Retro Mode

For three weeks, the version 6.0 of the stayblue – community network is online. For even more analysis, hear from Katie Goodland. But also for the nostalgic among the 565.000 stayblue users, there is good news: the retro mode. Osnabruck, October 7, 2010: The stayblue team has responded to the desire of a part of the community via video message ( spontaneously and programmed a retro mode for the just-launched version 6.0. Now, each user can decide whether he wants to receive design with a retro look the new stayblue 6.0 design, or a stayblue 5.0. The change of design happens in real time at the push of the button and is applicable at all times. And, without sacrificing advanced features of version 6.0. We are convinced that a community can only be successful if it takes seriously their users.

“That’s why important decisions also not over the heads of users across should be taken” explains Community Manager Florian Stohr and supplemented: retro mode, we wanted to show that the opinion of all users is important to us. You may want to visit Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City to increase your knowledge. ” Well three weeks ago has launched the version 6.0 stayblue. It offers a number of new features and a new look of total 397 regional online communities users. While the new features provoked predominantly positive resonances, the new design of the page in the active communities was controversial. The new optical design with blue letters on a white background like a large part of the user. The other part of the user missed the old stayblue design with white lettering on a blue background. Now can use all community members stayblue 6.0 in their favorite look. In addition to the retro mode, available to users of the new design as day mode and night mode with blue side bar available.

So is the appropriate stayblue for each of the 565.000 community members. The functionality is not affected by this decision. All modes have all features of version 6.0. For example, the new event planner or the ability to see trailer of current movies directly online. About stayblue: The stayblue-community network was created from the local Online platform OScommunity, which was launched in 2002 in Osnabruck by Manuel Wortmann in life. Meanwhile, the national umbrella brand combines stayblue nationwide 397 local communities with over 565.000 users. In addition to the classic functions of social networks, all stayblue communities offer areas with a local focus. A leisure area with local event tips, a marketplace with local classifieds, housing and job market, and a range of magazine with current news.

Best Tablet Shops

Tablets buy online: tests online-shops for tablets Hamburg, 27 August 2012 tablets are 2012 the mobile trend. With each passing month, the market is increasingly diverse alternatives to the iPad. Just first-time buyers can feel quickly slain by the large range of tablets in various price and size classes. Expert advice through the dealers and comfortable comparisons between the tablets in the Internet are even more important. has tested 12 Tablet shops in July and August 2012.

The study shows which providers offer the best combination of low prices and good advice. “The unique test result: very good with the score” (1.34) occupies the first place and with clear distance test winner. The online store achieved very good reviews as the only provider in all criteria, which is both price and quality at the top of the test field. (very good”1.54) covered the low prices and large product variety second place. is 1.62 (well”)-third grade. Price and quality win on the test winner voted not just the total package of in the test: For bargain hunters, the online store was also the overall lowest prices of all test candidates. With the very good price touch”(1.19) is in the price valuation front, followed by the pursuers in the overall standings, and

The winner can prevail even without considering the price aspect. Reached only online shop in the test a very well”in quality assessment and quality winner that earned before Especially the variety on offer and product information (very good”) earn the top score of 1.00. Best website at is the title for the best Web site at each with the best grade of 1.00 (very good”). With the partial touch 1.27 (very good”), the online shop offers the most comfortable of all tested shop website. A comprehensive buying advice and many more information around the topic of tablets quickly lead the customer to the appropriate product. Users with precise ideas can precisely limit the range by means of filters and just compare. In the test service in the telephone – and email test, the test field into two camps divided ambivalent results. While all test candidates on the email responded, improvement in some shops, however, is the quality of the answer: and refer clients for advice on a stationary market. Two more service providers asked for telephone contact, one of them even over a pay hotline. The telephone service of the online shops could convince majority in the test. Eight of the twelve tested providers are can be reached, mainly on weekends on Saturdays. Advanced contact information such as a callback service, however, remain a rarity, only three online stores offered this feature to their customers. More information and results see: studies on the Testwinner Portal AG operates a neutral and independent marketplace with integrated price comparison with A total of free more than 400,000 test reports and numerous buyer reviews available are the consumers. For each product, an own overall rating is calculated from all present test reports and over 500,000 buyer opinions: the touch marks the winner the best assessment of the key product per category. A market place and a price comparison are related to product evaluation. With, consumers can buy the best products at a competitive price quickly, safely, and comfortably.

