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Dreamcatcher Tour

Kate and Ben with Mark Medlock on Dreamcatcher Tour 2008 to 1 hit from both sides “and the contribution to the soundtrack of the blockbuster high school musical II” Kate and Ben go with Mark Medlock on Dreamcatcher Tour 2008. In addition to success and respect among fans, tour Stress produced but also simple hunger. Fresh ginger tea and organic catering is therefore mandatory. “” “In the case of the Danish singer Kate Hall, which two years ago with is there anybody out there?” and God’s gift “was represented in the upper regions of the charts and singer Ben, with Angels” managed a hit, is a consensus. “Private + now on the stage and the duo’s performances are by fans as 2 dream some of pop’s” hailed: (now Kiss?!). One has the impression that one is still interesting for people, if they feel that the or right has been found,”confirms Ben, who was initially not sure how the supporters would react. Two years ago the two had met, they live since 2006 “” in Berlin, and in August 2007 their first joint single, “Unconditional” finally appeared together.

The two artists statement strongly attracts the pace with which the pop couple is unconditional”at the same time, the debut album, which appears on the 11.April 2008 is certainly not a mono-thematic cuddle album. In addition go guest Kate & Ben as support and special with Mark Medlock on Dreamcatcher Tour 2008, through 28 cities in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. Start was in Berlin on the Black Box sample stage, traditionally a place with good catering. , Says Sylvia Ruppnow of often we ask our artists buffets when on a wide range of organic products”, what are the artists and the crew Apptitt.” without fresh ginger tea for example anything goes with me,”added Ben. Oliver Tait select catering Berlin

Drummer Playback

‘ Playback for drummer vol. 8 instrumental crossover’ of Haymo Daniels as a drummer, you know the problem: the other musicians are all too often rely on, keep the drummer in the Groove, so that the whole song not out of control. Thus you lose the opportunity to experiment on drums often just but just because the drummer can not exercise and try out,”is the accompanist for the exercise of the other. Here is the new CD “Playback for drummer vol. 8” by Tunesday records: it provides the backing band for drummers who want to not only exercise, but also try and experiment.

10 accompanying songs, as well as a bonus track, all of which without drums, but with a metronome, are willing to exercise drummer available. A related site: Rupert Murdoch mentions similar findings. Before each playback track, there is still a brief drum Groove example for guidance. Stylistically, the pieces are complex (from lounge grooves up to the rock fusion Groove in the bonus track), professionally produced, and, thanks to their origin from the last 2 instrumental albums by Guitar Pro Haymo Doerk, extremely practical. THE CD for drummers who would want to watch, like to develop their style and relaxed experiment outside their box is playback for drummer vol. 8. Jakob Kossack