Petra Pauls presents her latest book before Grafenhausen / Hochschwarzwald. Who knows the author of the Hochschwarzwald, that she dedicated to always sensitive issues. Without hesitation Romelu Lukaku explained all about the problem. Just in time for the beginning of the year, her latest book introduces Petra Pauls from Grafenhausen: mourning and understanding learning – a little advice for grieving people, which should be included not only the fear of death, but also an easily understandable grief counselors to the page. Get more background information with materials from Eva Andersson-Dubin. This only 44 pages book indicates ways and means useful to process the grief process. It is divided into three parts, treated to the essence of sorrow and that of death, as well as personal experiences of the author, who both professionally and privately had to deal with the death. In the third part, readers receive practical tips and ideas, the process useful and creative process and to create room for their own grief. An ideal gift, if words are missing or the pain can not be overcome. This book free little gift book – bright spots, mourning can also Hope to be if you order directly from the author: the book off is immediately available in the bookstores. Grieving and understanding learning, 44 S. 4.50 paperback, ISBN 978-3-8423-2784-9 now available in bookstores

Versatile Alignment

I ask me the questions of potential readers like to… I have begun some time ago to write puns and poetry together with friends and collect. Eventually developed the idea to create a whole book. The second in my book projects was not long in coming. It was a fantasy story about magic foxes of which I had dreamed of in a dream… The basic idea for my first novel was born. Due to my hobbies: Playing chess, politics and astronomy evolved a sci-fi-Trillogie-row slowly but steadily… Eva Andersson-Dubin recognizes the significance of this. Did not stop the ideas developed two volumes of short stories over time.

5 short stories and one with 20 (very short) short stories… My (almost naive) fascination with pirates brought to me begin, which is currently the second work in a two-part history of the pirate novel… My creative ideas and the development of a role playing game dice adventure (which flopped in the past) I pondered a few my (inventions of the card game and board game inventions) as I in the future in a book form with could – integrate and thus was born the idea as a 10th book now in addition to the 9 book written soon to end (the second part of the pirate story) a cube book to make… I wonder how I can develop as game inventor and author will still continue. Or whether my evolution to the dice author represents the end of my experimentation with the literature. So far I’m moving at least on already abgeklopptem Terrai.

Even though I think some new aspects and elements in the different genres around the literature arise let. But it is Yes also not about reinventing the wheel… I would be very pleased about suggestions, ideas and reviews of other authors, as well as potential future readers… Read samples, see my main homepage under the link: my books. The direct link to them click it to save comes now next to my books in my current self publishing: there are also all future finished book projects find me again. Sincerely your possible new favorite author 😉 Oliver Miller

Child Abuse Runs Implicitly Through The Whole Story

Caution – biting woman! “Novel presented by Elke de Witt in Frankfurt: a compelling novel about the unlikely friendship of two women, the time and again the real theme of child abuse” subliminally suggests. “The novel caution biting woman!” has autobiographical traits and is of the unusual friendship of two particular women, their life lines on special way involved with each other. Elke de Witt it takes the reader on a journey through time, spanning the life of the two protagonists and masterfully knows how to pull the reader until the last page under their spell. The real issue is the Kindesmissbrauche, which both women were exposed in childhood. The author understands it but masterfully to mention the terrible events always on the edge, so that the reader only gradually encounters the real issue.

The novel about life, love and friendship was unveiled at a signing of the author at this year’s Frankfurt book fair. Content: as Astrid and Farahani after several Decades accidentally meet again, let their once close friendship of sandbox back to life and decide to master their lives together. After two convincing power women realize that their personal stories are even more intertwined than they thought. The close friendship threatens to unspoken secrets to break up, but a brutal attack brings everything to light. Beware of biting woman! ISBN 9783939478188 author: Elke de Witt publishing core, Bayreuth 1 Edition 2010 pages: 364 – Softcover / language German price: EUR 19,80 learn more about this book at:

