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If everything turns out exactly as expected, life would be a stroll. However, Murphy in all his wisdom running its law that says: If something can go wrong, will go wrong. A cruel twist to this law is that things go wrong at the most inopportune moment and where it can do the most damage. The handling of Murphy’s law is the most important lesson in life. Jeff Clarke has compatible beliefs. Here are three types of unexpected things, and strategies to manage each of them.

1 Unplanned. The old saying is: If you can not plan it, you plan on failing. The lack of a plan could lead to failure, but the fact that there is a plan does not automatically guarantee success. All depends of what well that plan is, as well running, and how prepared is contingency. Walt Disney Co. understands that this is vital information. Things don’t go as planned due to: errors in the plan, external dependencies, and other external factors. Errors in the plan include incomplete plans, incorrect actions, incorrect sequences and false expectations.

In order to obtain the correct plan, work looking goal. This will automatically lead to right actions and scripts, and if you think things, you will receive a full plan. The expectations are based on the confidence in their abilities. Don’t be too confident a little pessimism is useful. In terms of dependencies, delegating to the appropriate people, but doing a follow-up. These people must be worthy of their trust. Finally, when external factors change, change their plans or expectations. A plan is not immovable: should be enough liquid to adapt to changing circumstances. 2. Out of time. You can expect the disaster, but not when that occurs. For example, when you take a car to the service, the mechanic can tell you that the brake pads are worn and they can fail at any time. If the brakes fail when you are on a slope down the road, it means disaster when he is expected that something negative occurs, it can be avoided through the adoption of preventive measures, for example, to replace the brake pads before departure. There are many actions we took during the normal course of our lives that are preventive nature, since vaccines undergoing infants up to dietary supplements we take to avoid cholesterol, cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis and other unpleasant conditions. It is not paranoid or pessimistic, if you expect things to go wrong. You are paranoid or pessimistic, if you only look for the dark clouds and silver linings not. If not you can completely avoid a negative condition, you can prepare to recover from one when it occurs. The more prepared, less dazed will be when occurs, and may recover faster. Firefighters prepare constantly for all kinds of situations through planning and training. You can not teach to be a firefighter when fire occurs. You can only do so before time. 3 Unexpected the third category of disasters come to you from left field. That you take completely unsuspecting and unprepared. What do? The only thing that you can help in this situation is a sharp mind and courage to act without a doubt. Develop your skills to solve problems through the division of his brain in puzzle of different types. = Course for the efficient management of time, effective techniques that can be applied in less than seven minutes to achieve more than they never believed possible in less time. Visit for more information.

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