Hans Pohle

“Life in the a2haus beyond unit types has an important prerequisite, which start at a wide discretion of” Builders secures. Credit: NUVIA-2011. This decision is one of the load-bearing walls of the entire concept. Decides the participation by the builders and it starts with a competition. It is the principle of a2, that a team of three writers of design specially designed a competition for customers. Hans Pohle: The competitions have proved very effective means. Gavin Baker is likely to agree. Once a customer has generated a plot of land for the construction, the design contest is called, applies only to these and any other order. This means that the customer receives designs for three suits, from which he can choose which his opinion is after matching.

“Important: until this moment, the customer has granted no job.” In the event that the designs do not score points, they land in the a2-archive. In the best case, they are used then the consciousness of the author of the design they are not definitely a next offers customers the opportunity as a contest entry. Because the key design criteria are always different and a2 has made it to the task, the optimal solution for each design task to find. a2haus gets unique chance to dive into his own personal universe, then with creative ideas to inspire him, and to establish a personal relationship by the customers. It applies to tailor him a totally matching 3.Haut on body and soul.

The customer has no obligations to on a protection fee for the competition. Many builders in spe takes also the threshold to decide on our way to modern architecture. With us so there is no expensive sketch for the price of 3,000 to 5,000 euros at the beginning. Instead the a2 Builder free of charge three and gets this right. The competition is our way, once begun dialogue with the potential owners to continue “, as Hans Pohle.

Mediterranean Sea

He is eternal " pecado" to defend certain ideas inopportunely. The population of Siurana in this sense deserves a commentary (and a visit even), because it is an almost aerial population on the feet of the Montsant, in the north of the province of Tarragona, where to the ctaros that of the Languedoc – today French they went to take refuge in century XIII, always happening through the region of the Solsons. In Siurana they, besides finding a strength natural, even difrutaron of panoramic fenomricas, being more suggestive for their solar rites that those that they had had in his emblematic castle of Montsegur from where they were expelled. Later to their conquest, Siurana and the populations of their vast surroundings trusted the orders of Sion and Temple because they had already repopulated successfully the zone of the castle of Daroca (1142). In the new border between new Catalonia and the Old man, their charges put in between the Cistercian monasteries of Poblet (1151) and Santes Creus (1159) complemented his efforts, although cannot either say that they made it in good harmona. Which is strange, because besides having almost the same Rule, if they were Intendance, the other gave aid like surgeons and armed defense. It forced the templarios to know the Pyrenees well for being natural zone transhumancia of the flocks of those monasteries during the century XII that occupies to me. But before I will talk about to the context of the two great ones Crossed that in the days of Arnau de Torroja already was history in Palestine. In this approach to personage of rank international is more important his feats of arms protagonozados in the other end of Mediterranean Sea because him exigiron opara to be top leader of orders of Sion and of Temple of Jerusalem, whose bibliography and history historians exposes generally, as well as all referring to Saints Crossed, nevertheless of period between second and third of them, that is when Arnau was in Palestine, conserve very little writings.

Gunter Beltzig

In his luminous Red and the perfect, smooth surface resembles the object, from another world. The inspiration for the design was Baha during a visit to his cousin in Weimar. In the Goethehaus, Baha discovered the lectern with a saddle of a horse as a seat, where Goethe had written his works as an old man. He designs a “white horse” first, it developed a new shape in red and underscoring the abstract value: a muse Chair with Muse table in lush appearance as an expression of the generation of provocation. Made in Germany the same elaborate engineering of that time finds use in the limited edition. Heinz Roehnert, who as early as 1973 produced a print run of about 20 pieces of Red Beltzig seat sculpture as an employee of the Baha brothers, could be won now for the limited edition.

He works in the hand-laminated fiberglass reinforced polyester approach. The two component resin – enriched with fibre for the tensile strength – is applied in five to seven positions on the form. The craftsmanship is evident in the applied thin layers and material composition. The less resin in relation is used to the glass fibers, the tougher, more resilient and more agile work. After each step, the air bubbles will be rolled out manually from the material.

After tempering”at 50 degrees, the protruding edges with a diamond saw blade be sawed off and sanded: an indication of the individuality of each individual work. “Moving seats Loffler seat furniture GmbH Werner Loffler developed 18 years ago moving sitting” and started a dedicated success story today is constantly improved with the patented ERGO TOP technology the ergonomics of sitting. The seating furniture production in the Bavarian Reichenschwand grows every year and the office swivel chairs now Europe reach an ever-increasing quality, shape and price-conscious audience.

