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While both that beat in retreat, with a group of equestrians over against them, third noted on your right infantry troops were just beginning to fight. However, when looking towards the other side, he noticed that a group of African riders came almost from the front. These were chasing a group of equestrians Roman, being developed with regard to the bulk of his cavalry, therefore to note that another group of Romans escaping behind them, decided to stop their persecution to annihilate them. Gnaeus also realized the threat, which was directed at full gallop, quickly with their Spears ready. Understanding the situation, warned the group. -We have to go to the shock, we have no other choice! If we try to divert them us reach behind!! At the beginning it seemed nobody listened Gnaeus warning, until equestrians of the front changed its direction slightly, leaving the enemy face to face. Forces esteban balanced. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City is a great source of information.

Who had the momentum in the shock would emerge winner. Both troops were cheered with shouts and violently crossed. The first meeting favored the Roman forces, causing greater casualties. However, the advantage vanished to realizing that another band of Numidian horsemen approached quickly. Gnaeus became available to give the cry of withdrawal, but is someone was ahead of him. Even so, it was already too late, since these reinforcements came at full speed, reaching to tear down the most retarded. Among them was third, which lying on the ground was at the mercy of those murderers of the desert.

Gnaeus could do nothing, because I was being chased in the distance. When one rider tried to approach third to run him, two or three numidians stopped him with a few screams, and went in pursuit of others. Third was saved by a miracle, but then realized that it was by the little value of its head.

Biodex System

Carry out the test in the isokinetic dynamometer. Obtaining Data printing. The Protocol of isokinetic evaluation was as follows: calibration of the dynamometer. Open personal file of each subject. Positioned correctly the subject in the armchair of the dynamometer according to criteria of the Biodex System 3 Pro manual. Shaft alignment articulate ankle by palpation of the external face of the external malleolus and accommodation of the rest of the leg and thigh using the lever arms that show tooling of the dynamometer. Stabilization of the subject with straps of the own dynamometer to level pectoral, pelvic and distal third of the thigh opposite to the leg that is evaluated and placing resistance in the plant of the foot by platform subject at heel and the dorsal aspect of the foot by cinch equipped with pillow. Registration of the ROM.

Joint range of motion, for the subsequent selection of a single specific rank for each athlete. Were six repetitions of testing for the familiarization of the subject with the dynamometer, whilst being a muscle preheating to different speed of execution of the test, two repetitions at low intensity, three to sub intensity and a maximum repetition. Correction of the gravitational effect (9). The isokinetic mode selection: isokineticks unilateral-ankle (plantar-dorsi-flexion) – with/with: Test. 30? (5 Rep.) Requesting the subject that on the basis of the maximum bending plant, perform 5 flexo-extensiones of ankle with maximum effort and without encouraging him throughout the test. Pause for a rest period, for 45 seconds at maximum flexion position planting.

The isokinetic mode selection: isokineticks unilateral-ankle (plantar-dorsi flexion) – with/with: 300? (10 Rep.) Requesting the subject that on the basis of the maximum bending plant, perform 10 flexo-extensiones maximum ankle and without encouraging him throughout the test. Statistical analysis: means test for normality curve and x? Student t for related samples (software SPSS 14.0).