You were a cake flowers sent yesterday in the 21st century! Amsterdam/Berlin–takes its course with the launch of the new website the impressive history of two young Dutch now in Germany. It is a totally new concept: a friend who was during the centenary of his birth in Canada, I wanted to send something, namely a pie. I tried everything, but it was not possible “this key event laid the foundation stone for the simple but ingenious business idea for Rogier Jansen: sending fresh cakes over the Internet across Europe.” “When he and his colleague Eric van Noort during their studies in 2004 received the task to set up a business in just three months the Friends agreed immediately: we wanted to implement the idea of sending pie, much like at Fleurop, into action.” Said than done! Only eight weeks later a network of selected confectioners and the company was covered with orders. Benefiting from the professional Website was quickly aroused the interest of economic and residential customers. More info: Martin Scorsese. Jansen and van Noort finally abandoned the study and pocketed a prices instead of diplomas. in 2006 they were awarded to the most successful young entrepreneurs. At that time, the two had never can guess that she would write a success story, and soon their customers would include companies such as Ernst & young, shell, T-Mobile, ABN AMRO and BMV. After the start of the parent in the Netherlands, the 2005 everywhere reported, it has now expanded: from England through France and Belgium to Germany and Austria! The company is now again able to satisfy any personalized cakes wish and organize the delivery through a dense network of selected Patisseries in all over Germany! And it is curious whether the concept will be included as well, and the German market is ready for this sweet innovation. TW daily GmbH Sylvia Hansel (head of Department, Germany)