Bianca Capello

The splendor of the Court of Family while the Duchy of Vincenzo Gonzaga was expressed not only with his excellent patronage, special, the magnificent works outside the Royal residence, as the hunting residence in Bosco Fontana by Giuseppe Dattaro from Cremona and the churches of San Maurizio and Sant’Orsola, created by the architect from Cremona Antonio Maria Viani. The most impressive architectural works created Vincenzo, were the theatre with over 1000 seats, which he created for his artists, but was destroyed during the sack of Mantua in 1630, and the ambitious citadel in Casale Monferrato. What attracts the visitors is certainly interested in the psychological profile of the characters, which are celebrated: undoubtedly the temperament bubbling over and reputation as a Latin lover of the Duke are two essential ingredients of the combination that made his name big and known in all European courts of the time, in spite of the small dimensions of the Duchy of Mantua. Was the life of the Duke of characterized many episodes that were very sensitive for the time: from the first marriage with the thirteen Margherita Farnese, which was disbanded after two years because of the inability to realize the marriage due to a physical disability of the wife to the second marriage with the seventeen years Eleonora de’ Medici, who was also controversial: the mother-in-law of Bianca Capello had some doubts about the virility of the Duke, through many tests with doctors and other witnesses, and later of the 6 children by his wife had Vincenzo, and were informed by the information collected again disloyal, that led to the conception of just as many or more -, illegitimate children. To learn more about the life of the Duke, you can visit the exhibition in the Museum Diocesano Francesco Gonzaga, one of the most important Mantua attractions.

Juan Rodriguez

Never He seemed able to discuss the rojiblanco triumph. Less even with the controversial 2-0. Controlled party the party was already set directed by Argentinian Diego Simeone when Arda Turan was a clear of the rival defense, aided by hand, prompting protests from Getafe. The average tip was planted before Moya, without opposition, with Falcao as option on the left side, dribbled to the goalkeeper and scored. It was the 42 minute.

You have not changed anything in the beginning of the second half. Without fanfare of Atletico, with something more than presence offensive of Getafe, but without auction, the match lasted the inertia of the first half, but already with more risks for the rojiblanco set, because his rival already Yes was presented with more constancy in the vicinity of your area.Already the local defence didn’t feel so calm, Luis Garcia got soft drinks in his attack, with the entry of Paco Alcacer and Lafita, and Atletico took a step back, more sheltered, waiting for a kickback that definitively resolve the party, which will ensure three points more in pursuit of the leader, the Barcelona. Raul Garcia tried it from the edge of the area, also Falcao, wanting to dedicate a goal to 4,000 Colombians who today attended the stadium Vicente Calderon and failed to push the ball in a service by band of Arda Turan, against a Getafe with ten on the lawn by Rafa injury. She had already made three changes. There ended the duel, with the 2-0 for the first time, control and the victory of Atletico, for the seventh consecutive day in the second set and recovered from the two defeats in the last week with a placid triumph, without discussion by the Getafe, far from the level which had shown in their previous outputs.

Technical data sheet: 2 Atletico Madrid: Courtois; Juanfran, Miranda, Godin, Filipe Luis; Mario Suarez, Gabi; Adrian (Koke, m. 83), Raul Garcia (Cristian Rodriguez, m. 65), Arda Turan (Emre, m. 84); and Falcao. 0 Getafe: Moya; Valera (Mane, m. 46), Rafa, Alexis, Miguel Torres; Juan Rodriguez, Xavi Torres (Lafita, m. 60); Pedro Leon, barred, Diego Castro; and alvaro Vazquez (Paco Alcacer, m. 60). Goals: 1-0, m. 23: Adrian marks after a decline of Moya to a headbutt him. 2-0, m. 42: Arda Turan is a reject, haggle to Moya and mark. Referee: Stops Romero (C. Andaluz). Diego Castro (d. 38), chided local Gabi (d. 59) and Juan Rodriguez (d. 18) visitors, alvaro Vazquez (m. 42) and Miguel Torres (d. 58). Incidences: party corresponding to the eleventh day of the La Liga, played in the stadium Vicente Calderon before some 45,000 spectators, about four thousand of them Colombians. Before the start of the meeting saved a minute’s silence for the four victims of the tragedy of the Madrid Arena. View more: Adrian and Arda solve a placid match for Atletico against Getafe