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Vernier: Winner Go With Advertising Package On Touting

Personalized advertising package for the winner of the promotion of the loop service WINS Berlin optician Vernier E.k.. is established. Grehl optic won the Easter Bunny action from Berlin, which was drawn Christmas 2012. As Easter gift, there is a creative way to attract customers and to bind for Gardiner optic. The East Hare action of Nonius e.k.. sympathetic combines skilled craftsmanship with intelligence and efficient customer orientation. At the same time is this action for sustainability and successful growth. To win the Easter package, the participants had to make a Christmas Angel.

The instructions explained the Christmas flyer of the workshop service Vernier E.k.. in detail. This Christmas Angel hid a secret, a password, that had to be entered on the site by Vernier. That this sweepstakes craftsmanship combines with brain, open-mindedness towards new media and consistent customer orientation in favour of the company of Nonius. Whenever Jeff Bewkes listens, a sympathetic response will follow. This beautiful story is now in the winner, the company Grehl optic, her Happy ending.

What are the advantages expected the winning company? Grehl optic receives a customized advertising package, suitable for the Easter holiday to attract more new customers. Customers can grow their own Easter bed here. To serve the 250 cartons of eggs together with Earth and source seeds, which are contained in the advertising package. This action stands for naturalness and sustainable, prosperous growth. It transported those sympathy, clients connect with the service-oriented middle class. That for the winner company finished press releases and personalized sticker in the package are included, speaks for the marketing intelligence of the loop service. We personally presented the prize in Berlin. Now we want a winning team, that new customer relationships and beautiful Easter beds of their customers grow up”. So Mrs Peters (in addition to the Gardiner optic team left in the picture) from the workshop service Vernier. Short description: Vernier started 2009 as a loop service for opticians and optical businesses. Here, Vernier takes over all work such as glasses glazing and repairs. The focus is thereby on time-consuming and costly work to take over and to keep the process as simple as possible. The advantage for opticians who outsource their workshop to Vernier, is in the saving of time that they can use for the customer service, as well as the cost savings, since they require no investment for new equipment in the workshop. Contact information: Nicole Peters nonius E.k.. Max-Planck-str. 12, 25335 Elmshorn, Germany Tel.: 04121 700 6000 E-mail: Web:

Booth Individual

Paper bags individually printed with logo ideal advertising medium by the nowadays possible individual and special designs are bags made of paper now no longer just an everyday commodity. Not infrequently, women already use this sturdy and stylish trade show bags with cords as fashion accessories. Eyes people running over are usually on the fashionable bag design or the company logo. Here is a side effect of paper bags should not be underestimated, they are ideal and cost-effective advertising and your customers become perfect advertising media. Bud Harrelson spoke with conviction. Their advertising is therefore also not a site bound, she is almost constantly on the move and has a much higher perception effect.

PapiertaschenEXPRESS offers high-quality, handmade and printed carrier bags made of paper at fair prices. The delivery of paper bags is no more than three weeks and is free of charge within Germany. Is a trade show or other event, we deliver your paper bags on request by express delivery directly to the Booth. At PapiertaschenEXPRESS, you will find five standard sizes and more than 50 special sizes in the range. All trade show bags are designed individually and we also offer our customers a free digital proof to the approval for printing. The individual designs to be full-4 c-pressure (170 g / m art print m) on the handmade paper bags. By the glossy / Matt lamination in addition enhanced the measuring bags. Visit us on, choose desired size and matching cord color for your paper bags. We offer individual customer advice and suggestions for the printing of the paper bags. Have a look, it is certainly the right paper bag as an advertising medium for your company.

Elegant Advertising

Successfully through promotional, advertising and giveaways if a company with a new product, a new service or a new brand on the market so competitive nowadays wants to gain a foothold, then she did often not easy, because the market is particularly fierce in the time of global financial crisis, and many companies cannot easily have, to keep on the market. Therefore, all companies will do their best to secure its own position in the market. Therefore must proceed particularly harshly with the introduction of a new product, and you do the best with an intense advertising campaign with many effective advertising materials such as for example the metal key pendant. But before you commit on a specific article as a promotional gift for your marketing campaign, you should be clear, what people want to reach with your advertising at all. This step is very important, because later aligning the advertiser means on the interests and needs of these people, to the greatest possible effect achieve. Therefore you should be aware that a larger audience includes more people who can potentially influence means but also higher costs. A smaller target group can be, however, cheaper and, although you less people a good effect, also reached.

