Sascha Klengel

The product range was shortly thereafter to more high quality spice Mills – such as for salt, sea salt, nutmeg and chili – expanded. A specific grinder is used for each spice. Even today are? the PEUGEOT mills the reference in the kitchens of the greatest chefs. Complete the PEUGEOT range with an exquisite and innovative wine accessories, such as manual and electrical as well as pneumatic corkscrew, decanters, Carafes and more. Advantage of the salt, pepper and Spice Mills is the 25-year warranty on the grinders. In the development and manufacture of grinding burrs, PEUGEOT draws on a long tradition and is the market leader today. Every year, two million pepper, salt and Spice Mills leave the factories in France.

2010 celebrates the brand PEUGEOT its 200th anniversary with the limited salt and pepper Mills special series collection 1810 “, which was named after the founding year of the company. / / Wish boutique GmbH desire boutique is the popular provider of wedding gifts and the modern online wedding registry. Diverse, ranging from fine brands for the budget over art objects to donate to charities. Even honeymoon packages can be selected as a wedding gift! Brides and grooms can easy, convenient and free create your gift wish lists and coordinate. A huge advantage over the classic wedding table in the retail sector is the possibility that here also several people can share a gift.

This is mainly for expensive wedding gifts from advantage. Wish boutique takes care of the rest. All gifts arrive uniformly beautifully packed in a show at the newly wed bride and groom. Since the beginning of 2009 by the entrepreneurial pair Jemma and Sascha Klengel, has the gift and wedding online portal request boutique continuously grown and currently 11 employees. The product portfolio includes more than 50 brands from different fields. Contact desire boutique Amalienstrasse 34 80799 Munchen GmbH phone +49(0)89-38900160 Internet press & media contact to desire boutique? More information available on the Internet, or just call us,? if you need additional information or pictures for a publication. Contact person: Christian Wiederer /

Fans – Fresh Air For All!

Still, enough fans are available. You still remember last summer? There was the soccer World Cup in Africa and it was beautiful weather. This will be the two most popular memories to the summer of 2010. The nice weather or better expressed the hot temperatures resulted in, inter alia, that fans from mid-June were as good as no longer available for purchase. Where you also asked unfortunately sold out or offered to completely inflated prices. Many windy”businessman has shamelessly exploited the situation and made the deal of his life here. Many customers have made himself firmly, that such a thing does not happen again them.

Actually, it’s quite simple: the fan now get online order and all at decent prices. The selection is great by the simple table fan up to the designer piece for so much money! The purpose is, but always the same so a fan to provide refreshment. The best low noise and energy-saving. The models of Stabilo these requirements perfectly. For example, the simple table fan features a 2-speed fan and reliably perform its services with a pleasantly low noise. On a secure base, our stand fans ensures even more refreshing. As a convenient you proves to be the direction these models thus determining adjustment in height and inclination. As well, the speed can be adjusted. The possibilities are very versatile: whether at home in the kitchen, in the living room or in the hobby room the refreshment is you do well. So a reliable fan in my professional life is almost more important. Not every company has a fixed air conditioning, therefore fans make for a more enjoyable working at the hot temperatures in the summer.