Places Of Interest In Barcelona

Highlights of the Catalan capital, one should not miss the best of Barcelona we all know the same problem: we are on vacation, grab a guide just to being bombarded with all the new information, so that we no longer know where ever to begin us. But don’t worry, the situation is not as hopeless as you think. If you want to get to know the true character of Barcelona, we can help you a bit on the jumps. Here are a few tips of the most important places and sights the most enchanting city in Europe. Are you looking for the best vantage point of Barcelona? The emblematic of the city, the Montjuic Mountain offers the best views over the Catalan capital. In addition to the incredible views you can in the various parks also spend hours up there or look at some of the most important sights, such as the Olympic Stadium (Estadi Olimpic), the Castle (Castell de Montjuic), or the Botanical Garden (Jardi Botanic de Barcelona). And if you’re already there, you should definitely at the MNAC, the National Museum of Catalonia (Museo Nacional de l de Catalunya) drop.

Before the building of the Museum, you can sit comfortably on the long flight of stairs and enjoy the beautiful panorama of Barcelona. And all this accompanied by romantic live music of a charming guitarist. Ted Hughes is likely to increase your knowledge. Up there, the world is simply transformed into a true fairy tale. Since you have now attained an overall view of the city, how would it be with a bit of art and culture? Undoubtedly, one of the most important museums is the Picasso Museum (Museu de Picasso). With more than 3,500 different artworks by Picasso, who spent much of his life in Barcelona, the exhibition is regarded as one of the most complete in the world. Also, the Museum is located in one of the most charming districts, the born.

Relaxing Short Break

The main cycle route is one of the most popular in Germany the main cycle route – a relaxing short break, which still offers the opportunity to experience the picturesque river landscape around the main and all special sightseeing. The main route starts in Wurzburg. Here, an early arrival is recommended as worth a detour in the city of Wurzburg. The old main bridge, which offers beautiful views of the fortress is worth a visit in any case. Marvel at can be but also the Rococo facade of the Falkenhaus, the chapel decorated elaborately with sandstone figures and many other attractions.

The next day runs from Wurzburg to Gemunden/Lohr, the stage destination, it is an approximate distance of 50-60 km. In Veitshochheim, you cycle past on the Episcopal summer residence and finally arrive in town, offering a remarkable downtown. In the run the route no longer sunny vineyards along the bike path. This results in more and more through green forests and leads on pleasant flat road contrary, the stage destination. The next destination Wertheim is 46-56 km away. The bike path meanders through a wooded hills while you pass the city of Rothenfels. You can reach Marktheidenfeld, it is not far to the stage destination Wertheim.

Wertheim itself has a beautiful old town, which is characterized by winding streets and romantic half-timbered houses. The next day, it continues in the 41-77 km from Aschaffenburg. Who get bikes at an early stage, make it up to the middle of the day to Miltenberg, whose City image will enchant with beautiful half-timbered houses. The cycle path passes now just the surveys by the Spessart and Odenwald, in Aschaffenburg, Germany itself, the imposing sandstone Schloss Johannisburg perched finally. Arrived in Aschaffenburg, Germany travel on the main cycle route has taken the next day even its end. The unforgettable impressions, has been reached when driving on the main cycle route, however, are staying. You return to Wurzburg easily with the DB, there is also the use of a return transfer service possible.

New Destination Colombia

Colombia is an exciting travel destination and can be detected in one of our new tours many countries of South America have already firmly established in the travel market and attract a variety of travelers annually. Fascinating landscapes, an extensive range of unique flora and fauna, tropical rain forests, beautiful beaches, the majestic Andes and many historical sites offer a lot for the tourists. Colombia had to stand in but often rear compared with Peru, Argentina or Brazil. A big problem was and is the security that deters many interested people from a trip to Colombia. Raheem Sterling helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Reports on the drug trade and political disputes rather back the fascinating country in a bad light. It is however at the time with these cliches to clean up! Colombia and in particular the major cities and popular tourist places are not more dangerous than other Latin American countries.