Mommy Web

Profitability of the Start-Ups is through cooperation with Gruner + expanded online marketers next year Frankfurt, July 22, 2008 to 1.7.2008 took over G + J EMS marketing, the largest online network for mothers and pregnant women in the German-speaking world. with, G + J EMS now has two high-quality and high-coverage online quotes in the segment family and continues to expand its role as the quality leader in this area. And reinforced its dominance in the segment of women with the high proportion of women among the users of the two offers. The special received in May 2007 online interest network Mami Web GmbH in Frankfurt/Main is aimed at mothers and those who are planning to start a family. About a year after the start already 125,000 members of the free network are logged. The users visit recent posts on the subject of children, family and pregnancy, where the authors come from the membership and the editorial team of The focus of lies on the information and experience exchange between the users: include questions to the community, the creation of photo albums or the exchange of images, switching free listings, the chat and the merger into regional or thematic groups. The clear profile of offers advertisers an effective platform for targeted advertising.

The embedded ads is understood by the users as part of the overall concept of information by This added value-oriented advertising placement increases user acceptance and hence the advertising effect. In addition to the advertising options on and, there are also combination packages for the two offers. Advertisers get so many options for dialogue with a target group increasingly in the network, according to recent market studies (the 2007 EIAA digital mums report) are 81 percent of German mothers with children aged from 0 to 18 years regularly on the Internet.

Plausibility Test The plausibility test last via the API interface easily in your own online store integrated. More and more consumers buy goods and services online. A major problem for the providers of the respective online stores is providing the Bank data by the customer. A small typos is already sufficient to trigger a small floor damage in the system which causes costs due to unnecessary chargebacks and takes a long time: the booking can not be done and it must be sometimes only very cumbersome started a demand among the customers. plausibility checks the Portunity GmbH for account details offers their service ( a preventive solution to every company a provided API can easily embed into their own website. Improved security for all direct debit procedure costs only 49,80 EUR (incl. VAT) a year.

Knows the bank check from home all current test methods of German banks – are there already over 100, depending on used by the respective account numbers and bank codes combination. After you enter of the bank routing number and account number by the customer on the online form, the service performs a plausibility test immediately and indicating possible errors that can be corrected immediately by the customer. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Anthony Joseph Scirica. Bjorn Rucker, Managing Director of Portunity GmbH: “we offer this service for several years. We implement each year over three million bank data checks, so that the service is more than mature. The operator, developer, and manufacturer of corresponding eCommerce systems, platforms, and applications can significantly relaxed fashion as their full daytime and save yourself the trouble as he easily occurs when the goods has already been sent, and then a transfer bursts, because the account doesn’t exist.” Starting immediately with IBAN support the API interface of just once considerably expanded. So she offers for all old and new customers now also a validation for IBAN numbers on. This very long bank numbers are used in the intra-European financial transactions. Invite due to their complexity and length increased to typos and numbers Turners, so that an automatic plausibility checks in this environment makes very much sense.

To get more services related to the IBAN. So it is possible to calculate the personal IBAN after entering the account number and the bank routing number. It is also possible to extract the account number and the bank routing number from an existing IBAN. Various AJAX effects increase the comfort in dealing with the API. So returns the online form, maybe still lacking when entering the customer data and which rise from the already collected facts easily now the bank code, the name of the Bank and other information. (2968 released characters, free of obligation) Website: how does the?: article31076-9062.html IBAN numbers: article39626 9062.html further contact data: information about the responsible companies: Portunity GmbH, Werner Seelenbinder str. 23, 42477 Radevormwald contact person: Bjorn Rucker Tel.: 0202-695550 fax: 0202 – 69555 190 E-Mail: Internet:

Japan People

The Personensuchmaschine Yasni is continuing on course for success: seven-digit raw profit and break-even month 17 million unique users the balance sheet includes 2010 Frankfurt, 06 April 2011: startups from Germany is accused of being unimaginative copies of successful Web services from the United States. Consequently, only a few Internet companies have international relevance. Half of users from abroad comes however at first as the world’s only real search engine experts to key words such as ability or city. 100 has similar goals. Outside of Germany the use could be tenfold right in 2010. Noteworthy is the high percentage of users from the United States, Canada or Australia, but also from India, France and Japan.

