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Equilibrium Basic Skills Years

"In couples with a stick marked in the middle, it has the loose and the other must take before it falls, before or after the mark, as the slogan. "All the group running down the court, appointed coach and a player throws the ball, the player must take before it falls. 3-visual-motor coordination. -Maintain a balloon in the air with one arm. -Idem, hit once with each hand. Launching the balloon-up low-pass, before it falls, as often as possible. -Different types of launch balls of paper. 296’>rodney atkins for more clarity on the issue. -Skip the companion paper balls jump.

"Throwing balls for games and take them in different directions after the sinking. "Throwing balls rolling, running and brake with the tail. "Fronton individually or in pairs. 4-Study the flight of the ball. "The coach throws the ball, students have to hit your hands on the highest point of the flight path. -In pairs, one passes the other hand hits the receiver.

Stages of training. ELITE PERFORMANCE: +18 years Education: 15 to 19 years. Beginners: 10-14 years. VOLLEYBALL: MOMENTS FOR DEVELOPMENT Since the motor skills to technical-tactical) Capacities perceptual-motor (Until 8 / 9 years or so) coordination skills: General Dynamics and Equilibrium Basic Skills. Evaluation of space-time trajectories eye-hand coordination games played propedeutical Circuits and Stations. b) Home on the job specific skills (9-12 years approximately) escalation techniques and their application in ways simple plays. Each technical gesture will be integrated into more comprehensive wholes with prior and subsequent actions. Basic collective work: in a simple, progressive and fun.