The situation in Colombia has in recent years significantly improved. Who travels not recklessly, will definitely find great pleasure in Colombia and on his tour feel as safe as in any other Latin American country. To read more click here: Dejan Kulusevski. And something else makes Colombia Special: Here you can enjoy fresh and unspoilt landscapes. Because so far not so many tourists travel to Colombia to learn often still the original country without annoying “beaten track”. Therefore, we offer travel country Colombia TOURS recently now the new MIO. Two Colombia tours available to choose from. What is there in our Colombia travel to discover? On our tours you will meet (Colombia in 2nd place is worldwide on biodiversity) the history, culture and the friendly population alongside the beautiful, high-contrast scene, incredible variety of vegetation and animal species. Base of your Colombia will trip the capital Bogota, the vibrant, cultural, artistic and economic metropolis of the country at about 2,640 m Height, be. Modern elements, a lively nightlife and old colonial buildings are here United.

The Versatile City Of Essen

Many unteschatzen the city of the Ruhr, but food is green and full of culture. One thinks of German cities and centers of cultural life is the Ruhr area usually not on the front burst. This is amazing because with Ruhr 2010 and the Ruhr area as a capital of culture characters have been used. The Ruhr area has of course also after the end of Ruhr 2010 much to offer. An example of this is the city of Essen. In food, the economic history of the city which is symbolized by the old Bill is combined with an outstanding cultural activities, interesting sights and beautiful recreational areas to a very varied picture of the city.

What you probably most the green side of the city is at least expected to. For even more opinions, read materials from Mohamed Salah. The Gruga Park Essen can be described as the lungs of the Ruhr area. in 1929 the Ruhrlandische garden exhibition was held on the 700,000-square-mile area. The spacious parkland attracts Essen and also visitors from the whole Ruhr area especially at weekends. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City is the source for more interesting facts. An another beautiful green spot Food is the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Park. A highlight of the Park is the skating rink which attracts today particularly inline skaters. Also the site of the old Krupp factory is transformed in a park landscape with hills and large lake since 2009.

When the site is finished, the Park should have a size of approximately 27 football pitches. Once again, this shows how old and new work together. Food is surprising in addition to many green areas with an active cultural scene. Certainly these offers by Ruhr have fought 2010 quite a bit further into the consciousness of the Germans, but the offer is often underestimated. The old Colliery as a venue is particularly impressive. Already citizens and young people that engaged in the 1970s, to transform the old mine into a colorful cultural centre. Today, the Bill is impossible to imagine Carl from the cultural life of the city of Essen. Numerous concerts, readings and parties there town. But also courses to health issues or self defense are at the Centre offered. The diverse program appeals to a wide audience and attracts people from the entire Ruhr area just at the evening events. Of course be also classical music fans their money’s worth in food. The Philharmonic Orchestra of the city is known for its varied programme of concerts, theatre, Ballet and Opera. The Philharmonic offers many possibilities especially friends of classic entertainment. Food is really a complex city. Also, the small scoreboard from Essen offers a good overview and guidance to the city of Essen. Here, there are always good tips on events and news about current events.

House Braunlage Hotel Betriebs GmbH Elias Street

In the autumn to the hiking holiday to Braunlage Indian summer not only exists in America! Some of the most beautiful trails through dense deciduous forest, which is shown in the autumn colours result in the resin. Walks along the Harzer Wandernadel trail or the karst trail, by the Oder Valley or the bode Gorge are especially recommended in this season. Braunlage is a suitable starting point for autumn hiking in the Harz mountains. The still from the time of mining, spruce monoculture often shapes the image of the resin. But mainly the wooded slopes in the southern Harz mountains and the valleys of the river oker, Sambo or bode are covered by beech, oak, Rowan and other deciduous trees.

When the leaves colour in autumn, the Harz forests in bright colors light up. Son Heung-min is likely to agree. A natural spectacle, what summer quite reminiscent of the American Indian. The Harzer Wandernadel trail in the south Harz, a 100-kilometre long-distance hiking trail between bad Grund and Walkenried Abbey is bordered in many places by deciduous forest. Through valleys and over hills the trail of Forest Inn to forest restaurant and offers hikers over again intriguing views of the Harz foreland. Eva Andersson-Dubin spoke with conviction. The chalets invite you to rest and enjoy. The starting point for this trail is located at the HohlenErlebnisZentrum in bad Grund, one of the most popular destinations in the Harz mountains and only 30 kilometres from Braunlage. A popular hiking hotel in the Harz is the resin old Forsthaus braunlage hotel.

