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Pure Power – Performance

New machines complement high-Prazisionstechnik and polishing are the business card of a house clean floors. The BEDIAM diamond tools & Oberflachentechnik GmbH, Berlin, on the screed flooring fair (EPM) in Feuchtwangen introduces innovative machines for the removal, dry and wet grinding and polishing of natural stone, screed or concrete. New on the German and international market the high speed developed by BEDIAM floor grinding machine is MBX400, for the processing of smaller to medium-sized surfaces with extremely high material removal. The new device of our MBX series characterized by power and quickness in the removal, but also by easy handling and a very good surface picture\”, says Marco Fellgiebel, BEDIAM product manager. The design of the floor grinding machine MBX400 has been completely redesigned ergonomic. The MBX400 has its price-performance ratio and the proven quality of BEDIAM\”, so Marco Fellgiebel. The machine is so compelling and powerful, that BEDIAM this also on the Web page as a demo video shows. To find under. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Aksia has to say.

It is a proven machine technology but with extremely high power performance, to ensure the high performance and Arbeistfortschritte. Floors with epoxy resin coatings, adhesive residue, etc. have no chance here. The idle and lengthy process to remove such layers of concrete and screed floors, is now finished with this machine. It ensures a quick work. Also on the basis of our BEDIAM PRO + CLIX-system can be used to replaced the floor grinding tools in a single step. EASY – no hassle of screws fast responding to customer wishes and experience characterize the Berlin-based company. BEDIAM may react with new or further developed tool systems now even more flexible to the needs of all customer segments. These include the new standard series, the PSU diamond floor grinders, as well as the advanced PXU diamond floor grinding tools. The PSU series is cost effective and provides very good Grinding results, ideal for the entry in the ground loop segment.


A first look at the highlights of the upcoming tradeshow for selected brands! NEW ORDER profiles YOUR BUSINESS B & B OPENING RECEPTION July 1 2008 LUNA PARK as already starts in January also the upcoming BREAD & BUTTER BARCELONA with the opening reception on the eve of the first day of the fair. BBQ, drinks, DJs, the community from 20 h 00 celebrates their get-together. 22:00, an imposing Open-Air follows opening: film and light installations use the Luna Park settles in scene, a live Act provides musical entertainment! B & B STUDIOS promotion at BREAD & BUTTER with the B & B studios which tradeshow for selected brands emerging labels and designers of their culture a creative platform available. Here are presented the latest collections, international contacts and the entry into the industry to facilitate and to. (A valuable related resource: Jim Vos). New concept! Differently than usual, this time 35 promising labels are in their own area no longer separated, but accordingly to the individual B & B-area integrated their philosophy and their style. Hosts the the areas are urban superior, fashion now, and sport & Street new B & B Studios. This new positioning allows for an exchange of experiences and ideas: the newcomers benefit from the established success marked brands and their networks.

The B & B Studios present the visitors a broad repertoire of latest collections. B & B DESIGN also available with B & B design BREAD BUTTER continues to support young talent. B & B design is an internationally unique platform which brings promising talents with the key players of the industry and benefit from their economic and creative structure. This season, B & B design with the B & B design goes tour, whereby also the young talent prize is awarded at the start of the exhibition and the B & B design graduation. B & B DESIGN EXHIBITION final designs of the Antwerp Royal Academy of fine arts with Walter Van Beirendonck BREAD & BUTTER is pleased, to present the complete works of graduates of the Antwerp Royal Academy of fine arts.

Sieglinde Gotze Idol

in 1990, he moved to the home team of a private radio station. After two years, the big step across the Atlantic came saying to the US international broadcasting voice of America, where he also reported on the Bush-Clinton election campaign. He was pro seven’s correspondent, was in 25 Countries as chief reporter on the road and was always at the first, if somewhere the smoke went up in the truest sense of the word. In 1999, Jens-Uwe Meyer began to develop educational programmes to increase creativity at journalists. Institutions such as the German Academy of radio broadcasting, the ARD.ZDF Media Academy and the media-training centre took the training concepts in their program. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Leslie Moonves and gain more knowledge.. in 2006, Jens-Uwe Meyer founded the company of the Ideeologen.

