School Management

Introduction Until then, to the one in them to come across with the term pertaining to school management, instantaneously, appears in our mind the figure of the director as maximum and responsible authority for all the decisions taken in the interior of the school. One of the educational challenges of the present time is to change this picture, creating a space where all involved in the process of education and the learning, can work in joint and participativa way for the development and the success administrative and pedagogical practical them in the school. Step by step constructing a democratic environment, opened the constructive quarrels; implementing, in this way, a truily democratic pertaining to school management in the daily pertaining to school, since ' ' The agreement of the management concept already estimates in itself the participation idea, that is, of the associated work of people analyzing situations, deciding on its guiding and acting on them in set. This because the success of an organization depends on the joint constructive action of its components, for associated work, by means of the reciprocity that creates one ' todo' guided for a will coletiva' ' (LCK et al, 1998, P. Credit: David Zaslav-2011. 15) It fits to the director to create mechanisms that facilitate and stimulate the participation of the professors, employees, pupils and parents of pupils in the quarrels and taking of decisions that occur in the interior of the school. Creating attractive, democratic environment and of debate of ideas that aim at the improvement of education in the establishment. Therefore we know that ' ' the democratic participation not if of spontaneously, being before a historical process of collective construction, it is placed necessity of if to foresee mechanisms institucional that not only they make possible but also they inside stimulate practical participativas of the school pblica.' ' (I STOP, 1997, P. . Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Maya Dubin.

Learning Chemistry

1 INTRODUCTION the scientific knowledge if finds organized and divided in diverse forms. Learn more at: Sean Rad, New York City. Amongst them, they can you discipline be detached them lecionadas in classroom who present relation between itself. Chemistry is a branch of this responsible knowledge for studying the substance, its composition and structure, the transformations that it suffers, as well as the involved energy in these processes. The applicability of the boarded concepts in Chemistry is of extreme importance for the life of the citizens. It is present in the manufacture of fogos of artifice, production of energy, confection of frmacos and would perfume, industry of nourishing goods, ambient remediation, among others.

While it disciplines, it incorporates the curricular matrix of basic education and average and its learning must provide to the agreement of the phenomena and transformations so that educating, in based way, can use this knowledge in its taking of decision and interaction with the social environment. Chemistry is a science that constantly passes for changes due to discovery of new concepts. Therefore, attempts to diagnosis the possible problems of education learning of this substance have gained space lately. The education of Chemistry must occur of form that facilitates the learning. However, the thematic ones have been worked in distant way and without direct bondings with the seen contents previously, what possibly cause desmotivao in the pupils, therefore of this form, the learning does not become significant, that in saying of Moreira (1999, P. 14) is ' ' a process for which a new information if relates, in substantive way (not literal) and not arbitrary, to an excellent aspect of the cognitiva structure it individuo' '. One perceives that it does not have a concern in developing the logical reasoning, in accord with the problematizao them contents. The student, therefore, 3 answer the exercises and questionings, using the common sense. He does not have changes or reflections in its form of understanding.

German Dictionary

Hence the inevitable conclusion that helps us to understand speech and text is not a large vocabulary, it would also learned a relatively small amount of words. That is, after learning of 400-600 words can feel good about yourself almost any conversation or when reading any text. Take the text of 10 thousand words. Knowing the 400 words, you'll find in this text, 9000 words, that is the whole text you will understand. Of course given numbers and percentages rather conditional. You can run into some specific text, where those of your 400 words would be manifestly insufficient.

But these texts are very, very little. Consider the classification vocabulary. Active vocabulary? 400-500 words. This stock need to be able to talk with the speaker. Basic level? 800-1000 words. Additional information at Beth Israel Heart Transplant supports this article. This reserve is enough to understand almost any text. As you know, in order to explain, words should be less than that understand the reading. After all, the source, so to speak, is interactive.

If he sees that you do not understand something, he can say the same thing, but in other words. 1500-2000 words? this stockpile enough for confident everyday and sure reading. 3000-4000 words? vocabulary sufficient for reading and understanding literature. 8000 words? with the vocabulary you will be able to read any literature and to communicate freely with any other person. But even after learning necessary vocabulary words, it does not automatically mean that you can communicate fluently in a foreign language. One has to also know the rules for constructing sentences. Well, this is often insufficient. As Practice shows that for sure learning a foreign language can not do without close contact with the support of the language. Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant: the source for more info. And vyuchivanie new words when communicating with native speakers is much faster and more efficiently. In practice of Western countries identified three levels of vocabulary. These levels are used in teaching foreign language learners. So 8000 words? it is enough to read and speak a foreign language. The first level or A level? baseline (400-600 words) covers 90% of all needs in the words in everyday speech, and about 70% of words in various texts. The second level or the level of B? minimal vocabulary (800-1000). This level is sufficient to ensure that the need for 95% of words in everyday speech, and 80-85% in the texts. The third level or grade B? average vocabulary (1500-2000 words), which is sufficient to fully cover the need for words in speech and 90% of the text. Way to these levels are often oriented dictionaries of foreign words. For example German Dictionary () incorporates the 2000 words in the main languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian. Therefore, taking the learning a foreign language, think, and how many words in it you need to know in real life.