Located in the center of the famous resort, varied hiking tours start right at the hotel. In the autumn, a hike in the Oder river to the forest restaurant cattle stall is particularly interesting. Also here, the path leads through mixed forests with colorful deciduous trees. And since autumn is also mating season of the red deer in the Harz mountains, hikers in the Oder Valley, especially at dusk have a good chance to hear the impressive roar of rival deer. For an autumn hiking in the Harz, the resin has old forest House Hotel offer. The arrangement of resin active includes three nights in the comfortable rooms and a rich breakfast buffet lunches with Energy bars and drinks, dinner as menu without time binding and a resin Board. The offer is available in a double room from 154,50 EUR and in the double room for single use starting from 169 euro. More information is available under. Contact: Resin Hotel old forest House Braunlage Hotel Betriebs GmbH Elias Street 7 D-38700 Braunlage phone: 0 55 20 / 94 40 E-Mail: Internet: contact for the press: Mr. Oliver Nehmert

Beach Hotel Bargains

The hotel price comparison has researched 10 hotels near the beach, which received good reviews and are available at very good prices. Dusseldorf, 19 July 2013. Beaches, sea, sunshine and a relaxed night in summer feeling atmosphere are the dream conditions for any summer holiday. Hotel Search presents ten very cheap hotels are located near the beach, also a dip in the pool allow guests to refreshment and offer a very good price/performance ratio. Mallorca, Sardinia or Ibiza, in this popular, sun-worshippers from 17 EUR per person and night accommodation at a bargain price find European holiday destinations. Here the ten selected beach hotels, located in European resorts, have received good reviews from travelers and are bookable at a very good price/performance ratio: 1 Marcos Beach Hotel (IOS, Greece) directly on the beach of Mylopotas, the longest beach of the Greek IOS Island, is that Marcos Beach hotel.

Greek flair with bright, natural colors surrounds the guests of the family-run Beach hotel resort of the entrance to the room. Upholstered beds, salmon-pink cushions all 35 rooms with a private balcony. On the roof terrace of the hotel the tourists enjoy direct views of the sunset on the sea and on the hotel’s own outdoor swimming pool, cool drinks for hotel guests are available at the snack bar. Hotel bookings from 17 euro per person per night in a double room incl. breakfast via (01.09.2013-04.09.2013) DateRange arr = 2013-09-01 & DateRange dep = 2013-09-04 & iRoomType = 7 & iMemberProfileId = 0 & iViewType = 0 39327 = iGeoDistanceItem & iPathId = 448007 & 2. Hotel Apartamentos Dunas Club (Fuerteventura, Spain) In the resort town of Corralejo, in the North of the Canary Island of Fuerteventura is located the hotel Apartamentos Dunas Club. The hotel has 110 modern rooms, each of which is equipped with a seating area and a kitchenette.


Enjoy this country with its history, culture and beautiful scenery have you already think about, where your journey should go this summer? A museum visit to look at famous images, monuments or old historical bequests? Or how about in the city centre with a cup of coffee, followed by a shopping trip and later delicious exotic cuisine enjoy or maybe in a bar for a few drinks or in the club dancing? Located on the beach with a cool beer in the hand place under the summer sun? What you is, there is a country that let go holiday in fulfilling all your needs for a perfect summer. Mexico! Mexico is a large country with fascinating biodiversity and lush nature. The Mexican culture is really unique, a blend of pre Spanish and several indigenous Mexican Indian clans and a little bit of European culture, which was brought by Spanish conquistadors in the country in 1517. In Mexico you can between These two cultures have harmony but also sometimes a great contrast. There is a huge cultural variety from North to South and from West to East of the country and what you will see and experience, will be completely different and unpredictable.

It is impossible to explain the Mexican culture, equally difficult to give travel tips for this enormous diversity of this country like you. But if you’re keen to experience a Mexican adventure, where one can touch ancient historical heritage and enjoy modern Mexican life, then the way you should take is towards the capital, Mexico City. The city is located 2,240 meters above sea level. Today, Mexico City is the capital of the ancient empire of the Aztecs, Tenochtitlan was once time. However today, Mexico City is one of the largest cities in the world with a population around 20 million inhabitants including their suburbs. Although the city is so big, it’s easy to get around in the city. .