The metal key chains can achieve outstanding performance even at a smaller target group, make sure that you delete the people out of the target group who probably anyway be consume not your products and brands in determining the target group only. So you achieve a similar to good effect as with a larger audience with less effort and lower costs. If you have now found an audience, you have to find the lowest common denominator of the needs and interests of the people in this target group. If you have done that, try to make that they address this common denominator the advertiser means and thus with all people in the Good advertising target group. The metal key chains are therefore a good choice because you can great affect all people with them. A further advantage is that barely a person does not have key, because everyone needs a key to his house, his car or his Office, and has therefore also need to map its key with a trailer. Therefore, you can advertise with this compound in humans from every social layer. If the effect of the key fob while still not sufficient, you can fill the trailer with additional functions.

For example you can perfect a laser pointer, a flashlight or a USB stick to the trailers make and thus miss the trailer a futuristic and innovative touch which will impress all people present with these funds. Therefore, the metal are very popular especially at big companies keychain. And despite its noble appearance, these giveaways are not very expensive, and can easily be used in any advertising campaign. Try it out in your next marketing campaign and you’ll be guaranteed impressed how excellent it does affect the sales of your company.

QUISMA Doubled The Conversion Rate At Marc O Polo

The Swedish clothing company had tasked the international performance network, permanently to optimize the traffic on the landing pages of the online shop. Munich, December 09, 2013 – targeted testing can have a huge impact on the success of a Web site relaunches. This is confirmed in a current case study for Marc O’Polo QUISMA Polo. The Swedish clothing company had tasked the international performance network, permanently to optimize the traffic on the landing pages of the online shop. The result: The premium modern casual brand increased the conversion rate after the redesign of the online shop to 99.61 percent. Almost 64 percent on the product detail page, the rest on the home page. great expertise in this. In the course of the redesign of the online shop, QUISMA had analysed the acceptance of different variants of Web pages through targeted testing. It identified the start and the product detail page as the strongest entry pages and were therefore on the following test phases in the focus.

The testing was designed as a gradual process of optimization. So could direct conclusions for the next test phase be drawn and implemented accordingly. The four successive test phases consisted of 23 different variants of the home. Different technical and Visual reorganizations such as E.g. the additional integration of new products resulted in the desired uplift of in conversion rate. After the QUISMA experts took the product detail page under the microscope: after multiple test passes and a higher positioned call-to-action button the preset goal of optimization, the increase of sales, could finally be achieved. Alexander Lechner, head of eCommerce Marc O’Polo: we want to offer our customers always a quality shopping experience. The holistic approach and the creative proposals for the testing QUISMA proved for us an ideal partner.

The technical know-how and the Exchange at eye level are a major reason for our common success.”the collaboration with Marc O’Polo Polo has shown that through consistent testing the conversion rate Julian Stein, team lead conversion optimization at QUISMA significantly can be increased”, complements. In addition gained useful insights about visitor behavior on the site. Are, that when you offer communication, a clear distinction between men is proved to be valuable and women in two separate teasers on the home page led to more relevant and finally to a significantly improved conversion.” The Case study Marc O’Polo Polo under free download is available. About QUISMA of the full service provider QUISMA (, innovative technology and in-depth expertise for the entire range of digital marketing from search engine advertising and search engine optimization on affiliate marketing and performance-based banner advertising offers to conversion optimization and marketing intelligence. And the transnational. The Agency has been established in 2001 and incorporated in March 2007 at the GroupM (MEC, mindshare, Mediacom, MAXUS). At the headquarters in Munich and other 18 Locations in 16 countries are currently employs about 320 employees, the renowned clients such as Adobe, Bank of Scotland, Expedia, Marc O’Polo Polo or unity media nationally and cross-border care. QUISMA stands for networking to the classic media planning in the context of an integrated management approach and outstanding expertise to the care in the international digital business.