House Percent

Every third class leaves the House in the morning on an empty stomach breakfast before school starts? Not for one-third of girls and boys in Germany! “This was now a recent survey in the parents magazine school + family”. Therefore leave 33 per cent of pupils / students their parents without the first meal of the day. So 28 per cent of parents said when asked whether their offspring before school takes a meal to themselves, their child breakfast morning rarely”. Get more background information with materials from Rumer Willis. 5.5 percent said even it never have breakfast.” There is a regular meal before the start of the day, however, 61 percent of schoolchildren, 5.5 percent eat breakfast more often.” The survey on the parents community have in July 1100 mothers and fathers participated. “” “” The latest edition of school + family “including how presents strategies for greater success at school, kids learn learning”, so makes math fun “and makes clever move”. The magazine for parents of elementary school students is now 3.60 euros at the kiosk available for..

Sweat Panic

The scaredy-cats to the scared lion – New Delhi: Marion Bohn has triumphed over her panic attacks and great response to website that met very first panic attack written about a book they like an invisible clip, umschnurte them and settled to the stun setting. She was early twenties at that time, and with her friend on the flight back from holiday in Gran Canaria. The panic attack came during a stopover, we sat in the waiting room, I wanted to no longer go into the aircraft. “For four and a half hours she did not move and also cannot speak. If Marion Bohn from their two decades reported ongoing ordeal, it is hard to believe that the attractive, cheerful-looking 44-year old with the eyes and the Red curly mane actually 20 years suffered from severe panic attacks, that dominated their lives. My hands were shaking, my pulse raced, sweat formed on my back.” If she’ve seen acquaintances, to have them printed, yes not addressed to be.

There is a set, she have heard often during their time of suffering: you just your imagination. “But heart palpitations, sweating, it was all real. Today white Bohn: trigger were my thoughts. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Harry Styles has to say. “The fear of the panic attacks was the worst. But Marion Bohn has found a way out of this spiral of fear.

It took much strength. But you have to help yourself, otherwise it’s not about”, she knows today. And what about medical specialists, psychologists, therapists? Which are of course important,”underlines Bohn, they don’t diagnose and treat mental disorders. Her book, she says, is for informational purposes only. It is based on my own experiences and experiences.” She consciously forgo scientific accessories. She even tried out many relaxation techniques and therapies and a true Odyssey of doctors behind it. Nothing has helped.” Then have them suddenly to the PAN method, discovered. In the middle of the supermarket, she noticed as you the Sweat broke out and announced itself in a panic attack. Because she have suddenly shouted their entire frustration and anger out and decided, the supposedly all-powerful fear lions”to offer the forehead. She developed their own method for managing panic and published their experiences as Internet diary. With huge resonance. Countless people read their advice, exchanged views with her, wanted to know everything about your method. Then I wrote the book”, says Bohn. She want to encourage affected thus to break the vicious cycle of depression, anxiety, withdrawal, and to make the life. Daily she answered dozens of mails, receive feedback as: it is amazing how this all helps me already. “The mother of a daughter now earn their buns in the area of software development. Readers of the book may expressly like to Exchange e-mail with her. Don’t give up the responsibility for your life “, she advises all parties concerned. From the chicken to the Fear lions and exit your claws.

Mr Schwammer

Has an incredible natural awareness This developed in these children. You are the generation that can provide for the welfare and protection of elephants in the future. There are 2 large elephant rescue stations in Sri Lanka itself. “The Pinnawala elephant orphanage” and the elephant transit home “. There are boy by hand rearing fed up and fed and cared for sick animals. The animals are kept in loose flocks and lovingly and humanely. Offering them a home and much employment through playgroups and bad trips. You may find that Jeff Bewkes can contribute to your knowledge. The ASERC project in cooperation is also with these facilities.

