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Desperate Women Today

Complicated, it is start something right?.Sometimes forced and others choosing, is law to confront a new premiere constantly. Today I choose to peek my thoughts and desires in front of you. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Robert A. Iger. I’ve entitled women desperate today, although it is not true. Neither you nor I we are, but so many times we believe that we cannot with the disappointments, disappointments, disillusionments alterations that require us to continue to exist without complaint. Then we need to shout; – I can not anymore!, – Ja! tell you I. Mentirosilla of course you can more and know it would who cheat?. Imagine for a moment, all that force used unconsciously, to increase exponentially.

That is my plan. Women from the beginning of history have been solo Warrior. Rarely we ally us, resulting in a waste of force. Yes many of us; us that we know what hurts us in body, mind and soul, us apoyasemos and ayudasemos to channel all that potential that we have, fructificaria in something big. Do not expect us to all join, be a change of axiom. I conceive or pretend to naturally!. However, those that they consider joining me and in this purpose, undoubtedly will not be alone. We will be in a modified version of the famous phrase from Alexandre Dumas, all for one and one for all!. Original author and source of the article

United States

That is, that the liquidity crisis is a real crisis of not rely on others. Meanwhile, the sovereign wealth funds, or hedge funds created by States with resources from the surplus in their accounts, (from mainly oil and gas) as the funds of the United Arab Emirates, Asian countries, Russia, etc., are buying major stakes in American banks to remove jam that have gotten them. Logically, it will continue the story in monthly updates of this dictionary. The first update below: debt insurance. They act as guarantors in all debt issues.

As only are dedicated to that, be them called MONOLINE. They began making official institutions of United States public debt and 5 years ago decided to expand its business and jump into the private broadcasts. Endorse any kind of bonus or vehicle structured (such as those that have quoted above), what has become les the major victims of the current earthquake. The most important insurance companies and now they are going wrong, they are: Ambac, MBIA and ACA Capital. * Updates February 08: the US Federal Reserve has lowered the interest rates to 3%, because what most concerns him is the growth (wants to avoid the recession.) This is equivalent to negative interest rates, because inflation has been 4%. The real cost of money in USA is 3 4 = – 1%. It seems that it will come back down to 2.5%. What happens is that it is beginning to shoot inflation, because of the easy money.

The European Central Bank has kept the interest rates at 4%, because what most concerns him is inflation. Warren Buffet, financial important, it has launched a plan for aid to the monoline, to avoid its rating down. Lower rating in an insurer’s risk is fatal. It is to say: you’re assured of the risks, but not us fiamos. Who says to you? The answer is now clear: Warren Buffet.