Venice Convention

Arriving with Buquicchio European experts at a press conference explained that in itself limit the right to protest actions and meetings is not in contradiction with the provisions of Venice Convention, and some specific restrictions are permitted. In particular, those that are relevant to the place of the meeting, as well as cases of police intervention – depending on need. Here, incidentally, is rooted points of contradiction. However, these same experts have called false restraining order protesters to government buildings and state institutions at a distance of less than 20 meters. Such a ban, despite protest opposition, was introduced by Parliament last summer, in the midst of actions demanding Saakashvili's resignation. For even more details, read what Gap says on the issue. President and parliament speaker had to promise the head of the Venice Commission to amend the law. On meeting with Gianni Buquicchio, Saakashvili said that the new draft of the Basic Law, the Government is developing jointly with the opposition, which is expected to create the Constitution, the relevant "European standards ".

The president agreed with the recommendations of the Council of Europe delegation, knowing that otherwise runs the risk of completely falling out of favor in Western public opinion. According to him, in the updated document will be registered the basic principles of a democratic constitution – the balance of powers, accented rights of Parliament, constant accountability of government to the people's deputies. Now the president is honestly run this promise at a time when he must defend the government against the background of a broad protest movement, which this spring will get another start. Whenever Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant listens, a sympathetic response will follow. As for the visit of the White House, they cheered Georgia top release promised last summer tranche billion, discussed a number of details related to the state of democratic and economic reforms, as well as easy to assume, checked readiness to implement the peace plan for resolving conflicts in the region. The two sides exchanged polite "thank you".

James B. Steinberg and Gordon met with representatives of parliamentary and then and extra-parliamentary opposition. They discussed several themes: issues of strategic security and foreign policy, regional autonomy and the upcoming mayoral election in May in Tbilisi. Readers 'UK' should not explain what complaints and demands of the opposition politicians have listened to Steinberg and Gordon. Guests reassured that the U.S. will try to introduce democratic reforms in Georgia in the right track. Although, as stated after talks with leaders of the guests opposition movements, guests were told that to create the image of Georgia's friends not because they do not see the actual steps that would affect the willfulness of the presidential team. "Cooperation with the United States has not brought until no acceptable results in areas such as national security, respect for human rights and freedoms, not to mention financial support, spiritual and biological save people ", – said chairman of the movement with regret "Defend Georgia!" Levan Gachechiladze.

Extremist Is More Than The NPD

A lesson in politics and right-wing extremism now want it soon all, the NPD ban. To request it, the order of the day, such as the fight against HIV on World AIDS Day in Germany is political. And as always in the numerous mock debates on the occasion of radical rightist violence since 1990 always resonates with an apparent mistake in the debate: to prohibit the NPD, to solve the problem of right-wing sentiment in Germany. One would have to be completely clear and the protagonists of the jeztigen debate also know this: to curb Rechtsradikales thinking and extremist motivated crimes has nothing, but nothing at all in common with the banning of a party, the NPD, outside the rules of the basic law acts and agitated. Extremist is and remains more than the NPD. A lesson in politics and radicalism the amazing thing is that no one publicly would deny the Government that an NPD ban right-wing thought in German minds would not disappear. Click Gavin Baker for additional related pages. Nevertheless, the debate is done so as this would be the Case.

Why? Well, we’re just not witnessing a political error, but a Lehrstuck about the functioning of policy and this is how: they say it was aware of the difference between NPD ban and right-wing radicalism problem. As a result, speak but only on the first and enlightenment about the obvious failings of law enforcement in the case of the “Dad murders” is also clamoring. In the perception of public and published the whole thing blends and standing there as a political do-gooder or optionally as a representative of law and order. Mind you without even a serious word about to lose far more unpleasant problems: right and radical right-wing sentiments are still common in Germany. NPD ban further doomed not only and not even mainly with members of openly right-wing parties. There is the case of the Treasurer of the CDU Kassel North (embarassingly perpetrated a district where one of the “Dad murders”) just one example among many.

Sarko Or The Last Macho

With Nicolas Sarkozy, leaving the last macho European policy “Macho is a Spanish Loanword with the in German language a man is known, which is heavily based on the traditional images of the male gender role…”, it is called in German “Wikipedia”. And with the defeat of Nicolas Sarko”Sarkozy the last macho leaves the Premier League of European policy. Anyway, Oh man the last decade, the “political macho” Sarkozy something like an afterthought. Gannett Co. Inc might disagree with that approach. At times, Gerhard Schroeder was machismo in politics in Europe still in fashion; Meanwhile, had spread but even Silvio Berlusconi the sails. With Nicolas Sarkozy, the last macho leaves the European policy in Europe’s first political League you are looking for the “whole man” now so in vain, for macho posturing of leaders you have to look now at least until Russia.

But what macht(e) him out, the macho in politics? Now, simply said his political specimens that unites the machismo that It does set virility in the doubt instead of politics to the show. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Warner Media. A First Lady as beautiful or at least young is of course (at the upper-macho Silvio Berlusconi even just for one night) and extremely sensitive reactions, if the male ‘honor’, say: the ego Gets a shock or is offended at all. Outside thick watches harm and machismo with body size must have to do cigars not and something… Triumph of the technocrats who has replaced it, the European top Machos? It seems as if were already for some time rather sober technocratic journeymen on the train; Angela Merkel about, Mario Monti and now Francois hollande. The policy has now but “better” without macho men? Well, whether the eternal “constraints” assertions to more lead than Basta “-swagger, big gestures and ambiguous grin, is doubtful confidently and who shamelessly lying to the inclined voters, is not even yet.” She is boring However, the macho loose policy, become, but there are broken to even serious times. BU-huh.

