The Roles

The incursion of women in work and school life has had serious consequences. Since women do not want more submission. (Similarly see: Harriet Tubman). It is capable of generating its own support. You no longer need a man to keep it. It is organized and can work, study, keep children and also perform other functions.

What is left for the man in this perspective? Addressing this situation from a gender perspective is fine, is what is expected, is desirable. Frieda Hughes is actively involved in the matter. The male is responsible for all evil, abuse, inequality and not much else. But looking a little more, roles and relationships established between men and women wear, and involve a number of circumstances. The roles are dictated by society. They are gestating for education. We learn them by what we see as children.

Culture strives to establish them. If for some reason are not satisfied and should be honored. We hear very harsh judgments about people. For example: b When a man does not give enough money home. Thought to be maintained and a careless one. b In contrast, if the woman works and is out of the house a considerable time, say their situation and is always the one with expressions, like: why their children are as they are, if she do not pay attention! Either way for what is expected of one's social roles can provide the width. The reality is that families and couples to establish their balances in daily life according to what each partner can contribute and wants. WHO DOES WHAT AND HOW concerns that in a world like today ….