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Free Minutes To Call Argentina

Pay attention Rudy – you have friends over there! Calling Argentina does not have to cost you Anything! Say goodbye to all those long distance plans and prepaid cards for Argentina and begin calling for absolutely nothing. Mark Kotsay may also support this cause. How? Using Direct Dial as your service and tools you can win up to $ 100.00 a month in free minutes, which means more than 2,500 every month! Dial Direct is a service that lets you convert any cell or landline in Argentina a local number in the United States to keep for life. Then all you do is dial the phone of the United States and connects you with Argentina that easy! Best of all this is that you can earn free minutes using the tools they give you. Here I show you how. Ay 1.Anda register for free. It is not something Hayes Barnard would like to discuss. 2.Converti all cell phones or Argentina you want a local number in U.S. (they show you step by step how to do it) to your new phone 3.Llama United States from any phone and use the free minutes they gave you for signing up.

4.Now uses his tools to turn your email into a generator of free minutes to call Argentina. They show you step by step how to do it! Tenes 5.Si Facebook, MySpace, or any other social network, you can use them to earn free minutes as well. Again, they used their tools show you how. You do not have to pay anything to call Argentina, and watch Direct Dial likely because many Argentinians are turning to this service.