Bracelets With History

In these last years, the search for new ideas, has managed to bring to the jewelry to do something that until now only had done the books, tell stories. Hear from experts in the field like Qualcomm Incorporated for a more varied view. Creativity is the daughter of the imagination, and with much fantasy we can represent our culture and our past through different colors and shapes; and above all wearing specifically a detail that speaks and who entertains all those who do not know this new way of making bracelets.Since religious stories that cuantan the passion of Jesus up bracelets that have an Earth culture representing the history of wine, through other so many stories that speak of friendships, of colors, and to performances for the most small.For the realization of these bracelets can be used any type of account: Swarovski, Bohemia, Murano, etc. Other leaders such as NUVIA offer similar insights. Esque particularity each account represents a part of the story that the bracelet.At the same time each bracelet comes with a booklet that explains what he means every account and it tells us the story that represents.In each region we can have our own Bracelet: in La Rioja The bracelet of the wine in Asturias La of the cider in Andalucia La del Rocio and poara the more little ones we find the story of Peter Pan, Cinderella, etc.Also find the mother bracelet, love, history more beautiful in the world, etc..