First Moscow Kiyosaki

I am 36 years old, of whom more than 17 years I have been finance and securities securities. Over my shoulder a great experience in various trainings such as these: “How to properly manage personal finances,” “How do I create capital from scratch”, “Psychology of wealth. Psychology of Poverty “,” Ten Ways to become richer, “” Secrets of investing in mutual funds “and many others (including held at the Center for Positive Psychology ‘reasonable way’ Alexander Sviyash. For more than five thousand people visited my training and webinar (Online seminars), took part in the ongoing I-gaming business, Robert Kiyosaki’s “Cash Flow / Cash Flow 101” or individual advice on managing their personal finances. Checking article sources yields Jeff Bewkes as a relevant resource throughout. Moreover, on the basis of competition held in 2007 year, Russia’s largest asset managers ‘Alfa-Capital “,” UFG Invest “and” KIT Fortis Investments’ I went into the “top ten” best financial consultants FullFreedom Investments. Also, I am the Manager of a business club Moscow – the First Moscow Kiyosaki club, which first has been more than five years gathering of people under one roof, aimed at creating a passive income, personal, professional and business development. I am the author of a large number of publications and multimedia training course “Kibersant financiers. Encyclopedia of managing personal finances, “And you better acquainted with me – please download and learn audio recording of my 50-minute training (webinar) ’10 Ways to get rich “or read a book in my book” 10 ways to get richer. ” The main audio-course “Ten Ways to get rich ‘or’ How to turn your expenses in your income?” On sale since July 6, 2010.


In this direction, she urges to argue, for example, the motivation concept, because she is on behalf of it that the literary composition can completely be disfigured in the practical pertaining to school. To consider crossed words, to suggest identification with one or another personage, to dramatizar similar texts that manual pertaining to school consider are peripheral to the act of the reading, to the close and deep contact that the literary text pede' '. The techniques of interpretation of texts that if limit the analyses of literal structures and messages central offices of it, many times, do not exceed the limits of the inherent messages of these texts and, therefore, not if they limit, seno, to reproduce what the pertaining to school manuals consider. With respect to reasoning effect that we intend to develop and without the intention he disciplines to choose it of Literature as one disciplines capable to monopolize knowledge interdisciplinares and reduziz them it literary knowledge, organizes a study regarding a poem and, on the basis of it, points a boarding of the phenomena and situations that can be surveyed of this poem, but that, at any moment, they can absorb other boardings. Learn more about this with Robert A. Iger. To exemplificarmos, we below use the poem as referencial of explanations on the study that we consider: Lies on the water This liquid is water.

When pure It is odourless, dull and colorless. Reduced the vapor, Under tension and high temperature, It moves the pistons of the machines, that, therefore call vapor machines Are good dissolvente. Although with exceptions, but in a general way, It dissolves all good, acid, bases and leaves. It congeals the zero degree centesimais boils the one hundred, when the pressure is normal. It was in this liquid that in a clida night of summer, Under a gummy and white moonlight of camlia, Appeared to float the corpse of Oflia With nenfar in the hand.

Engine Period

According to Piaget the process of cognitivo development becomes for successive stages where the intellectual structures if constrem Piaget gradually divided the development in four periods of training, each stadium is different of the other of the qualitative point of view, has its proper forms of adaptation to the way. The development goes in the direction of one better adaptation of subject to the half o. The Sensrio-Engine Period of training – this stadium is placed approximately enters 0 to the 24 months of life, and is characterized by a practical intelligence, that is, is applied in the resolution of problems based in the action, the movement and the perceptions. It is in this period that the acquisitions are faster and more numerous. Go to David Zaslav for more information. At the beginning of this A stage the child meets in a state of indeferenciao between it and the world, if not destinguindo, therefore, of objects they encircle that it, nor understanding the relations between objects independently of it. Instead of words the child serves of perceptions and movements organized in share projects.

