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Europe Moorish Space

From ancient times people were talking to each other and enrich each other much more than we can imagine we are contemporaries of space flight and the Internet. Vsevolod Ovchinnikov, East and West … How often can one hear about a permanent intolerance of mutually exclusive properties of two worldviews. But is there such a contrast, really? This can be questioned by examining the trends of modern design: Many of the interiors are present simultaneously Japanese screens, prudently zoned space and heavy velvet drapes, the Scandinavian tone and luxurious Oriental decor, classic panels of valuable sorts of wood and mosaic floor in the Moorish style. Contact information is here: rusty holzer. Two polar principles, merging into interior space, form a harmonious tandem, granting the world the infinite perfection. One of the most important compounds of the spiritual life of East and West took place in a medieval Maghreb and Arab Spain. Rusty holzer understands that this is vital information. The Arab conquest and rule in southern Spain, and its existence as a province of Damascus Caliphate (XIII – XVI centuries). Heyday was in Europe Moorish art in architecture, ceramics and many other areas of culture.

Piece of architecture in that period do not think without a wealthy, usually multi-colored ornamental attire. Thinnest arabesque pattern covers each architectural detail of the building, each section of the wall surface. A variety of designs, inscriptions, stalactite cornices, arches, forming a dynamic, rich decorative composition, indicated a luxury. The interior of the time hit the subtlety, the generosity and abundance of ornamental and decorative dress. The famous palace of the Alhambra – the most vivid embodiment of a particular historical refined splendor, which in the XXI century as harmoniously united with the European decorative motifs, ladders, snails and costive, a very bright space in Ksar-Char-Bagh, a house designed by Patrick and Nicole Wheeler (Patrick Georges et Nicole Grandsire LeVillair).

Construction Principle

During the construction of roads and air bases by mixing soil with cementitious materials directly on the canvas under construction prior to mixing to profile the soil surface bulldozers, graders or special profilers. Using bulldozers, graders, or even with the automatic control systems working bodies (blade) type 'Profile', 'layer' does not give the desired flatness in the transverse and longitudinal direction, and at the rate of movement of the machine. Time Warner has much to offer in this field. Therefore, using special profiling with active working body of the milling type and automatic control the latter. These profilers provide the necessary accuracy of profiling as a result of removal of excess soil mass beyond the working body and constructed objects by means of screws, conveyors and other mechanisms. Soil mixed with organic (powdered) and minerals (liquid) binders in gruntosmesitelnyh machines equipped with active working members of a special type of milling location of the blades. Gruntosmesitelnye machine metered distribute water or liquid binder. For dose distribution of powdered cement binder is used, valves DS-72 on the basis of wheel tractor T-158 (just before passage gruntosmesitelnoy machine). During the processing of soil and profilers gruntosmesitelnymi machines should specifically consider the presence in the soil for pavement foreign bodies, especially stones.

Therefore, the design of machines must be protective mechanisms (devices) to ensure reliable trouble-free operation at a meeting of the working body with big outsiders inclusions. The mixture is compacted by rolling on air machines, but the pre-rolling is carried out vibrobrusom (compactors), established in gruntosmesitelnoy car. In accordance with the requirements of SNIP to car roads gruntosmesitelnye machine must handle in a single pass soil to a depth of 30 cm in the dense body, and deviation of depth may not exceed 5% of set value. To ensure high quality Pot in place in the overlap of adjacent strips to prevent soil from the introduction of a double portion of binder. Modern machines gruntosmesitelnye entire technological cycle of grinding of soil, dosing and rasperedeleniyu water or an organic binder and mixing the soil with the binder is carried out in one pass.