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The adventure of the tour from Tel Aviv, to learn about the dead sea, was one of the experiences of Israel that we will never forget. After a trip through the beautiful path of the desert, we arrived at one of its resorts. While we had already heard many opinions, were not prepared for the impression we receive: though try not you can sink into its waters, always fleets. They explained to us it is not appropriate to try to turn you around without setting foot on land because you can dump, stay upside down. The key is to find your center of gravity; to float without any problems. or or against this. The richness of the dead sea consists of the healing properties of its waters and the mud or sludge forming there. The place is perfect to expose to direct sunlight, since the water vapor that comes from the dead sea serves as a solar filter, and longer than us expose to the Sun, does not affect us sunlight in the same way that it would on any other site. The sediment deposited on the floor of the dead sea and the climate of this area to relieve rheumatism and arthritis, by I we voted it to be completely covered with this medicinal mud, and we thus remained half an hour, taking advantage to take photos that then surprised to all our friends and family, to the point of regretting not having taken more added to this, high barometric pressure facilitates breathing so it is advisable for those suffering from asthma or lung conditions.

It is said that Cleopatra used the raw materials from the dead sea to its beauty treatments. Today, cosmetic and pharmaceutical factories were built near the sea, producing special skin care products based on minerals from the dead sea. They say that a week of treatment can rejuvenate ten years and sincerely so we feel. One hundred percent recommended, returned the tour rested, relaxed and radiant skin..