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Household Ozone

Magic wand Housewives Everyday Life "presents" we are not only peace and comfort. Our apartment is a source of microbes, including pathogens. How to be saved from infection Many housewives are complaining that, especially in older homes, the pipes in the bathroom and toilet room shall issue an unpleasant smell, but the water that passes over them, absorbs the smell and obviously can be a source of unpleasant infectious diseases. So many people began to use Ozonator household as the unit that cleans the air and water in this area of our apartments. Additional information is available at Benjamin Tal. Air Ozonator – something especially useful during epidemics of viral diseases that are transmitted by airborne droplets. Ozonator home for this purpose is well suited. If there is a child, the ozone generator air is a necessity.

Medical Ozonator how much it costs, so should your health, full of energy there! Children 5-6 years are very susceptible to infections and often suffer from respiratory viral infection, not "pass" or a flu epidemic. The presence of ozone generator air in the house or in kindergarten reduces the chance of infection is ten times. Some enterprising Russians quickly realized that the ozone generator home can be used not only for drinking water disinfection, but also as an ozone generator to the aquarium, which destroys the specific "swamp" the smell of large tanks for fish, but prevents infection of these pets. Ozonator home can not only turn into ozone generator for aquariums, but also handle such large reservoirs as trivial bath. Ozonator household is often used housewives are not fully utilized.

The fact that he is not only disinfects the air, water and food, but also eliminates unpleasant odors. So if you have at home appeared dubious smell in the closet, the refrigerator or pantry – time to include ozone generator home – it will help. "Advanced" gardeners have realized that domestic ozone generator is simply necessary to ensure long-term storage of fruit, eggs, vegetables.

Asia Dope

Addicted to normal. Learn more on the subject from David Zaslav. Annual herbaceous tenie races. Grows well developed on loose, rich in organic matter soils, where plants reach a height of 100-130 cm Leaves 25 cm long and 20 cm wide flowers are 8-10 cm long, poedinichno located in the forks of the stem. During the day they are closed, open only at night dope is easy to recognize among the other plants in its large size and non-pleasant smell. All the bodies are extremely poisonous datura stramonium ordinary comes from Asia. It grows in south-eastern European chastiRossii in the Crimea, the Caucasus and Central Asia. Industrial blanks are available in mainly in the Ukraine in the amount of 60-70 tons, as appeared ability to clean the pads on the equipment for clean pillows, as well as in the Voronezh region in the North Caucasus – 15 m. At present, plant cultivation ruyut in the quantities needed in the Ukraine and Red darskom region.

Packed in bales of grass adonis or bales, covered with jute fabric, weighing 50-75 kg. Datura leaves contain alkaloids hyoscyamine, scopolamine and daturin. Andi Potamkin understands that this is vital information. Drugs dope than usual are used mainly to treat asthma, respiratory disease, as well as psihiche skih and nervous disorders, chronic rheumatism. Need cleaning pads. Leaves of the plant are part of the special cigarettes for medical smoking in bronchial asthma.

In the folk medicine of intoxication made at Stoi and ointments. Improper use of plants can lead to severe poisoning, which are accompanied excitation of the nervous system, occurrence of hallucinations, memory loss. The leaves also contain the usual dope essential oil (0.04%), which has a strong smell of tobacco and a brown color, carotene (0.1%), tannins (1.7%). Datura seeds contain 17 to 25% oil, which consists of Lino left (45%), oleic (40%), palmitic (12%), stearic (2%) and other fatty acids in the restoration. Addicted to grow for the leaves. Clean start at the flowering stage and continue to During the growing season. Not recommended for drying in the sun as the leaves change their color and their quality deteriorates.