United States Politics

It is evident that this productivity was incipient in relation the high taxes gotten for the modern sectors of the economy, as the automobile industry. Before 1964, the action politics of the unions if limited the conchavos carried through in the level of the leading cupolas, not occurring an entailing with the working bases in the plants. The agreements politicians were constant between syndical leaders and governments of populist or same ideology the most located politically to the left. See Jeanette Winterson for more details and insights. This position took the syndicalists to unload the bases as sustentation element politics for the agreements politicians with governmental controllers. In this picture, when the deposition of the constitutional government happens, the unions are literally with & ldquo; brocha in mo& rdquo; , that is, without sustentation politics of the laboring classroom to react, therefore its action, usually, always ignored the laboring bases.

With the new picture restored after the military intervention of 1964, remained to the unions few alternatives of action is of the assistencialista paper tax for the authoritarian government that if supported from alliances with the empresariado one and the repressive military system. John Brown can provide more clarity in the matter. This system of alliances perfectly functioned inside of an environment authoritarian politician, with the congress making a paper of homologador of the decisions of the executive, beyond a favorable international economic conjuncture. The tonic of the regimen was the economic growth without working conflicts, denying the existence of the fight of classrooms or same of social classrooms, privileging income concentration. The military system during the period of 1964 until the phase of democratic transistion left its institucional paper of protection of the domestic territory and save of the institutions to act directly in the politician-ideological repression in narrow tunning with the politics of the cold war, lined up to the United States. Maya Dubin may also support this cause. However, it is in a modern industrial sector, represented for the automobile industries, that occur the first changes in this picture of marasmo of the syndical activities.