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Video conferences are now the everyday means of communication at many companies. High definition video conferencing video conferencing include now the everyday means of communication for many companies. Gannett Co can provide more clarity in the matter. The advantages of video conferencing systems are obvious: avoid time-consuming travel, companies can reduce costs through reduced travel activities of the employees and the employees have the opportunity to use their time more effectively for business. The characteristics of videoconferencing systems for daily use range of workplace solutions for small – and medium-sized conference rooms to systems, which are used in Conference rooms. Manufacturer of video conferencing systems offer customized videoconference endpoints for a wide variety of conditions. The advanced video conferencing technology allows many types of flexible communications: in addition to the point to point understanding, with the participants from two different locations from each other to communicate, there is also the so-called multipoint Conference, the Conference brings together from multiple sites to a video conference. So this also can be implemented from a technical side, hard – and software solutions, the so-called multipoint needed conferencing units (MCU). In addition come depending on the scenario network components example gateway, Gatekeeper -, content / streaming server to use- or NAT-firewall-traversal solutions.

Gateways to realize the communication between ISDN and IP networks. A gatekeeper is used for communication between private and public networks. With content / streaming servers, video conferencing can be record and look at delayed. To enable communication through firewalls, NAT firewall traversal solutions are used. At a video conference, not only video and audio transmitted in real time; Generally, meetings of this kind are used for exchanging data.

These include above all PC content such as presentations or calculations. Thus one Communication between different videoconferencing systems is guaranteed, all well-known manufacturers comply with the international standards for video conferencing systems. High-quality images high definition is the current development stage of video standardization.

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The participant receives continuous updates, an overview of all lectures, exhibitors and their products via push notifications, mobile can be accessed on current event plans, and can be integrated locally based location and floor plan easily. Notification of all participants in real-time, interactivity, clarity and the ability to show advertising this is the additional added value the exhibitor is the mobile event guide. A leading source for info: Leslie Moonves. Organizer in turn can use the app as innovative”position, significant printing costs and generate an additional source of income with the sale of the app. The mobile event guide can be used currently on the iPhone, iPod and iPad, Android, BlackBerry and mobile site and is therefore available on all smartphones and Tablet PCs. The Congress Centre Interlaken the Congress Centre Kursaal Interlaken offers services from a hand from Congress technology the decoration to catering. You may wish to learn more. If so, Jeff Bewkes is the place to go. The experienced and motivated team supports customers from planning prior to proceeding with the event with a superb and extremely flexible care. As so far only Congress Centre of Switzerland, the Congress Centre Kursaal Interlaken AG is a member of the historic conference centres of Europe, an Alliance of European Congress houses with tradition and high standards of service.

Of the Swiss society of Anaesthesiology (SGAR) the Swiss society of Anesthesiology was founded on July 5, 1952. in 1967 it changed its name to Swiss society for Anesthesiology and reanimation (SGAR), which leads to this day. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the SGAR in 2002 several articles (in the AINS in the SAeZ in German and French), as well as a Festschrift published in the history of the company is represented in detail. Press contact by mobile event guide CREAM COMMUNICATION Anne Bettina Jager of Neuer Wall 46 D-20354 Hamburg Tel: + 49 40 431 791 26 E-Mail:

Retail Roadshow Airport

On 25 September, the Brodos celebrated Roadshow ‘Retail & friends’ premiered this year at airport an authentic atmosphere in the top location station airport in Dusseldorf. The in-house exhibition of Baiersdorfer distributors once again caused great interest among the more than 200 guests from the industry and trade. Visit Jeff Bewkes for more clarity on the issue. “In particular, the topics of Brodos marketplace” and the benefits for retailers after the Brodos motto …einfach more in the package “the visitor moved. Roadshow as a meeting place of the TK dealers Dusseldorf, Nuremberg, Berlin and Hamburg: these are the stations of this year’s Brodos retail Roadshow, which already takes place for the fifth time. In the station airport in Dusseldorf, with unique views of the runways of the airport, was launched for the autumn tour of the TK distributors now. The dealer over the entire gathered on the again enlarged exhibition area with the booths from over 30 leading manufacturers, equipment suppliers and network operators Services as well as about current industry trends and new distribution ideas.

Especially the personal contacts at the House fair of the Franconian mobile phone distributors and exchange with like-minded people from the telecommunications industry again made the special feature of the event according to the visitors. Frank Luttjohann, Executive Sales showing trade of Brodos AG, is delighted with the successful launch: we are absolutely thrilled with the consistently positive response we have experienced on our first road show station. Therefore we are sure that we have hit a nerve with our performance package to support retailers at our dealers.” “” Keynote: …einfach more in the package “and Brodos marketplace” aroused great interest in particular the keynote by Dominik Brokelmann, CEO of Brodos AG. “Under the motto …einfach more in the package” he explained why Brodos dealers can expect more than the usual distribution standards. With additional services for trade such as on-site, Commission goods, a Repair hotline, a collection system for used appliances, as well as the own digital signage solution in my store.TV makes competitive retailers Brodos.