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Cosmetic Body Repair

Very often, even on a new car only irritating scratches or dents, which seriously poisoned the lives of their owners happy. .html’>Auberge du Soleil. Recently Rusty Staub sought to clarify these questions. Everyone already knows that even a simple body repair costs big money and that extra just do not give your hard earned on a so-called bone setters, you can try to do simple repairs on their own body. When the wing or car door gets micro-scratches, in this case can be perfectly do special abrasive polish, which is sold in every auto shop. Please visit Jeffrey L. Bewkes if you seek more information. In this case, the wax is applied to a coarse cloth and strong circular movements completely erased the micro-scratches. The abrasive polish in this case helps to remove the damaged area and then paint all the layers of paint again united in one color. But in other situations where a scratch, derived from the bushes or branches, deep enough, but did not reach the deep, primer, it is customary to use a special grinding machine, which is squeezed too abrasive polish and carefully smeared. But when the metal is visible, the situation is more complicated then there will have to sweat properly.

That the metal could corrode, his first treated with phosphate alkaline solution. And only then put the damaged area to handle the primer. Recently most in the course of acrylic primer that most effectively resist corrosion and paint stuck better. But in any case, any heavily damaged area should be done only as follows: degreasing, phosphating, coating, and only then comes the turn of painting. But not all drivers can thoroughly understand the automotive paints and paint systems.

Need to know in advance that the best results are achieved when Guns use a very strong pressure, but also a costly loss of paint will be up to 50%! Many drivers opt for this easy method – that is, the use of specialized kraskoraspylitelnyh cans low-pressure (2.5 atm.) that help to make simple repairs to almost field. Here lies the dilemma: If the paint machine correctly, that is, two or even three layers, we need not only kraskoraspylitelnoe highly professional equipment, but also the special drying chamber with infrared light (80 C) that can deeply penetrate deep into the paint, down to the primer. But even with such equipment term drying the body can reach twelve hours! Needless to say that this painting is not expensive, and too expensive? But our happiness automotive painting technology is not standing still, and now you can buy paint for cars which can rapidly dry out, even at room temperature. But in any case not worth doing body repair at low temperatures. If there is not a drying chamber, then calmly wait until the warm denechki, wait until the ambient temperature reaches at least 20C, and only then begin to paint.

Siberian Equipment

Moreover, the wheel loader in China, without the additional assistance operate in a bulldozer, handle the soil, haul trailers, and miscellaneous equipment for short distances, to perform planning ploschadokvykapyvanie shallow pits, making poured embankments, trees, transported in a ladle and occupy Georgia. Wheel loaders, with much smaller size and weight, compared with an excavator, raise much larger mass of cargo, while they have no need of substantial area for maneuvering. These criteria and define their scope. Forklifts for sale today acquired a wide scale, and manufacturers are constantly modifying the goods. So use a variety of buckets. Standard buckets are operated at different load of sand gravel ground.

Jaw Buckets provide an opportunity to perform loaders additional features such as: leveling the ground and shoving and the seizure of goods and sypuchihshtuchnyh backfill and layout, allow you to increase the height of the discharge is much higher. To buy a truck, necessary to evaluate its effectiveness. For this purpose, 2 properties: the width of the pharynx bucket and its tilting angle. And the price on a loader is determined by these same circumstances. Modern wheel loaders equipped with different forks, grab the jaws for the loading of fibrous, long, piece, lumpy goods.

Front loaders are equipped with boom lifting equipment. Thanks to this front loaders are very attractive, functional, demand for construction and mining companies. Every day in Russia delivered hundreds of kiayskoy machinery. Among all others find the right not so simple. It is important that they meet all possible requirements of the buyer. Sweat in this matter is best prokonsltirovatsya with competent professionals. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Robert Thomson. It is such rabotaeyut in the Siberian companies 'Sibtorgavto'. Skilled assistance, warranty service, fast potsavku equipment can get it here. The detailed features of the proposed special equipment can be refined on the site.