive thought. Be proud of being in your own business. Remember it is all in the mind depends on yourself if you want to change for good.

Juan Rodriguez

Never He seemed able to discuss the rojiblanco triumph. Less even with the controversial 2-0. Controlled party the party was already set directed by Argentinian Diego Simeone when Arda Turan was a clear of the rival defense, aided by hand, prompting protests from Getafe. The average tip was planted before Moya, without opposition, with Falcao as option on the left side, dribbled to the goalkeeper and scored. It was the 42 minute.

You have not changed anything in the beginning of the second half. Without fanfare of Atletico, with something more than presence offensive of Getafe, but without auction, the match lasted the inertia of the first half, but already with more risks for the rojiblanco set, because his rival already Yes was presented with more constancy in the vicinity of your area.Already the local defence didn’t feel so calm, Luis Garcia got soft drinks in his attack, with the entry of Paco Alcacer and Lafita, and Atletico took a step back, more sheltered, waiting for a kickback that definitively resolve the party, which will ensure three points more in pursuit of the leader, the Barcelona. Raul Garcia tried it from the edge of the area, also Falcao, wanting to dedicate a goal to 4,000 Colombians who today attended the stadium Vicente Calderon and failed to push the ball in a service by band of Arda Turan, against a Getafe with ten on the lawn by Rafa injury. She had already made three changes. There ended the duel, with the 2-0 for the first time, control and the victory of Atletico, for the seventh consecutive day in the second set and recovered from the two defeats in the last week with a placid triumph, without discussion by the Getafe, far from the level which had shown in their previous outputs.

Technical data sheet: 2 Atletico Madrid: Courtois; Juanfran, Miranda, Godin, Filipe Luis; Mario Suarez, Gabi; Adrian (Koke, m. 83), Raul Garcia (Cristian Rodriguez, m. 65), Arda Turan (Emre, m. 84); and Falcao. 0 Getafe: Moya; Valera (Mane, m. 46), Rafa, Alexis, Miguel Torres; Juan Rodriguez, Xavi Torres (Lafita, m. 60); Pedro Leon, barred, Diego Castro; and alvaro Vazquez (Paco Alcacer, m. 60). Goals: 1-0, m. 23: Adrian marks after a decline of Moya to a headbutt him. 2-0, m. 42: Arda Turan is a reject, haggle to Moya and mark. Referee: Stops Romero (C. Andaluz). Diego Castro (d. 38), chided local Gabi (d. 59) and Juan Rodriguez (d. 18) visitors, alvaro Vazquez (m. 42) and Miguel Torres (d. 58). Incidences: party corresponding to the eleventh day of the La Liga, played in the stadium Vicente Calderon before some 45,000 spectators, about four thousand of them Colombians. Before the start of the meeting saved a minute’s silence for the four victims of the tragedy of the Madrid Arena. View more: Adrian and Arda solve a placid match for Atletico against Getafe

MSN Live Messenger

Hotmail is here to help you! And in Spanish! Lost in the middle of a demanding and competitive professional life, stay in touch with friends and family has become a very difficult task. Walt Disney spoke with conviction. In the fast life of today, to develop a life socially happy is as important as having a successful career. But, fortunately, the need to socialize, share and express already is not a headache to achieve with the amazing features available through Hotmail MSN. Hotmail in Spanish offers impressive features like instant chat, private e-mail, the file transfer and management capabilities of data where you can send files to your friends, coworkers and also manage and maintain your future files for future use or reference. Add to your understanding with Jeffrey L. Bewkes. The establishment and promotion of dynamic web sites as Hotmail in Spanish, have decreased dependence on meeting people directly as the form more convenient and consistent communication at times contemporary.

Hotmail’s site in Spanish offers many interesting features, the most important of which are very easy to use, such as ease of sharing through instant live chat MSN Live Messenger. Hotmail in Spanish is easy to use, since it gives you quick and easy access to use e-mail, and also fashion with its design service much nicer. Register Hotmail also offers data transfer not only files but also folders, which makes it a unique Center. Also offers the use of the web camera for video and lets you add your contacts to your network that gives you all the new ways of staying in touch. Also using Hotmail in Spanish, you can send attachments to your email and a nominal charge time.

Hotmail and MSN Hotmail do a great job in effectively with blocking spam e-mail messages and other insignificant ads keeping your Inbox of spam absolutely free protected. Hotmail is working on a global scale and is available in different countries and languages. Available in Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium (in French and Dutch), Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada (in English and French), Chile, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India (in English), Indonesia (in English), Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia (in English), Mexico, Norway, New Zealand, Norway, the Philippines (in English), Poland, PortugalRomania, Russia, Arabia Saudi, Singapore (in English), Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa (in English), Spain (Hotmail in Spanish), Sweden, Switzerland (in French and German), Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine and the United States (in English and Spanish). For Spain and the United States access to Hotmail at Spanish, it is also easy to use, dynamic, interesting and provides services to a very large and important population of the globe. Register with Hotmail and manage your personal email is also a professional mail your communication needs and be in contact with your loved ones, share and socialize at the same time makes the Hotmail service in continuous growth.