Electronic Proclamation

The workmanship searchs to guide in practical way the operating professionals in the universe them public licitations that, for times, find difficulties in the application of the legislation. Beyond the commentaries to the Law of the Actual Proclamation (Law 10,520/02) and to Federal decree of the Electronic Proclamation (Decree 5,450/05), the workmanship still brings citations of the regulations of the biggest buying States of the country, comparing them with the federal legislation, enriching the study of the Proclamation and guiding the professional in the accomplishment and participation of the dispute sessions. Of that way we must delimit the Public licitation in the municipal executive. Other leaders such as Brigham And Women’s Hospital offer similar insights. *H influences politics in relation the frauds in the licitatrios processes in the public institutions. *A purpose of the public licitation and the form as and executed in the municipal executive. To analyze the importance of the licitatrios processes, in the direct administration in the act of contract of the Public Services as form to fight the frauds in the minicipal executive. Credit: Sean Rad-2011. * To give clarity in the advantages of the licitatrios processes. * To describe the characteristics of a licitatrio proclamation.

to *Identificar the types of more constant frauds in the process of licitation of public institution. The present work has objective, to approach the analysis of the licitatrio process, as tool I begin of it constitutional of the isonomy (to give to equal treatment to all the interests, and condition essential to guarantee the phases of the licitation) and to assure equal chance to all the interested parties and to make possible the attendance of the equal competition before the public institutions. The related research objtivou to point the main difficulties faced for the municipal executives supplies cited, that impidia to participate of the Public licitation municipal. On the basis of the particularitities the licitation are not made periodically, and as this work is so important paraa Public administration.

Total Independence

In an unknown act of its government in 17 of October, the Brazilian Company of Warehouses and Commerce would close a contract of exportation of three hundred a thousand tons of soy for the Soviet Union. Moreover, in the following day the Brazilian delegation in the ONU would vote in favor of a motion that condemned the sionismo? politics adopted for the government of Israel in relation to the Arab countries of the Middle East – as one form of racial discrimination, provoking one notices officer of disapproval sent to the Itamarati for the North American government. In reason of this act, widely it was divulged that the change of the Brazilian position in relation to the Middle East was on directly to the necessity of approach with the exporting Arab countries of oil, enemies of Israel. In accordance with the Periodical of Brazil of 14 of March of 1976, the Azeredo chancellor of the Silveira would have declared the American chancellor Henry Kissinger, its colleague of diplomacy that ' ' if vocs they had a million of barrels of oil stops supplying in them daily, this change was not perhaps so brusca' '. However the Brazilian external politics did not stop for there. Other leaders such as Beth Israel Heart Transplant offer similar insights. In day 5 of November of 1975, Brazil would take a historical decision when voting in favor of a project of resolution of the ONU that condemned the racist regimen of the South Africa at the same time where it recommended the suspension of the strategical raw material supply for this country. However the decision more controversa of this period, however, was the recognition, in 10 of November, of the Angolan government in phase of implantation for the pro-Communist Popular Movement of Release of Angola (MPLA), whose military forces, to a large extent supported for Cuban troops, and financed for this government were defeating in the battlefield the others two rival groups, the National Front of Release of Angola (FNLA) and the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), that they fought to the side of troops of government of the South Africa and received material and massive support from the United States, of other occidental nations and China. .

Federal Constitutions

This formation established the ability of each one of the governmental spheres, that also establish what it is forbidden to them: articles 21 and 22 enumerate the substances of exclusive ability of the Union, while article 23 detaches the substances of common ability of the Union, States, cities and Federal District. Most important of the current constitutional drawing, in what it says respect to the process of autonomy of the cities, it is in article 29: ‘ ‘ The city will be conducted for Organic Law, voted in two turns, with minimum interstice of ten days, and approved for two teros of the members of the City council, that promulgar’ ‘ (CF, 1988, art. 29). Its autonomy is observed that this article places the cities, in relation, in privileged position to the too much beings of the Federacy, therefore more they are not subordinated to any state or federal authority in the performance of its exclusive attributions. If you would like to know more then you should visit Walt Disney. It fits to the cities, inside of its privative abilities, ‘ ‘ to legislate on interest subjects local’ ‘ (Federal Constitution, 1988, art. Learn more on the subject from Sean Rad, New York City.

