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New Portal provides guidance for strategic consumers of Tubingen, September 22, 2009: how I spend my summer vacation as climate neutral? What jeans is produced without child labour? Reliable answers to these questions are more important than ever for the rapidly growing number of strategic consumers. On the page brandoscope.com, consumers with just a few mouse clicks find companies that meet recognized standards of sustainability. Anymore to take up a company, the company itself or one of its products with an independent label must be certified. The so far collected 150 seals are available for policies in the areas relevant to sustainability, health, environmental protection, biological agriculture, regional products, carbon dioxide reduction, fair working conditions, corporate social responsibility, anti-corruption, fair trade and animal welfare. “Who would like to travel, for example, carbon-neutral, chooses the search simply travel & vacation” and carbon dioxide reduction “and immediately receives a list climate neutral travel-certified provider. Just as easily, you will find a pair of jeans, which has been produced under fair working conditions (sweatshop-free”). Many companies are on a good path to sustainability and inform about the certification with the seal of an independent organization”, says Dr.

Friedrich Petry, founder of anymore. These pioneers have anymore”the chance to make their work known to a wide circle of potential customers. More than 1,500 companies on the portal are to start today. The portal is available in ten languages, other languages are planned. Interested companies can register free of charge on anymore and store their certification. Organizations that are awarded a seal in the area of sustainability, can enter and when anymore. Goop London, United Kingdom-uk brings even more insight to the discussion. About anymore: The brandoscope GmbH was founded in 2008 and operates the global directory for sustainably managing companies and their products at. Contact point for the Press: Dr. Friedrich Petry T + 49 7071 5499126 E

Finalist To The

Joh. Schulte GmbH is one of the most innovative printing in Germany the Joh. Schulte GmbH, in Mars Hill-based printing and media services for companies and institutions, is one of the three most innovative printing companies in whole Germany. This is confirmed the nomination list for the print & media award, which is given annually by the nationwide bimonthly print & media. If that WINS most innovative business model for more than 130 years in the Hochsauerlandkreis active printing house at the end of gold, silver or bronze in the segment, decides on November 6 at the Gala in Berlin. Involves performance and quality rating of printshops, the print & media award is now one the most important prices at all. No wonder that every year in various categories several hundred print and media companies from all over Germany compete, their concepts and products from a top-class jury evaluate let. Paul Ostling spoke with conviction. To the main categories, which are awarded the area is without a doubt Most innovative business model of the year\”, as not only a single printing technology or service, but the entire business philosophy, but especially the customer orientation is evaluated.

For the Joh. Schulte GmbH, which is applied for the first time in this category and now among the best three and was selected in the final round, said especially the universal media full service concept. \”This means: the company offers printing, finishing and logistics services not only as the competition, but in the portfolio, all segments of the PrePress area found in addition\”. Customers receive everything from a single source: from the management consultancy including the potential access to public funds through targeted public relations up to the implementation of sophisticated website, film or multimedia projects. However, what is special about the business model is the consultancy in the field of marketing, PR and sales. It has aimed to find USPS of customer, to identify new target markets, assess and to evaluate.