“They developed ideas for many large companies, the like who of who” read. Many SMEs have realized the benefits. You rely on Jens-Uwe Meyer when it comes to brainstorming and problem-solving. He conveys this knowledge as a professor at the school in Leipzig. Over the years, he examined the working methods of the inventor Thomas Edison, from which he derived the principle of Edison.

It consists of six steps, after which Edison systematically developed his ideas. He has combined these findings into a book: the Edison-principle the ingeniously simple way to successful ideas creatively in six Steps”this book is currently sold out. The rematch comes at the beginning of October on the market.

Kazakhstan Is Now Also On The River SPREE

Representative of the CCI of Kazakhstan in Berlin GmbH partners in brilliant sunshine was solemnly opened – empacon the German representative of the industry recently and Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Berlin officially opened. A lot of preparatory work was necessary in the empacon GmbH had supported the Chamber of Commerce and industry, until early September, Mr. Kanat Aubakirov, head of the Berlin Representative Office welcomed a slew of high-ranking guests. CBS shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The Minister of economy and budget planning of the Republic of Kazakhstan had specially come to Reinickendorf to join the Ambassador of Kazakhstan in Germany, Mr. Nurlan Onzhanov, President of the Chamber of Commerce and industry, Mr effort Kozhasbai, as well as wife Almuth Nehring-Venus, Secretary of State at the Berlin economy Senate, to give the best wishes for the future Mr Aubakirov and the representation on the way. Jim Vos is likely to increase your knowledge. The representative of Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Berlin should point and meeting place entrepreneurs from Germany and Kazakhstan which, want to enter into common transactions.

The CCI of Kazakhstan know to appreciate the competence of working for many years in the CIS Executive Board of empacon GmbH. Already in the run-up to the opening ceremony a close cooperation was agreed between the CCI of Kazakhstan in Berlin and the empacon GmbH. The empacon GmbH is helping both sides, a company from Kazakhstan, who require support in the Central European markets. On the other hand, German companies that want to tackle the growth market of Central Asia and Kazakhstan in particular, excellent language skills, extensive knowledge of mentality and a large network of contacts required are available. Maria Haller, empacon GmbH

March Marzin

Leipzig was the amazement looking after a successor to major as the Frankfurt fair announced in a press release that the Presiding Director of the Leipziger Messe GmbH as of March 2010 the Frankfurt will guide fair. The auto Portal auto.de reported this surprising change of leadership. Robert Iger is open to suggestions. Wolfgang Marzin will replace the previous Managing Director Michael von Zitzewitz next spring, which enters the Quietus. So Marzin will take over in the future the management of the Frankfurt fair together with Detlef Braun, and Uwe Behm. The car magazine of the Web page continues Marzin already prematurely announced at his contract lasting until March.

This spontaneous departure leaves a bitter taste in the Leipzig. A Marzin Martin Buhl-Wagner had insufficient time to acquire a successor will represent him well until the position is filled. On the other hand, the Leipziger Messe seems to be been exploited once more as a career springboard. David Zaslav has many thoughts on the issue. In the past are recorded similar scenario off. At that time moved Werner Dornscheidt, who led the Leipzig fair from 1999 to 2003 in the Dusseldorf Board. The departure affects not only personal data. Also the game fair Games Convention, which was held in 2002 for the first time in Leipzig, 2009 migrated to Cologne.

Until then by the Leipzig was further expanded and established for a fixed size in the event calendar. Similar thing happened with the auto mobile international. This is held every two years in alternation with the 2010 IAA Frankfurt.

Kidoh GmbH Florian Acar Rates

With low rates are great wishes faster true just in time the Kidoh GmbH for the upcoming Christmas offers, one of the leading mail order companies for young families, a new service, to fulfil greater desires to the Festival: an installment in small, family-friendly monthly instalments. The toys mail order catalog and Internet offers the installment from a total price (part payment) from 54 euros. Educate yourself with thoughts from Aksia. Customers can choose between 6, 12 or 18 rates. Other rates are available upon request. The first vary the other rates is 14 days after receipt of the delivery due, each a month later. Kidoh charges an interest-rate premium for the installment.