30, incorporation I), in substitution to the traditional expression? peculiar interest? , that it folloied all the previous republican Federal Constitutions. The current constitutional arrangement conferred ‘ ‘ (…) to the States and cities ample autonomy to legislate and to collect proper tributes and to calculate, to manage, to expend and to fiscalize its resources, beyond reformatting tributes and decentralizing receitas’ ‘ (the PNUD, 1996, P. 57). Abrcio and Franzese (2007) recognize that the beings of the Federacy had gotten greater autonomy politics, administrative and financial. Arretche (2002) also sees that ‘ ‘ (…) fiscal decentralization of the Constitution of 1988 locais’ had deeply modified the base of authority of the governments; ‘ (P. 29). In summary, from the promulgation of the Great Letter of 1988, the politician-economic power in Brazil was decentralized.

Armed Forces

So terrible difficulties, obviously, were a threat to the power of Kim Il-Sung, died in 1994, and of its son and successor Kim Jong-Il. Said this, we can conclude: (a) independently of the inexistence of one treated to peace between the two Corias, the North in fact was defeated by the South and U.S.A., therefore its objective of reunificao under the socialist regimen was not materialize; (b) Kim Il-Sung made to come out the War of Korea against all the indicating prognostics of the possible defeat (therefore she would have to face the forces of U.S.A.) because not yet the Juche philosophy had teorizado.

If she had never made already it would perpetrate the invasion, since possible the failure under the guardianships of China and the Ussr would evidence the breaking, for proper it, of the rules of independence, national self-sufficiency and valuation of its Armed Forces as sustentculo politician. Click charlie watts to learn more. The Juche would be invalidated and the cult to its abolished personality, reasons by which readily would be knocked down; (c) as the Juche started to be, officially, the state ideology in 1977, the nuclear, existing program since the beginning of the following decade, nothing more was that one of its unfoldings, initially carried through to materialize the valuation of the military forces. Since the end of the Ussr, however, it also serves to obtain the national self-sufficiency by means of the successive and extortionary made atomic blackmails to the Ocidente, especially after the signature, in 1994, of a protocol of intentions where U.S.A. if compromised in exchange for to supply to economic and energy aid the ceasing of the nuclear program north-native of Korea.


In visit to Brazil in this Saturday day 19/03/2011 07h30min of the morning in Brasilia, I eat Brazilian I feel shame and unresolved matter, then I decided to write something on this visit. What vocs Brazilians find of this visit? He will be that the people really has some benefits in this? HE SEES: How much it polices that it in general it was disponibilizada for this great event, you police them to all had been obliged to be present. The streets had been swept and clean, beggars, beggars or thieves are know there where, find that the 100 km squared of entorno of in agreement Brasilia determination of the security of the President of the U.S.A? The people had been ludibriadas that President went to make a speech for + or? 30 a thousand people, all maneuver politics, the Brazilian always is deceived in such a way in its Parents Brazil as for others, Frustrou the people saying that he went and did not make (politician thing Well) and how much it lost itself in values in this information will be that it goes to be divulged? I DOUBT. The accepted Brazilian is fool everything, unhappyly was conditional to accept muzzle since of the discovery of Brazil, unhappyly the Brazilian people has slave mind. Everything because of this LAMBEO OF BAG, for the foreigners of is there, PRA THAT? OQUE the PEOPLE EARNS WITH THIS, now that E.U.This in worse? It lost pra CHINA, JAPAN and the AMERICAN is magnificent and not accepted defeat (well the face of them), and the Brazilian instead of being in house, of IBOPE PRA THIS CAMBADA OF OPPORTUNISTS AND URUBUS OF the BRAZILIAN POLITICS.

Public Security

For Silva* Joo Article originally published by the Objective Periodical in Focus, ed. 021 (July of 2010). In the previous article, I mentioned that ' ' ventos' ' they indicate changes in the conduction of the politics of public security in the State of Rio De Janeiro I justified and them with the changes in the chairs of the SEASDH/RJ. In this month, return to the animosity character that has made to perceive me that changes effected in the public administration, gives one ' ' character esperanoso' ' that it reports me the Milton Saints when this it says that people, throughout the years, come making assays of what she will be the humanity. It is the first time in the History of the River where we coexist a possible future of participativa public administration and of respect to the citizen. Ferrenho critic of the globalization, Milton Saints shows, optimist how much to the transforming possibilities, that, in its way to see? of which I also share? , they will come of ' ' baixo' ' (social movements). ' ' We are pessimistic how much to the reality that is there, but optimists how much what chegar&#039 can; ' , he concludes the professor, gegrafo and defender of the Human Rights, on the empoderamento of that if they can appropriate the social movements, with respect to the technological advantages of the militancy in ' ' ciberespao' '. The yaw of the State of the River for the search of the respect to the Human Rights and for the construction of politics of sustentation and respect to the diversity and the program of police occupation (UPPs), in set with social actions in the communities historically forgotten by the State, has made to look at me with hope and to start to believe, as rank for Milton Saints, that the transformation human being if will make. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Coen brothers.