A structure of very strong domination is remained, as an illness that impregnates the mind and the body of other institutions. We would say that all the religions possess the same objectives, without demonstrating its yearnings clearly, since exactly its leaders, understanding its entailing with god, finish for if deluding and deluding those that follow them in total ignorance the new knowledge. A form of manifest domination if in the society through pressures with trends to value the central power, either it politician, religious or in both the cases of totalitarian and centered governments. In the Christianity the wait of the Resurrection, inside of the catolicismo to be seated to the right side of God father all powerful. For the judaism the wait of messias if eternalizes. In the Islamic world, benesses of a life beyond tomb, bathed in all comfort that it did not possess while alive. In the buddhism, the reincarnation as solution and in all the religions ' ' the death being better that vida' '. Read more from Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

Many young more courageous intellectuals fear above all, in the measure where they go being recognized, incorporated and used, to deliver the mere conformismo to it, leaving of being creative and truily useful (Hofstdter 1967). In the current days we also live of myths, of many myths, but we do not enxergamos as myths, but yes as true relations with God. We need to have messias and children of deuses that they coexist us, and for this we raise churches in its names. We pass our life to adore and to wait its births, its reincarnations, its comings as if he was possible man and espritos to coexist in harmony in one same space. The conscience human being creates relations impossible to be able to justify its fears..

New Skies And New Land

New skies and new Satan land poluiu the sidereal space try there, established its headquarters of activity and the land as field of activity (ef 02:02, jo 02:02). Jeff Bewkes has much to offer in this field. God operates the renewal of skies and the land to extinguish for complete the sin of the world (jo 01:29). Apostolo Peter spoke to this respect predictively (2 FOOT 03:07, 10:13). In this time it will have perfect harmony between the sky and the land (CL 01:20). It will also have seven new things: the 1) new sky (ap21: 01 2 pe03: 13, 1 SM 14:14). 2) the new land (TM 24:35, 1 jo 02:17). 3) the new city (ef 02:18 – 20, jo 14:02).

4) new people (AP 21:03 – 04, 21:09, 22:05) 5) the new name (AP 03:12, 1s 56:65, 62:02). 6) the new light (AP 21:22 – 26). 7) a new paradise (AP 22:01 – 05). Our God is the God of the new things! All the believers wait, with anxiety, the benefits spirituals of ours Sir in the Gloria eternity. It will not have more curse (AP 22:03). All the things that to come with the sin, the sadnesses, the sufferings and illnesses will be removed.

The throne of God and the lamb will be (ap22 there: 03) will be a perfect government, without clutter and anarchy. It will have perpetual possession (AP 22:05). It will have a deep identification between God and its redeemed ones; the day ap22 will be perpetual (: 05) will not have night, illuminate them to Christ, it will be our light, nothing intimidate in them. The kingdom will be perpetual (ap22: 05) .juntos non-separable with ours Sir. Two different choices, two destinations (ap22: 14-15). ‘ ‘ Ventured those well that wash its vestiduras in the blood of the lamb, so that they have right the tree of the life, and can enter in the city for the doors. They had been of it are the dogs, the wizards, and the ones that if prostituem, and the homicides, and idolatras, and any that mentira’ loves and commits; ‘. An insistent invitation (ap22: 17)? the spirit and the wife say: it comes. Who hears, says: it comes. who has headquarters, comes; who to want, takes by favour of the water of the life. The final promise (ap22: 20). That one that testifies these things says: certainly early I come. They love. However it comes Mr. Jesus. The proper Jesus testified to be all true one what he finds yourself written in the apocalypse. He finishes promise repeats the guarantee to it of that it early will come. It desires that let us wait its wonderful return, stops arrebatar in them then walks, therefore in the light (1sm 02:02 – 05) and purifiquemos it we ourselves as well as it is pure (1 jo 03:02 – 03). Of yours I conserve: Welinton coast email:

Glorious Coming

When Mr., already ressurreto, asked Peter, for three times, if loved it, the disciple, then, affirming positively, the Jesus said: ' ' Sir, YOU KNOW ALL THE THINGS; you know that you amo.' ' (Jo.21: 17) With all certainty, with the most absolute certainty, I affirm that Mr. Jesus Christ, in its Glorious Coming, will find faith in the Land, virtue of He himself to have supplicated the Father, in its perfect and infallible conjunct, so that our faith does not faint (Lc.22: 32); ' ' yes, the faith, that comes for Ele' ' (At.3: 16); ' ' faith that of a time forever was delivers santos' ' (Jd.3), he will remain, since ' ' Now, therefore, they remain the faith, the hope, amor' ' (1Co.13: 13); e, if now remains the faith, we, the disciples of Jesus, must perseverar in the faith (At.14: 22), knowing that only the followers of Jesus can in it perseverar, ' ' because the faith is not of todos' ' (2Ts.3: 2); therefore ' ' just it will live of f.' ' (Rm.1: 17; Gl.3: 11; Hb.10: 38); just, that it lives of the faith, in the faith and for the faith, lives always ' ' looking the eyes in Jesus, Autor and Consumador of ours f.' ' (Hb.12: 2); e, with its eyes fitos in Jesus, just finally will be able to say, as Pablo: ' ' I fought the good combat, I finished the career, I KEPT the F.' ' (2Tm.4: 7). It still commands us the Word of God, Word ' ' Viva and Eficaz' ' (Hb.4: 12), faithful Word and ' ' worthy of all aceitao' ' (1Tm.1: 15); it commands us God in its Word: ' ' But it, loved, building you on your SANTSSIMA FAITH, praying in the Espirito Santo, conserve you in the LOVE of God, WAITING the mercy of ours Mr. Jesus Christ for the Eterna.&#039 Life; ' (Jd.20, 21). Amen! Lazarus Just Jacinth