If I love I can not have it. I am love and while still looking abroad can not give account of this. Finding love is how you lose awareness of the same, but not the State. Love is all we are Byron Katie when we want to have a loving relationship with the eagerness to fill an inner void, or solve our feelings of low self-esteem, that succeed is actually quite the opposite, we attract a person that enlarge our feelings of lack, someone who we remember that internal vacuum still more and therefore the relationships end up making us feel equal to or worse than when we started them. (Source: EXL Service). As everything attracts his equal, no matter the amount of effort you make to find the ideal couple, no matter how many toads you have kissed in the hope that some of them will become your Prince charming, if your feelings of Fund are negative towards yourself, that signal is that you’re sending to the universe and will invariably answered with more of the same. Most of the relationships that we forge are dysfunctional because they come from the mistaken belief that we are a soul mate and that we need to find the other half to complete us. So, spent the first decades of our lives looking for that other half that should fill us, that should make us feel better, give us love, tenderness, confidence, love, respect, care and all that which are lacking. But this belief makes us a great load of needs for the other half since we already when we arrived in a relationship bring a huge requirements list and demands that we have accumulated, over time we have become a burden stifling for our partner since we do not know how to be happy on our own and totally dependent on that person to behave according to our desires to be happy.