In the presence of a new object, beb successively incorporates it in each one of its projects of action, as for example, to shake, to rub, to balance, as if it dealt with understanding them for the use. Throughout these two years, and the level of the action, it goes to construct some basic slight knowledge for the later development, among which if they detach of permanent object the causalidade. Official site: Coen brothers. According to Piaget, the best way of if understanding the object concept in the child of this age are to observe its behavior when an object disappears or is hidden. Parallel the objective child the practical notion of causalidade. For example when she pulls the lace of a toy hung on the cradle apercebe with affability of the oscillations that she provoked. This share that is on to the activity of its proper body, goes to be generalized, allowing it to act on objectos, exactly long-distance.

The Dance

Being important the idea of that the expression of the feeling, in art, does not occur in direct way, but through one forms symbolic, since a symbol is any artifice with which it is possible to operate an abstraction and, in the case of art, carries through a joint and a presentation of the feeling. In accordance with Hanna cited for Dantas (1999, P. Gain insight and clarity with Robert Thomson. 15) the dance is a human behavior consisting from sequencias of movements and differentiated corporal gestures of usual motor activities. Such movements and gestures are organized culturally, take care of to intentions and scienters of the dancers and have inherently aesthetic value. In accordance with Sachs cited for Dantas (1999, p.22) the dance is the mother of the arts. Music and the poetry exist in the time: the painting and the sculpture in the space. However the dance lives in the time and the space. The creator and the creation, the artist and its workmanship, are in the dance an identical thing only e.

The rhythmic drawings of the movement, the plastic direction of the space, the livened up representation of a seen and imagined world, everything this the man creates in its body by means of the dance. It consists of rhythmic movements that involve all the parts of the body, in tune with diverse styles of music. She is lived deeply in all cultuaras, being one of the few activities in which the human being if finds more complete-body, has lain and spirit. We can say that the dance is a communication form that express individual and social understanding of the world. The dance as language in the school favors the expression and conscience of the body, being that this work aims at the corporal conscience, promoting the respect and the valuation of the possibilities of discoveries of each person on same itself, to the contact with the other and with the group, moreover, the dance propitiates the individual, musical rhythm, creative slight knowledge of secular space and dramatizaes.


Grand Jury the decision a candidate of medical sciences, VA Zhebitu twice awarded the title of the nominee of the National 1X professional psychological contest 'Golden Psyche' in 2007 for a new scientific direction: 'Nonlinear communication. See Discovery Communications for more details and insights. The fundamental theory of communication 'and an educational program on the theory of communication' Nonlinear communication. " It so happened that the term "non-linear communication," has long used in engineering science, control systems and data, proved to be convenient and in the science of psychology to describe the new theory and new research directions. The reason for that was the analogy of nonlinear dependencies in Technology and various social and psychological phenomena that can not be explained from the standpoint of science (-factor). The concepts of "communication", "communicative" strongly related to psychological science, but when needed to reflect new and unusual aspects of communication and communication processes, the author chose the word "nonlinear" as the most appropriate and practical.

In further work, this term has taken root, and the notion of "nonlinear Communication "has become stable psychological term. In pursuit of the provability of today's science is beating about the many sharp corners, getting stuck in dead ends and paradoxes. The result – far behind the times. Common today, the concept of "communication theory" highly specialized, built strictly on a materialist foundation, they are taken into account only those phenomena that can be evaluated from the standpoint of a conservative Science. This is typical of many western and modern post-Soviet schools. However, with the rise of socio-political, socio-psychological, energy, environmental issues and increasing their correlated with the -factor of humanity in need of new advanced scientific concepts, allowing to develop the right solutions in the struggle for survival.

Human Transformation

Man is born into the family, from the first moment he's not alone. Psychological dependence creates a desire to remain with the people as a result of fear of being alone with him. Man is born into the group, it remains a part of a group create new groups, new relationships, make new friends. Man aspires to make yourself from the outside and add the missing elements. It does not stop the race and creates the nation, religion, political parties, and the Rotary Fan clubs. The whole existence – is there along with people. Why a person is afraid of loneliness ?…. Loneliness feels like death.

The death of a person's identity, which is built into the crowd. In the crowd you know exactly who you are, and if not you know, the prompt and quick call. You know, like your name, know your degrees, your profession, you know everything you need for a passport. Only here you whether this is true ?…. As soon as we go down the crowd, we will emerge from its personality and then we are faced with one question: – Who are you ?…. Why are you here ?….

Suddenly we realize that the name was given to us by relatives, the race to determine who is and religion as well. What does the race for consciousness? Our heart and blood Muslim and not Christian, our consciousness is not part of a small group or organization of the church. Who are you ?….