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Knowledge Society

In the historical moment in which we find ourselves is referenced in the knowledge society. It is a term or elaborate concept to define a society in which information circulates rauda, supported by technological tools that are in the hands of a few, which use them to circulate a number of information such that we do not take time to assimilate critically to produce true knowledge. The more information we care about not knowledge. It is a Paradox or contradiction grane: in the knowledge society, knowledge loses its real dimension and is equated to mere information or tools through which airs such information in all areas of society, in political, economic, cultural and, of course is, educational. Society is transformed and necessarily involves in this transformative process man, without which society would not be possible. Those changes are that offer the education labour camp. Is in that society where education comes to play a role of reappraisal of knowledge, without disregarding the contexts, but from them.

When Juan Carlos Tedesco poses as pillars of education the learn to learn and learn to live together, does so because both are interrelated and are necessary for the other. First, learning to learn, means that the person is able to assimilate the information that looks irradiated very well and that comes from so many sources, such as the media, among them mainly television, and the network of networks or the Internet from which information circulates on a scale that the men do not succeed in sizing. How to learn means questioning all that information to build knowledge, from which it is possible to live together, the second pillar. Living together does not mean being next to each other, as entities without conscience, but appreciate the presence of the other and assume that commitment with him that makes society possible. Now, this is the work of the Universidad Nacional Abierta y a Distancia. A challenge that is necessary to assume to project forward a demanding, in which society will continue changing without any doubt.

This University is virtualized and assumes a challenge with education and the construction of knowledge. It may not fall into the trap of believing that knowledge is information that is transmitted, much less to think that it is the tools that are used to shorten distances and transmit that information, that should not happen. It is necessary, in a virtual distance learning, discovering the potential of tools and from the information that is transmitted to enable the construction of significant knowledge. The challenge has been assumed, the challenge is with society and knowledge, only work serious and consents may result in missed progress of our global society.