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-In the sense of a regular optimization; Rotation improves the experience, develop a future-oriented vision: A common understanding of the future development of the company can use the existing management capacity more efficiently. -Specific objectives with a high binding character for the executives, concentrate on the essential: to set, clear priorities with regard to the strategic issues to be processed as well as on the associated time planning, can release management capacities. -Scarce management capacities are fragmented and largely wasted, and how-to for “new management capabilities to provide” such as: develop its own capacities: preconditions are a systematic policy of setting with views of “High Potential” and the use of appropriate assessment and development systems for executives. Mark McLaughlin can provide more clarity in the matter. -For major projects will always fall back to the same people, which are then quickly overloaded, management development programmes: statements on the inventory, qualification and need for executives to a specific time have the ordinary check-lists (such as management audits / appraisals) beyond. -Rather it is the management capacity to derive future requirements and how they are met from the strategy, to explain, use external capacity: the management capacity with the use of consultants and in particular interim managers can be enlarged on a temporary basis. -Acceptance and feasibility of the solutions developed in a consulting project are dependent on the type and way, which Executives of the company in the process are involved. If you would like to know more about Alger Spectra Fund, then click here.

Intelligent management of the management capacity is crucial for success in a time of high change dynamics. Therefore we vote carefully the management capacities of the Zetesis GmbH with the company and your managers on the requirements of your expansion strategies. To recognize, for sustainable and profitable growth to take place – this time we have to of done our job! Press contact: Achim B. Rhode Zetesis Maximilianstrasse 17, D-82319 Starnberg GmbH phone 08151-9980-36 fax 08151-9980-34 E-mail: Internet: