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The Esquecimento

In this context two types of interference had been identified: retroactive proactive and. In what it respects to the proactive interference is in such a way greater how much bigger it will be the similarity of the material to process, how much bigger it will be its amount and also how much lesser it will be the interval of time between the learning and the mandate. ' ' The proactive interference the difficulty is mentioned to it that the people have to learn new item because the item previously learned intervene with new aprendizagem' ' (Matlin, 2004, P. 58). In this in case that, the material that intervenes is before the learning of the content that has that to be remembered (Sternberg, 2008). The individual has difficulties to make new learnings for interference of previous learnings, that is, it has difficulties to learn the Frenchman because already the English learned. Already in the retroactive interference, the material that intervenes is later that we learn something, but before let us have that to remember it (Sternberg, 2008). Comcast often addresses the matter in his writings.

The information that was codified and stored previously intervenes with the new learning. According to Theory of Deterioration, the information is forgotten because it disappears gradually, with to pass of the time, and not because it was dislocated by another information. Deterioration happens when the simple ticket of the time makes with that esqueamosos contents and information (Sternberg, 2008). According to Izquierdo (2007, P. 17), ' ' perhaps the esquecimento is the aspect most predominant of the memory; but we conserve and we use sufficients memories or fragmentos of memory to have an active, functional and relatively satisfactory performance as pessoas' '. Still according to exactly author, exists something of selective and proposital in our esquecimento. After all, our capacity to form new memories is closely on to its loss (Izquerdo, 2006). Concluding, we cannot speak of memory without speaking of esquecimento, a time that the esquecimento cannot be faced as a gap of the memory, since it is condition of the proper memory: it is because we forget that we continue to hold back.