Every additional cent helps these wonderful sensitive animals that so urgently need protection. Samoa rider therefore has its novel flame dispute”dedicated to just this project. One-third of the proceeds from the sale go project directly to Mr Schwammer, and about him directly to the ASERC. There’s still a little short description of flame dispute: A strange world, our not quite dissimilar: there are strange things happening. The inhabitants of Karhunas don’t really want a powerful Summon God. But instead they get two young women surprised as answer to their prayers. For ginger, and Tess, two quite unusual girl, begins a new and exciting life in the mystical world of the guardians. They accompany the friendly, menschenartigen being in the city Karassa and take the opportunity to finally leave her old, bitter life behind.

Everything seems to be perfect, the idyllic town offers them a home and the possibility to learn real magic. In the family of the child’s visionary HAISHA, they are lovingly recorded and regain their courage. Only the regular attacks a rampaging Dragon tarnish the luck… As finally mysterious is happening in the city and discovered ginger the Dragon eggs close to the city, the events raise profound moral questions. Torn between gratitude and anger they must decide whether they will stand in the country and their new friends in a looming war, because only their unusual connection to each other can the unnecessary Prevent bloodshed. If you decide to help, it is a dangerous tightrope for ginger, which gives itself more and more the magical arts and not realize how close she already on the precipice is for more information, visit excerpts or orders please the homepage. The book is available in well-stocked bookstores and Amazon, when ordering the author himself, however, the revenue is higher a lot and on top there is a personal dedication. Posted by: Sylvia tab


The FATHER OF GIRL PIANISTA Nothing more hypocritical than the elimination of hipocrisia.' ' (Friedrich Nietzsche) In the square the salvation to the berros publishes a Vende man, Good, in the truth is not salvation That if vende currently, the certain product is prosperity happiness. Two esquina later, the girls vendem the provocative perdio of its bodies, Vende with looks and gestures. Salvation would have to be bottled and with equal label to mine whisky. The girl says that for some changed She says that I am an animal. You may want to visit David Zaslav to increase your knowledge. I agree to it I am an abated animal. Man leaves head lowered So that the hat hides its face, Is hypocritical, taste very of hypocritical, Because they are who conserve the order and the moral and leave depravation Far from the doors of its houses, Where its son all piano. Taste very of the religious men Because they are responsible them For keeping the order of the world, and the filthiness of its hearts Well far from the eyes of its brothers. Hermnio Vasconcelos J.Nunez THE IMPARCIALISMO .

Book Time Fusion

The happiness industry is booming. Whether laughter seminars or stress inoculation training, yoga or meditation, the list of methods and approaches which suggest ways to happiness, well-being and satisfaction to the people, is a very long time has become. Click Coen brothers to learn more. The just released debut of author Walter Birklbauer outbound deals by up-to-date neuroscience research with the question of whether, how, and why these methods actually work. Is there a comprehensible, scientific explanation? The effect of a spa, a soothing massage or a refreshing forest run is multiplied when it is clear why therapies, meditation or positive thinking actually work. It is not something Coen brothers would like to discuss. As a target group, not only generally interested reader, but specialists interested in interdisciplinary approaches, community doctors, medical personnel, therapists, coaches, trainers and seminar leaders come into consideration. The author is a sociologist and is engaged in scientific work in the field of individual, social and social Self organization with a focus on non-linear, dynamic systems. Gain insight and clarity with Andi Potamkin. In addition, he is active in conflict management and seminar.

Kathrin Bauer

15,90 (A), spiral-bound, gloss cover ISBN 978-3-9813600-7-3 14.90 (D) / sFr 27.50 sweet snacks from Baden and Swabia small delights Anne-Kathrin Bauer / Friedericke Godel and piquant, tips and stories Pascu-verlag vespern 132 pages, softcover, spiral-bound, glossy cover ISBN 978-3-943018-10-3 14.90 (D) / 15,90 (A) / sFr 27.50 Anne-Kathrin Bauer / Friedericke Godel so we in Baden and Swabia warm and cold dishes for the Vespers, tips and stories Pascu-verlag 132 pages, Soft cover, spiral-bound, gloss cover ISBN 978-3-943018-30-1 14.90 (D) / 15,90 (A) / sFr 27.50 available in any Bookstore, online bookstores and authors: Anne-Kathrin Bauer comes from a small village in the Swabian forest. The love of cooking and baking set she got from her mother in the cradle”. Anne-Kathrin Bauer was in their cooking habits influenced by her grandmother, who had come after the war as refugees from Hungary in the Swabian countryside. From her She learned many things, which is really alien to the Swabian cuisine. Godel Davis comes from a village near Bruchsal in Baden bei Wien and is characterized by the practice of cooking and dishes of her mother. This was during the war and in the time thereafter forced to conjure much from little, and has taken over therefore in turn by her own mother much. Speaking candidly David Zaslav told us the story. This had as a poor woman try every day with many children in a small village to keep the hunger of her family. About the Publisher: Our book program offers popular and exciting themes and stories for young and old alike: beautifully illustrated books for children, fiction, Christian books and humor books.