The recently-launched domains for France (, Spain ( and Italy ( secure the growth in 2011 and meet the high international demand for real people search. Steffen Ruhl, Managing Director of first: I am glad that we despite high expenses for our growth and development additional languages and country domains last year not only as in the previous years the turnover doubled, but first in gross operating profit reached the break-even for a full year.” Everyone can find free Internet far right experts to key words such as company, profession, location, and all the background information to people about first names with the first search engine. Service providers can combine their information and skills with a free Expose and actively present in the search results. Yasni is management with 50 million queries a month the most popular starting point for people search and reputation. Contact: Florian Schutz Manager social media & PR yasni GmbH of Lyon str. 14 60528 Frankfurt phone: 0177 2382665 Web: mail:

TYPO Websites

Accountants gain more customers via the Internet your own homepage is indispensable for a tax in addition to the still very effective referral marketing today, because potential clients inform himself increasingly on the Internet before you make an appointment for an initial consultation. With the own website improve tax advisors not only the findability of their firm in the network, but can present here customer-oriented their range and their specialization. NEGSTPRODUCTION provides websites to complex solutions for Accountants on the basis of the content management system TYPO3 beginners package. The content management system is easy to use, so that content can be easily updated and commited. For smaller firms, the entry-level package offers the ideal conditions gradually itself to develop the website. The starter package offers the possibility, all relevant information such as company profile, team, services, directions and contact information in a clearly structured navigation to represent. Additional content such as a glossary of terms and current information can be incorporated as needed without much effort.

Advantages Of Digital Books

Practical management of contact data, address books are extremely practical. With a relatively low maintenance effort, the owners have the contact details for certain persons usually quickly at hand. This is true both for directories on the paper, as well as for those in digital form. The email Portal explains the advantages of digital address books. With an address book you can find the addresses of the colleagues, business partners or friends often quickly and easily.Prerequisite for this is that the address book is well maintained. The advantages of a digital address book are particularly in the practical search functions. Usually, it is sufficient to enter the name, and the desired data set at hand is. The most address book, contact information such as name, address, telephone number and email address can be stored.

Usually one of the is sufficient for the search. In this way, you can quickly determine, for example, the address of a person by entering the appropriate E-Mail address. Often you can Address books via an E-Mail program are used and managed. Online address books that are offered by many email portals are convenient. This online address book, the ability to access over the Internet to the data is at any time and from any location. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Payment System

StreetRivals, the internationally successful Penner game version on Facebook, has now many new features. Hamburg, May 19, 2010 as of today game StreetRivals are the players of Facebook many new functions, including a lottery and the surprise box. In the surprise box, players find such helpful stuff to deal with their missions. In the Monet monetization strategy, the in-game currency is parallel bottle caps”introduced, which has proved in the classic game of bums. To make the game more exciting, so-called boosts are”a short-term increase in the character traits of the tramp’s cause, new. A boost improves the attack, defence or pity value of the player for 12 hours. See more detailed opinions by reading what doug collins offers on the topic..

Thus, so far unbeatable opponent become potential targets, with good prospects for a victory. Recently Harriet Walter sought to clarify these questions. The game is gaining momentum and the contact with the opponent is less predictable. The new version of StreetRivals significantly increases the fun. In the next few weeks are we take live more innovations to, to respond to the needs of users”, explains managing director Niels Wildung color flood. “With the introduction of the game’s own currency bottle caps” color flood on the one pushing the necessary month modularization of the game, on the other hand, the gameplay is dynamite immensely. With the new in-game currency can is now already used to play missions from higher levels, or shorten the waiting times between individual struggles. Many online games known as the normal version of StreetRivals remains still free of charge.

