Enjoy this country with its history, culture and beautiful scenery have you already think about, where your journey should go this summer? A museum visit to look at famous images, monuments or old historical bequests? Or how about in the city centre with a cup of coffee, followed by a shopping trip and later delicious exotic cuisine enjoy or maybe in a bar for a few drinks or in the club dancing? Located on the beach with a cool beer in the hand place under the summer sun? What you is, there is a country that let go holiday in fulfilling all your needs for a perfect summer. Mexico! Mexico is a large country with fascinating biodiversity and lush nature. The Mexican culture is really unique, a blend of pre Spanish and several indigenous Mexican Indian clans and a little bit of European culture, which was brought by Spanish conquistadors in the country in 1517. In Mexico you can between These two cultures have harmony but also sometimes a great contrast. There is a huge cultural variety from North to South and from West to East of the country and what you will see and experience, will be completely different and unpredictable.

It is impossible to explain the Mexican culture, equally difficult to give travel tips for this enormous diversity of this country like you. But if you’re keen to experience a Mexican adventure, where one can touch ancient historical heritage and enjoy modern Mexican life, then the way you should take is towards the capital, Mexico City. The city is located 2,240 meters above sea level. Today, Mexico City is the capital of the ancient empire of the Aztecs, Tenochtitlan was once time. However today, Mexico City is one of the largest cities in the world with a population around 20 million inhabitants including their suburbs. Although the city is so big, it’s easy to get around in the city. .