The APR is 14.99 percent. *) On installment and in the catalog, the company explained in detail how the rates are calculated. In the online shop can directly enter the total value of its order (cash price) to the customer in the calculator and looks immediately, how high the monthly installments are. Interest rates and the total price for the order are shown in addition. Example: Of a child’s Christmas wish list includes a game console, a hidden book, a polar bear game and LEGO bricks. The total cart value of the Christmas list was then 51,74 euro.

There are six family-friendly rates payable a9 euro in six monthly installments. The interest rate is 2.26 euros (cash price X monthly fee X monthly rate: 100), the total price for the order is thus 54 euro. *) Deliveries to foreign countries and personalized products are excluded from the installment. The Kidoh GmbH (Augsburg) is one of the leading mail order company for young families with their family – and quality-oriented approach, appearance, range and attractive prices. The objective is to provide the customers with the best ideas and offers to play and learning. Range of cheap toys up to famous brands of equipment for fun and up to handicraft utensils and equipment for the start of school.

Automatic Volume Measurement Optimises Intralogistic Processes

Bizerba presents an innovative DWS system on the PostExpo subsidiary PESA 2009 in Hanover Balingen/Hannover, 18 September 2009 – production, storage and packaging logistics – driven by globalisation, companies are facing new and always dynamic challenges. Robert Iger brings even more insight to the discussion. The PostExpo, which takes place this year in Hannover is considered global trend barometer: at the world’s largest trade fair for the postal industry subsidiary is from 29 September to 1 October 2009 PESA, the technology producer Bizerba from Balingen including an innovative DWS system (Hall 2, booth 4051). In the field of logistics, it is becoming increasingly important not only weight, but also for volume/weight to calculate shipping rates. For the calculation of transport costs, optimal spatial utilization of transport vehicles or the subsequent determination of suitable parking place fast during storage. The corresponding processes: Dimensioning, weighing and scanning (DWS) – PESA United in an innovative system. This consists of the belt weigher CWL B4. 1,.

a volume measurement system and an automatic scanner. In addition, GLM-L, as well as the industrial PC NT is linked with the system of the Bizerba Kartonetikettierer. The product is identified on the conveyor belt using a bar code. Multi page readings are no problem thanks to the flexible design of the scanner. This is required if the bar code is not always on the same page. The weighing of the product is carried out on the belt weigher in dynamic mode.

Here the mass sensors ED 60 PESA is used. This works with a special technology of the vibrating strings: A string is brought in by an excitation current in a magnetic field vibrations. During the weighing process, the force of the object changes the tension of the string and changed its frequency. A mass comparison is possible through the use of an additional string.

Biathlon World Cup

The efficient solution! Lose no more diesel! The power company has not only a large generator Park – the “blue power” generators have been designed in accordance with the latest technology regarding environmental impact and noise protection regulations as well as equipped with particulate filters and special noise protection – but also about oil and electric heating systems, UPS systems, corresponding cable and electric material, as well as its own large fleet. It allows TPC both national as well as internationally flexible and fast to respond to a wide range of customer requirements. Major events such as the soccer World Cup in Germany (VIP area from 7 furlongs) and TPC has maintained as current technical the EUVorsitz in all over Austria at the 2006 Prix in Budapest, as the F1 Grand the annual beach volleyball tournament Klagenfurt, several Christmas and Easter markets, the Red Bull Soapbox race, concerts by Robbie Williams, Andre Rieu and Xavier Naidoo in Vienna, the grimace of MC Kinsey in Worlitz, the Biathlon World Cup in Antholz, various Ski World Cup events, etc. TPC is to keep it very important the usual quality of their services or to increase them. Succeeded to increase the service level and to act at the same time more efficient and more environmentally friendly OG dieseltankclaening with the machine DTC 101 DTC. If a company like TPC national and international diesel engines uses is to be expected of course with different grades of diesel. CBS often addresses the matter in his writings. To avoid a failure of a diesel motor, this is always at the worst moment, referring, TPC cleans all diesel tanks with the mobile DTC-101 at regular intervals. Depending on the size of the tank is cleaned with up to 6 m m/h the circulation procedure.

