According To Intelligence

According to the intelligence that humans develop at present is higher than it was three thousand years ago. For example, at which time there were no inventions of the electric light, airplanes, ships, trains etc. etc. In those days the inhabitants of the earth lived only in villages or small towns, over time these people grow and grow, then people start to travel in other directions, see new places, where many of them are definitely forgetting his place of origin. In this way, they are other peoples, other cities and so spread around the planet, coming soon to these cities countries, countries where people are adopting new habits, new ideas, new religions, new languages, hence all humans are of different religions and speak different languages. So people not to return to their place of origin, were developed with different physical characteristics, according to Earth's climate in which each country was as also varied their skin color. These characteristics together we call races.

Breeds that ultimately are distinguished by colors, black, yellow and the white race, to name a few. Then happen to spend more time variables, black mixed with white, white with yellow, yellow with black, and this is the mestizo, which is what most of us, a result of these multiple variables. But more than physically changing humans evolved intellectually, that is why there are very smart people in every country on Earth. So chio chio same is the result of a genetic process, which evolved according to the exchange of breeds thousands of years into the cosmos. And like humans, in all countries and in all races there is a leader, the caretaker chio chio also it is in their community. Author's name, Federico Jimenez Martinez Details author was born in Ciudad Valles SLP Mexico. I am a composer and writer of a lifetime.

One of my best musical works is what I wrote to the brother country of Costa Rica. Who once won the Nobel Peace Prize. Another song is Venezuela, inspired by beautiful women. Well the inspiration that I have since childhood, has served to develop sensitivity, sensibility that has helped me to write The Cat's evolution. Paper published in February 2006 in the Trafford Publishing Canada. Castle harlan spoke with conviction. .

Promote Wholesale Business

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Count Suvorov

Nevertheless, advertisements about the fat man has a huge success. Fat man who forgets about everything, absorbing their swill in the company of friends, became as much a national hero, as previously Count Suvorov and Lenya Golubkov. Learn more on the subject from Mark Berger Villa Healthcare. To the question "Where were you?" Now anyone almost automatically responsible "drinking beer". The townsfolk are trying to kill time on an old Russian habit of "Bolt beat" to work on their professional duties, even in the sexual interests ("the best beer in hand than the girl away" – beer ads "Bochkarev"), not answer business phone calls (beer ads "Golden Barrel"), pay no attention to the fact that everything around is broken and destroyed (beer ads "Stary Melnik") – the image of the Russian folk tale, the image of a lazy Emel. Russian Advertising is focused not on the advertised product, while telling the story, its theme is not about a product, and history. 3 It is not, whether the consumer will buy advertising beer "Fat Man", but that he will get a hidden message about how be most effective to kill time, from work. In the series of fat "tricks of expression" are: the fat man – Santa Claus, to pump beer with friends, living quietly for over two months and jumps from New Year in the Eighth of March; fat-magician, oblivious to your friends by showing tricks with beer, forgets his wife in a box illusionist; fat-Astronaut forgets that he needs to fly in a rocket, again to pump beer from friends, and the rocket flies away empty, accompanied by an ironic gesture Gagarin fat, they say, "go." Hidden deep "theme" of this advertisement reads: "Professional obligations wait, forget it in idleness." In Essentially, the fat man personifies the favorite of the Russian national hero sluggard – Ilya of Murom, thirty and three years lain on the stove, or the "realistic" version of Ilya Ilyich Oblomov, lying on the couch.