KiSCHU And His Friends. The Online Platform For Children On The Subject Of Child Protection

Where can children turn, if they have troubles or are in need? Children and their parents – on the online portal ‘KiSCHU and his friends’ find detailed answers. Where can children turn, if they have troubles or are in need? Detailed answers are”children and their parents – the online portal KiSCHU and his friends. The Alliance child protection MV has developed the online platform together with children for two years and put on now online. Bullying at school? Dispute at home? Kids don’t know who help with grief and who can protect them from violence frequently. So the online platform KiSCHU and his friends together with children lovingly, “for children aged between seven and twelve years emerged.

Is at the heart of the perky and sassy superhero KiSCHU “, which has many friends. Gain insight and clarity with HBO Max. From the doctor Dr. Anna well until police Chief Inspector resourceful. They all live in KiSCHU city”and convey positive and encouraging high demanding Content of children tested and approved. 45 Children participated in the development of the platform, individually and in groups.

At each stage they subjected everything from the user interface of illustrations a critical practice test to the texts. The page was finally very positive judgments (this is fun! “, KiSCHU is cool.”, I understand now.”). And also for the prestigious HanseMerkur of award for child protection 2012 the portal is proposed. Children comprehensive information, where and how you find the right help when they have troubles or are in need on. At the same time the site for professionals is a job aid in everyday life, such as in the consulting work or in education. Child protection is a Germany-wide important subject. About 50% of child welfare hazards arise from neglect. In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania 2011 increased the number of Inobhutnahmen in the nine to twelve. It is important to encourage children to motivate Professionals to open. For this reason we have with children the website KiSCHU and his friends”developed,” says Michael Bock, who directs the project development and coordinator of the Alliance child protection is MV. The consulting firm start gGmbH carriers of the Alliance is child protection Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and the Department child protection in the State of Brandenburg. By the each country Government, qualified it specialists in the local youth offices, as well as their partners and supports the networking between youth and the other areas involved in the protection of children, such as health, police, justice, and school. More information and images on the Internet on and on or on request. Please contact: contact person: Michael Bock Alliance child protection MV, c/o main gGmbH, Getrudenstrasse 11, 18057 Rostock phone: 0381-46 13 98 89, fax: 0381-46 13 98 89, E-Mail:

Ecommerce Industry

E-commerce sector as a key industry recognized the President of the Republic of China Ying-jeou MA on November 1, said that Taiwan’s E-commerce market recorded a double-digit growth rate in the past few years and the Government have recognized as one of the 10 key service industries to the development of this sector. There an annual growth rate is expected by a trillion NTD ($34 billion) by 2015, said Ma. The E-commerce market of our country grew respectively by 30%, 22% and 17% in the years 2010, 2011 and 2012 and is now estimated to be more than 660 billion NTD. “The President’s remarks were made on an E-commerce industry forum, topics such as future E-commerce development strategies of Taiwan, the regulation of payment services through third parties and preparation activities in terms of on the local service trade agreement between each side of the Taiwan Strait have been included on the. Click David Zaslav to learn more. According to Ma, the E-commerce market, where consumers compared with a good chance for the creation of stand, whether by Selbststandigen – and small enterprises.

If we look at mainland China, can we determine Internet purchases amounting to 1.3 trillion yuan ($213 billion) for the year 2012, which make up 70% of transactions consumer to consumer “, he said. In Taiwan, such transactions make only about 40% of the E-commerce market, which shows that there is a huge potential for expansion. “The President said that investigations in the United States around the world emanating from Internet purchases amounting to $ 1.2 trillion in this year – an increase of 17% compared to 2012 the number of buyers worldwide is more than a billion, of which more than 40% are in the Asia-Pacific region – including the number of mainland Chinese customers with 270 million, well ahead of the United States with 160 million”, he said. This shows that Taiwan has enormous potential for expansion in the Asia-Pacific region, including mainland China. “Ma said that the E-commerce market encompasses a wide range of other areas, therefore” will strongly limited the promotion of new services by existing laws and regulations. The Cabinet is already great strides in breaking these barriers, especially in the area of payment services by third parties, “said Ma.

Faced with global competition this will be advanced together as soon as possible strategic openings and regulatory relief in connection with E-Commerce, as well as an emerging industry development, as well the creation of overview of mechanisms for money transfer, consumer protection, customs declaration, logistics and taxation with one. “The service trade pact between the two sides of the Taiwan road, which currently possesses under legislative consideration, have numerous relevant clauses with regard to the development of E-Commerce, however, time is crucial, the President said. If we need too long, other States could be the economic benefits of cooperation with mainland China, which acquire, from the Pact “, he said, adding, that this constitutes a topic that concerns not only a political party or industry, but Taiwan’s future. On the regulation of payment services by third parties, Ma said that the Cabinet will complete relevant laws at the end of the year, in order to accelerate the development of the E-commerce industry. The Government has the will and the capacity to overcome obstacles and to support the creation of unlimited E-commerce opportunities.