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Mine Sir

You watch, therefore, because you do not know the one that hour has to come your Senhor.MT 24:40 – 42, This is not the ravishment of the church but yes the decision of the judgments of the nations for the inhabitants of that appointed time who goes to be taken for the hell and who will be left to reign in the millenium. Mateus 24:48 – 51 But if that bad servant to say in its heart: Mine Sir late will come; to start to spank its conservos, and to eat and to drink with the drunkards, Will come you of that servant in one day where it does not wait, and to the hour where it does not know, and it will separate it, and it will destine its part with hypocritical; there it will have pranto and to creak of teeth. On the one hundred and forty and four a thousand and Its message and the martyrdom of them, apocalypse 13:7 and was allowed to it to make war to the saints, and to win them; gave it to be able on all the tribe, and language, and *leia nation this versicle apocalypse 14:11 and the smoke of its torment goes up for all always; do not have rest nor of day nor of night the ones that adore the crossbow and its image, and that one that to receive the signal from its name. Robert Thomson is often quoted on this topic. The adoradores of the crossbow and its image as well as that these with certainty are bode that had accepted its signal they had not had mercy of the messengers of God and had also maltreated the ones that had not accepted the government of the Antichrist. Therefore these after decision of Jesus will be launched in the exterior darknesses, the hell, it reads these are not the ones that were in the armies that fought against Jesus they are excessively that is the remain of the nations that had adored the crossbow apocalypse 19:21 and they had excessively been died with the sword that left the mouth of what it was seated on the horse, all the birds if had been satiated of its meats. .

Critical Dictionary

All are witnesses Mr., also suffer persecutions; but the heading of mrtir is only conferred to who of a life; excessively comumente confessores are considered (1994, p.569). In turn, the Critical Dictionary of Theology extends the reflection concerning the martyrdom, affirming that the witness? ' ' martus' ' when suffering and dying ' ' manifest the truth of the certification that gives the Christ and to the Evangelho' ' , but that, moreover, of the certification above all ' ' of the truth of the world vindouro' ' (LACOSTE, 2004, P. 1099). In this manner, we understand the martyrdom stops beyond a restricted reality to the faith, being also understood and lived deeply as a hope affirmation. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Leslie Moonves on most websites. Thus being, while moved for the faith and the hope, the figure of mrtir was acquiring importance for the Christians of the rising Church, that is, possessing this double dom, that one that came to be to mrtir for refusal to deny Jesus if it configured as a model of Christian life for excessively. To identify mrtires as models of Christian life had as consequncia the sprouting Dos Santos. In this understanding also in them it assists Lacoste: … After the death, the bodies of mrtires was conserved preciously as relics, being constructed altars on its tombs; the anniversary of its martyrdom was festejava (' ' its birth celeste' ') celebrating the eucaristia on these altars.

The figure of mrtir became thus of the saint: one was about that one that carries through the vocation of all Christian to the sanctity. … Mrtir/saint was not only one model, but also a friend of raised level; it could itself be appealed (2004, P. 1100). This affirmation of Lacoste is interesting, therefore it deals with the sanctity of mrtires as the full accomplishment of the sanctity the one that all the Christians are called.