The Path

Each failure, each failure then turn it into wind in favour, assimilating the lesson, increasing our experience and strengthened our determination to achieve our purposes. The new generation of leaders is convinced that is preferable to renounce life than declare defeat, be a loser because you have stopped fighting. One objective should be in life: bet everything to succeed a young angel to a young person, an angel was present and offered to answer any questions that would have. The young, in their unbelief, fearful and somewhat distrustful, finally dared to ask:-explain to me, I beg you, why do we live confused, without having the certainty to be doing what we should do?; Why doubt much of what we have done and assails us a sense of guilt and frustration?; why so many young people are lost and live as if they had a future to conquer? Make me understand, I beg you, why are there so many human beings insensitive to suffering and neglect of other beings equal them?; can you tell me the reason of why? There are ruthless and murderers that they dedicate to plunder to humanity, and without stopping, every day manage means more cruel and deadly, and in a career without end, want to achieve in their lives more destruction as possible, as if the crimes already committed were not them enough? And the angel answered him:-so if you’re doing the right thing, I propose to first define what you want to achieve in life, so you have the certainty that the path you have chosen is the right to discover. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from VMWare. Guilt and frustration that you are experiencing is already an important advance, because you’ve woken up to your best inner judge: your conscience. In terms of lost youth, they lost because nobody ever showed them a star. The murderers and ruthless I will tell you: are the result of the moral marginalization, that is the most dangerous, because, like you, they were children also, but unfortunately received only violence and degeneration, and never had knowledge of love. But let me now I ask you a few questions: would you like to collaborate with me to distribute star at the heart of human beings in the world?, could you help me with your hands to deliver caresses and tenderness to the forgotten children? And in terms of young people, do would you be my assistant to convince them that they are the best hope here and now to continue creation? Finally, a friend mine, I beg you to help me to give a response to God who today sent me to touch your heart. Signature, an angel that need you original author and source of the article