Performance Business

As practice shows – up to 60% of all your future sales help you make your future partners. It’s believed that Jeffrey L. Bewkes sees a great future in this idea. Now that created the product itself, minisite, affiliate program, relationships are arranging the sale and delivery cycle, you start to advertise their product. To get started, use contextual advertising (Yandex, Begun, Gugl.Advords) to test the first sale and to correct any obvious errors in the texts, the product itself and the mechanism of implementation. Then, when everything is more or less regulated, and you have achieved good performance Performance minisite, then run a massive advertising campaign. To do this, use your information site, its mailing list, send other authors on related topics. Promote not only the product or service, but also the possibility of earnings in your affiliate program. Involve partners and provide them with quality marketing materials, build them a good business relationship and most importantly – stable pay them a commission partner # The third block of steps – put their business on its feet.

step 15. Optimize your business. Gather statistics with the performance of all methods of advertising and the various parts of your business. If you spend the next campaign, then collect the conversion rates on the links after the conference and follow-up of actual sales figures. If this is a new item on your site theme or minisayte, then conduct a poll and find out what they think on this score your visitors. Literally from around the need to collect statistics and then to analyze them.


You see, the sum has a structure, that should work. Like, train at home – I'm an athlete, I can. Now exit the scene, quickly tell all, show and go, there will not pass. The yield on the scene, it is necessary to attract the attention of listeners, because if you and you say no one will listen – it's terrible, by the way – this is one of the fears that we are afraid to go on stage, I am no one will listen, I'll look ridiculous, and so on. Struggling with fear, I no one will listen means to do so that people began to listen to you.

We leave, we draw our gaze into the room, not afraid to meet his eyes with the audience, look at who you listen, show them that you are happy to exit the scene before them, give them your positive, but not frozen Hollywood smile, just think to myself that before you are your best friends and now you have to say that something important is good. Wait, wait, circle the eye of the public, and begin reheat the crowd, tell them your preface, set them up hearing aids for your wave. Here there are many techniques, your behavior on the stage must be sure you have to radiate a positive. How to jump showmen, direct fire, and what you feel, here again suffer what some nonsense. So yes it is.

Positives should be inside you, you must radiate its, but not stiffly, but rather freely, with the mood, keep in mind you get from this pleasure. And here the song poured out, the public posting all that you have accumulated, the audience was inspired, the audience in raptures. Such moments should be to train, lift your mood quickly, at any time, instantly. Then you could do it, but if it does not make the crowd anyway, you do get your pleasure from the performances, then have to further improve their skills, and remember, no matter what you do in the report as the main present your ideas.