The Proper Care Of The Body – Care Of The Body

Body care had been an important issue purification ceremonies, especially bathrooms, a part of the social relationships between people were likely decades, even before you made thoughts about hygiene issues, skin care or wrinkle treatment. Not without reason is long proven for modern psychology that the care of the body can be also a care of the soul. At Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City you will find additional information. Smooth and velvety skin on arms and legs, on the back, belly and the Po – with nourishing substances from nature, this ideal not only to get closer and looks naturally beautiful, but can relax while also still. Maintain healthy our skin’s acid mantle, which is the first commandment of the body care. To deal with the skin with care also means to take care of themselves. Because the skin is a mirror of our way of life and our life settings. You is extremely sensitive on influences from the outside, such as cold, heat or intense sunlight.

Prolonged psychological stress may Cause skin diseases such as allergies, or eczema. This is due to the complicated interplay between the emotional mood and hormone production in the brain, which in turn affects the organ function, and thus the appearance of our skin. Therefore: the skin is always so beautiful, like body and soul are healthy and relaxed. The human being needs periods of rest, not only the recovery of the soul, but also so that the skin can regenerate itself. Excessive stress affects bodily functions, this is true for a stomach ulcer and high blood pressure, but also for the health of the skin. The bedroom is the most important recovery period for the body. Therefore, a balanced sleep wake rhythm is the best way for the regeneration of the skin. But you can contribute to skin rejuvenation also through relaxation techniques like autogenic training, yoga or Qi Gong.

Everyone knows about the beneficial effects of Vollbadern. Due to the warm water, worries and stress are washed away literally. Relax the muscles, nerves, and cardiovascular be a positive influence. A warm bath is the best sleeping pill before going to bed. Baths with essential oils help if a cold in the suit. But a full bath, with appropriate accessories and limited duration of bath, is also one of the most effective cosmetics for the skin. Baths, vegetable oils or dairy products are added to help sustainably against dry skin, because they reinforce the wet oily protective film of the skin. A cream after bath is therefore not necessary in these cases. Baths with herbal infusions are a simple intensive treatment of greasy or impure skin. Afterwards, the skin needs lotion moisturizing a. Not to destroy the valuable ingredients of bathroom accessories, one should not too hot bath.