German Dictionary

Hence the inevitable conclusion that helps us to understand speech and text is not a large vocabulary, it would also learned a relatively small amount of words. That is, after learning of 400-600 words can feel good about yourself almost any conversation or when reading any text. Take the text of 10 thousand words. Knowing the 400 words, you'll find in this text, 9000 words, that is the whole text you will understand. Of course given numbers and percentages rather conditional. You can run into some specific text, where those of your 400 words would be manifestly insufficient.

But these texts are very, very little. Consider the classification vocabulary. Active vocabulary? 400-500 words. This stock need to be able to talk with the speaker. Basic level? 800-1000 words. Additional information at Beth Israel Heart Transplant supports this article. This reserve is enough to understand almost any text. As you know, in order to explain, words should be less than that understand the reading. After all, the source, so to speak, is interactive.

If he sees that you do not understand something, he can say the same thing, but in other words. 1500-2000 words? this stockpile enough for confident everyday and sure reading. 3000-4000 words? vocabulary sufficient for reading and understanding literature. 8000 words? with the vocabulary you will be able to read any literature and to communicate freely with any other person. But even after learning necessary vocabulary words, it does not automatically mean that you can communicate fluently in a foreign language. One has to also know the rules for constructing sentences. Well, this is often insufficient. As Practice shows that for sure learning a foreign language can not do without close contact with the support of the language. Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant: the source for more info. And vyuchivanie new words when communicating with native speakers is much faster and more efficiently. In practice of Western countries identified three levels of vocabulary. These levels are used in teaching foreign language learners. So 8000 words? it is enough to read and speak a foreign language. The first level or A level? baseline (400-600 words) covers 90% of all needs in the words in everyday speech, and about 70% of words in various texts. The second level or the level of B? minimal vocabulary (800-1000). This level is sufficient to ensure that the need for 95% of words in everyday speech, and 80-85% in the texts. The third level or grade B? average vocabulary (1500-2000 words), which is sufficient to fully cover the need for words in speech and 90% of the text. Way to these levels are often oriented dictionaries of foreign words. For example German Dictionary () incorporates the 2000 words in the main languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian. Therefore, taking the learning a foreign language, think, and how many words in it you need to know in real life.