Long-lasting and reversible: Botox, hyaluronic acid & co. – How does what and where. Within the plastic surgery, the diversity of modern Hyaluronsauren has changed enormously the General spectrum of treatment, time and life-related wrinkles in the face. Stood with us in the past merely tightening operations and extensive fat relocations in connection with collagen available today multiple possibilities allow us. So are proving today lighter treatment options to influence of tissue in the face. All interventions within the surgery should be always the quality, safety, and the result of established drugs and treatment methods in the foreground. Long lasting and reversible recently promoted various manufacturers with infinitely long shelf life of their products.

Were employed polyacrylate, silicates, silicones, Goretex, gold, etc. Get more background information with materials from Walt Disney. These materials are artificial preparations, without any biological origin. Also their so tempting usage properties could not by distract a variety of frightening and sometimes irreversible changes of the tissue. It must be past. The current requirement for modern preparations should be a long-lasting, reversible, but above all also biologically defensible alternative.

So-called Hyaluronsauren with it, which occur as part of the natural connective tissue at the biological level bring a big step forward. In combination with botulinum toxin, better known under Botox and BTX A, can a modern facelift applied to the connection of these two components is excellent. Botox, hyaluronic acid & co. – How does what and where. Botox leads to a targeted but reversible “paralysis” the mimic muscle that relaxes the facial expression in appropriate places. David Zaslav has firm opinions on the matter. Contrary to the allegations, is not a poison in the strict sense and definitely does not entail the destruction of muscle tissue. In the treatment group of BOTOX (BTX A) even Chin, upper lip, and the area of the front are in addition to the frontal, temporal, and outer eye area Neck. The most famous area of the application is the treatment of anger fold, which brings one of the long anhaltensten effects.