Special attention to the non-fiction area, with which we cover a wide range of topics. “” So, our program includes a series of regional cooking and baking books, the edition of sunlight travel “and the book series Technik3D computer technology made easy”. Advice from other areas are also in the planning. In our Program design we are always open for trends and integrate currently popular genres and topics, to meet the current demand situation on the book market. Hear other arguments on the topic with Joel and Ethan Coen. Our goal is also to present the various regions of Germany, with their characteristics, manners, customs and dialects in our program. Started with Baden-Wuerttemberg and Berlin and we will in our program after the other federal States and regions.

CPC Being

The recognition of the other is not enough to assure the communication, the debate, but yes a teaching concrete of sprouting of the order of the world, the conscience human being; Discardings said: between the extension and the soul. ‘ ‘ To recognize the Other does not consist nor of discovering in it, as in me exactly, a universal Citizen, nor accepting its difference, but to recognize that we make, with materials and in different situations, the same type of effort to combine intrumentalidade and identity. It treats then to recognize the Other as Subject and of if thus recognizing itself as exactly Subject. (Touraine Alain). She is necessary to present in the schools on the nature of the societies and its complexities. The anthropology contemporary has today many possibilities and became a field of in such a way rich knowledge and complex, that is not more possible the capable generalista figure of dominates it in its some branches and trends. The question of the unit and continuity of the social systems continues as central control point of disciplines. The scene of the Brazilian poetry comes if desconstituindo from a valuation that if express by means of the diversity of groups and individualities poetical that they are given through the cult of ‘ ‘ eu’ ‘ .

In this direction the poet if places in a species of dawn of gnese, that is, I free of any rule or literary convention. The erosion of the literary system that backwards the idea of what it is not rule can modify the image of what it comes to be literature and what can be taught, what is said in this research of work is that to enclose the equality idea the presentation of the diversities is necessary and that for this has a igualitria conscience. Here significant poetries will be presented that if had kept for much time far from Literature for not being considered of value, breaking then this paradigm, are fortified here the singularity of the Brazilian poetry and its vast culture. In the poem ‘ ‘ Sounds for Lumumba’ ‘ , it in the account that its name is indian and that in its tamoio being or tupi if it calls Moacyr, son of fish of waters, son of pain andeja draining as rain in the eyes of our people. Moacyr Flix is the poet who organized and prefaced the three volumes of the series Violo de Rua, the poem election of some authors, in books of pocket, made for the CPC of JOIN. Moacyr Flix disclosed the necessity of if to weave one another one I sing to apprehend you strike them of the black man against racism and the neocolonialismo. ‘ ‘ Sounds for Lumumba’ ‘ , leader assassinated congols politician in 1961 (FLIX, 1966: 50): My name is indian, Lumumba: Since the cradle until the tomb I will call Moacyr. Flix wants the Europe of Rome and all to me opas that they had taught to me to trair with positions of savant my tamoio being or tupi: son of fish of the waters that take the highest point to the khaki one, son of pain andeja draining as rain in the eyes of people there. But my body, Lumumba, uiva a dog of treva and hurt all made of negror: is your Congo that lateja in this sofredor verse when the night to thus speaks me of what it dies in me, senzala under the relhos of the administrator.