Bottle caps can also be earned or won by actions in the game. StreetRivals is one of the leading role-playing games on Facebook and is available in seven languages around the world. The players start either in London or San Francisco and earn through various missions important points on their way out of virtual poverty. About color flood the color flood Entertainment GmbH, application StreetRivals operates the online game paddock game and Facebook. Founder and The 21-year-old Marius Follert and Niels Wildung are managing directors. As an investor, they could win the subsidiary ICS of successful Internet entrepreneurs Daniel Grozinger and Sven Schmidt (including,, With New Lifestyle Area offers now an attractive lifestyle area with special single travel and single events the partner search to is still varied in the future. Visit Coen brothers for more clarity on the issue. To promote the personal exchanges in the community, Austria’s most popular Partnersuchportal offers more and more interactive and service-oriented services. So the page was expanded recently area a lifestyle, which creates the possibility with special activities to meet virtual acquaintances in real life. sends its users in the future on holiday single travel and single events in collaboration with ex package travel. The tour operator organizes customized dream vacations on singles and ensures the appropriate programme with excursions, parties, as well as coaching to the topic contact and flirting.

Thanks to the cooperation, members receive discounts when booking of single trips from Who goes rather to the native Austria on the search for love, finds dates of to regular single events on Organizer is Clubu31, a long-time partner of the single market. Registered users benefit from discounted access for various events. A further category of the new lifestyle is categories fashion, film & music film and music range which boasts regular Raffles of concert tickets and theater tickets. The current competition sends two people to the single European concert by Bon Jovi to London. Is rounded off the varied lifestyle offering by a fashion range.

At the time, female users from an attractive range of shoes and bags can choose. “We are happy to have found us with Clubu31 and ex package travel two reliable partners. In addition to the matchmaking service, also in the future will operate increasingly in the area of the community-building. Our users must look forward to additional enhancements and new features”, commented CEO of Magdalena Franzl, who wants to win a dream vacation for two persons in Croatia, registered the best for free on and automatically takes part in the competition. About with over 600,000 registered users, is Austria’s most popular address for the serious search for love on the net. Different search functions, flirt SMS, flirt and chat rooms make the online dating easy, efficient and enjoyable. The platform is marketed by Aboutmedia and is part of the largest marketing network in Austria. include this,,, and travel is operator of the Ondate Internet service GmbH, Vienna.

Learn how operators know a new way of online store hosting shop all hands have full to fill your store with life. Belongs to the shop, to link anywhere, show ads to write blog posts and newsletter, but also portfolio management packages Pack, handle returns, customer service, as well as consulting in a way full-day program will remain apart implement the least amount of time with the hardware and software of the shops often required knowledge in the mass is also non-existent it must just run. Store out-of-the-box the Hamburg Internet Agency top concepts developed the “shop as a service”. In the oxide is provided eShop enterprise, professional, or Community Edition on high quality hardware in the variants. Shop owner will receive the access data immediately and can begin selling.

No software download, no installation or tedious configuration of the server. All components are perfectly coordinated and ready. Additional information at Robert Iger supports this article. The shops are located on a platform designed for high availability. All services are monitored day and night and always kept up to date. Of course also all shop data backups, including customers, orders, product data and images. top concepts is however no classical webhosts, but first and foremost an eCommerce agency that converts shop projects from consulting and design to programming. This is top concepts on the oxide specialized eShop standard software and for years as oxide of eShop hosting partner and certified solution certified partner.

As a holistic care provided updates even the installation of oxide and patches can be applied with. Now, you have a contact who ensures the complete operation for you a phone number, you must choose to receive qualified help eShop for your oxide with top concepts. Andi Potamkin is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Scalability and flexibility often spread traffic shops unevenly throughout the day, so that it comes to a peak. Especially at peak times as in the time of Christmas, or the TV commercials advertising your shop should show always the optimal performance, i.e. dealing with the onslaught without waiting (> 1 second) and successful completion of all orders. The “shop as a service” platform by top concepts dynamically balances the shop visitor on a variety of servers and scales automatically and without intervention. This ensures at all times maximum throughput and high availability. top concepts offers also individual software adjustments oxide eShop to tune and to reduce loading times.