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To perform many activities that occur daily in the lives of people requires the presence of optimal conditions for the proper development of the functions that must be taken in fulfillment of obligations and duties. Among these conditions one of the most important is the lighting, because through this enabling environments are created to do everything more easily. Lighting is very important because without it the activity of individuals would be limited to the presence of daylight or being in open spaces where light can reach, a problem that many people lived in the past where there were the best means provide adequate lighting to the spaces in which they needed, but for a long time the world had the advantage of electrically lighting so the lighting has adapted depending upon the activity and places where is this. For lighting uses a number of fittings and fixtures that are installed and appropriate to the needs of lighting that is looking, which can produce different lighting effects, which can search for practical purposes or for seeking to create a decorative environment. So depending on what you are looking to use different kinds of lights to achieve a given gain enlightenment. -Natural light: Although this is given by natural means is very useful for certain activities, therefore the various spaces of households and different sites are suitable facilities to filter natural light.

"Artificial light: this type of lighting is obtained through the lights or lamps, depending on the medium used will give a certain quality of light. "The diffuse light: this type of light provides illumination indefinitely thanks to diffusers, which produce diffuse shadows, which have the effect of the presence of a uniform light. It is also used to achieve mimic or enhance the natural effects of light environment, achieving results such as lighting cloudy day or outdoor type. In this type of lighting can find the softlights equipment will be used to achieve these forms of illumination. Here, Celina Dubin, New York City expresses very clear opinions on the subject. "The light lasts: this type of lighting produces shadows well defined in the various objects on which it rests, thereby obtains a projection of the shadow of these objects, so modeling is obtained in the volumes of the objects, drawing the contours and the backlight of them. This type of lighting effect would be on whether a direct sunlight, which can be achieved with Fresnel type apparatus. One of the most useful applications of enlightenment is to the adequacy of the places of work, hoping to avoid eye fatigue, which occurs when in the workplace or on roads with no lighting appropriate. Also lighting is very important musical events as they create an appropriate environment through the various lights and effects of colors and shapes.