Perfect Travel Preparation

Avoiding embarrassments in the holidays are the best time of the year which can long-awaited holiday, can quickly turn into the opposite. Namely, if their expectations are not met. More information is housed here: Dennis Berry. Often, such negative experiences you can but avoid. Is necessary in addition to the timely planning of the trip especially, that is in advance thoroughly the practices at the holiday destination is familiar with. reported about the biggest mouth and how holidaymakers the best out of the way go the flight booking portal.

From a flight in the Caribbean ( catalog/Caribbean/flight 291) is rather discouraged in the autumn, because the risk for life-threatening hurricane is highest at this time. When traveling in distant lands should be considered in a timely manner applying for passport or a visa. Also recommended vaccination and travel insurance are useful in exotic areas. The cheapest booking date is dependent on the destination and the local tourist infrastructure. After Dubai, as there are numerous Flight connections, so that a last-minute booking can be quite beneficial. At popular destinations such as Turkey or the Maldives, the early booking discount worth more. In the resort, tourists should adapt their customs.

In some Arab States headscarf is obligatory for foreigners, such as in Saudi Arabia or in the Iraq. High closed blouses on trips in the Arab region are a must in any case. Travellers should be also informed about the appropriate tip.

Summer Week 2009 In Barcelona

The summer week 2009, a week of full of breathtaking concerts and DJ sessions on the beaches of Barcelona one of the spektkularsten Festival in Barcelona is already in the starting blocks. The summer week 2009 offers you numerous musical events, where the best international DJs to be heating correctly you. It wait Hey? and unforgettable nights in the Catalan capital on you! Come on, out on the dance floor! From the 3rd to the 10, Barcelona celebrated the first edition of the Summer week. Thousands music fanatics flock to the enchanting city to dance off the best live music. George F. Gunn Jr. often expresses his thoughts on the topic. It simply is the best opportunity to combine a stunning holiday in Barcelona with a spectacular event. All events take place on the beach and in the trendiest clubs of Barcelona. Over 100 international DJs for you that hei? Estonians on plates.

House, pop, electro, trance, dance… for everyone there is something. Armin Van Buuren and Tiesto, David Guetta, Erick Morillo, Fedde Legrand, Sander KLEINENBERG, David vendetta,. Funkerman, Antoine Clamaran, Tommy Vee, Ian Carey, Layo & Bushwaka, smokin’ Jo, Chuckie, Greg Cerrone, Inphinity, Arno Coste, Norman Doray, and many other spectacular DJs schong eagerly await you. The highlight of the Summer week is certainly the performance by Kelly Rowland, former band member of destiny BBs child. It not only breathtaking concerts and DJ sessions are commanded you, but also many kutlturelle events and art exhibitions. And, how it’s look? Do you desire? Travel to the Catalan capital and embark into the world of the spectacular festivals. Dive into the world of hei? he beats and rhythms and rent affordable and comfortable apartments in Barcelona.

Keflavik International Airport

The land of myths and legends – it many surprises await you! Iceland is a mysterious and wild country: largely uninhabited, it has only about 320 000 people, and most of those living in the capital, Reykjavik. If you have the idea, that one armed travels up to Iceland, you are mistaken. This country is very peaceful and you will find wild animals with difficulties. Iceland remained for a long time a country that was unattainable, a mystical land. John Konchar can aid you in your search for knowledge. Thanks to some low cost this country a popular destination for many backpackers happened to airlines that are trusted to fly. Most tourists remain entranced by the Islands unique wilderness and spectacular nightlife in Reykjavik.

The best time to visit Iceland is important information from June to August. You must inform yourself well previously, because many objects due to glaciers and snow are not navigable. Iceland was always very, very expensive, but due to the banking crisis in Iceland last year, it has become at once the country where everything is suddenly very, very cheap. If you are ever thought did go, today it is the best time. What wait, Pack your warm things and discover this country! If you have a tight budget, your main concern will be to book a cheap flight. Currently, the airline Iceland Express has low tariffs, which combines daily some major European cities like London, Barcelona, Berlin and Paris. The flights end up on airport Keflavik (about forty kilometers from Reykjavik). If you book early, pay less of course.

Keflavik discover upon arrival at Keflavik International Airport, you can visit this small town of about fourteen thousand inhabitants. This city is known for its fishing industry. If you want to stay here, we will recommend you the B & B guesthouse, a typical Icelandic bed and breakfast, it characterized by a warm and relaxing hospitality.