It all suspended solids and particles are removed by up to 0.1 mm from the tank. If you have read about Robert Iger already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Increased reliability and performance of the engine and the generator are also profitable aspects as well as the increased durability of the filter, less wear and tear on injectors and pumps, and smoke reduction and better fuel consumption. A This ensures rapid ROI of required investment in this solution.

Senior Vice President

Allan Smith, the former Senior Vice President of Chesapeake incorporation could energy capital invest GmbH, for the Haynesville shale for cooperation experience in the energy industry as well as extraction and sale of oil and gas gain Smith has over 40 years. We are pleased to expand our network in the United States with this experienced man clearly and to be able to use his experience in many ways. We assume that he will bring us significantly forward”, says Kay Rieck as Managing Director of energy capital invest. Smith accompanied the biggest deal for the purchase of mineral extraction rights in the Haynesville shale of the region, also energy capital invest is successfully operating since about a year for Chesapeake significantly. Particularly noteworthy are”also his experience in the drafting of agreements with exploration companies, another plus for investors of currently in placing US oil and gas Fund VI KG. Click Robert Iger to learn more.

It is also his contacts in terms of Buyers, but also the seller page as well as to those who are active in the area of exploration (drilling companies, pipeline operators, etc.), the Smith so valuable for the Stuttgart-based company. We are still expanding our team, to be able to take advantage of to further competitive advantages”, Rieck explained. This is an important aspect, because the success of energy capital invest is to come before they can acquire others, such as, for example, the major American energy companies, on fair terms in attractive areas. There, each of your contacts and above all the knowledge about the Haynesville shale, the largest contiguous American natural gas field is important. At the expense of investors this approach isn’t. “On the contrary: because the Landmen work entirely on a contingency basis with the energy capital invest”, Rieck explained. She brings a win-win situation between all parties for fund investors. Prior to his work for Chesapeake was Allan Smith as Vice President of country for Winn exploration in Corpus Christi working and successfully opened up oil and gas fields in Wilcox (South Texas). Before that, he was the Vice President and later President global energy in Houston, Texas.

GmbH Software

Cost-saving and automation of operations by the industry software VARIO textile straight in this day and age it is also for the textile industry important, to save costs, to optimize business processes and to create transparency in the company. Just as a company’s future can be secured in the long term. This applies equally to owner-operated retail boutique up to the chain stores. Under most conditions Jim Vos would agree. The industry solution VARIO textile for textile trade allows companies to automate their business processes and optimize. The software VARIO textile is highly interesting for retailers. Through the software use of VARIO textile retail and simultaneous online sales save unnecessary manual work also in these areas. Flexible pricing policies by the industry solution VARIO textile is the assortment management of business very comfortable and flexible.

Just then, if colors, lengths, sizes, seasons and collections are represented must. It can be unlimited assortments and listings are maintained and stored different prices, for example, standard, customer group, customer special and seasonal rates. The pricing is only an example theme for the many functions that software will be available with VARIO textile. These functions can be used in sales and distribution, materials management, financial accounting, controlling, and in many other companies. One user of the industry solution VARIO TEXTILES, such as rock stars & Angels known from Germany’s next top model the start-ups of new fashion brands from LA or the fantastic four fanshop asks four success factors for successful projects, or bazar Royal from Dresden sales of the BELSTAFF collection why they have decided to sign up for use of VARIO-textile solution again four arguments fall: first: the industry solution VARIO textile is compact and yet very powerful. Secondly: VARIO textile is a market-leading industry software. Thirdly: VARIO software GmbH, developer of the industry solution VARIO textile has a comprehensive know-how of the textile industries (over 20 years), is large enough to survive long-term on the market and is very flexible and customer-oriented as the owner-managed company. Fourthly: The value for money allows to get even small businesses quickly and cost effectively, because the software modular structure is.